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Sanskrit Chant invoking Transformation (MP3): Asatoma Sat Gamaya Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya Mrityorma Amritam Gamaya Asota Ma Sat Gamaya

English Translation: Stick to the truth, Abandon the false, Out of the darkness into the light, Death no more, Undying, Unborn, Out of the Dark, Into the light!

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In our First Season we traveled a few milestones together and are immensely grateful for your continuing enthusiasm and support.


In Season 1, 2, 3 and 4 we had:

  • 100 Speakers Featured
  • 150 Calls Aired over 3 Season
  • 500,000 people reached
  • 2100 Lives Transformed
  • 15,000 Active listeners inspired
  • Buyers from 34 countries served


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Emotional Healing

Free MP3 give away by Marlenea Johnson

 Trauma Healing with 5D
Free mp3 giveaway by Arathi Ma

How To Recreate Optimal Health and Well-Being In Your Physicality by William Linville

This is a beautifully dynamic and pragmatic program. The first segment of this program is a facilitation of opening, clearing and purifying the tension and dense levels of debris from the sub-psyche and your physical body. As William often shares, the sub-psyche is 80% of the mind level where all of the thought forms of doubts, guilt and judgment (archaic debris not of your making) have been held and expressed through your physical body in other than a state of optimum health and well-being.

During the program, William will assist you in opening your awareness to all areas that have been affecting your optimum health and well-being and progress into recognizing, without judgments, the cause, core, records and effects, while experiencing the release of them from the sub-psyche and your physical body and returning the purified expression of you through your physical structure. It can easily be called a thorough house cleaning – a recreation and re-energizing of you from your higher levels of consciousness into and through your physical form.

Included within this program is a segment of questions and answers relating to improving eyesight, dealing with medications, assisting the body to prepare for and regenerate from medical procedures, enjoying food vs. giving your power away to it, resolving physical conflicts within the body and the absence of you within those areas.

Run Time: 1:55:33


Learn From These Top Experts

Kim Serafini

Topic: Positive Priming 

Debbi Adams

Topic: Light Fields Of Ascension! Activating Your 12th Dimensional Solar Body

Alicia Power

Topic: How Your Spirit Guides Teach You Self Love

William Linville
Topic: Living In Harmony With And As Creator Consciousness

Jill Mattson

Topic: Revolutionary Chakra Attunements Progam!

Marlenea Johnson

Topic: Magical Wishing Grid!

Arathi Ma

Topic: Into the Mystery Of Love & Relationships!

Anne Deidre

Topic: What is your Superpower - Find out your natural Intuitive Gift

Chireya Fox

Topic: Overcome Money Wounds Inherited from Ancestors

Karen LaGrange

Topic: Manifest with pyramids

Jade Yin Hom

Topic: Personal Empowerment to Activate Your Dreams

Rann Goldrich

Topic: Beauty within The Immortal Lifestyle

Gaylene Popovski

Topic: Yes you can

Benjamin Bernstein
Topic: Can Healing and Awakening Really Be This Easy?

Matt Andrews

Topic: Standing Safe and Confident in your Own Divine Light

Anrita Melchizedek
Topic: Crystalline Sun DNA Activation Process



My Promise



Durva is an expert who reads the minds of her audience and asks the most pertinent questions that are relevant. She has the unique ability to light the path for everyone in her events. She will be your host on the TRANSFORMATION SHOW and interview other world-class energy & master healers.

Every speaker in the TeleSummit is a master healer, and an empowerment expert. And Durva extracts the wisdom for you, bringing you the most POWERFUL, LIFE-CHANGING tools, techniques, and secrets from within them, to help you change your life.

The Transformation Show Telesummit is the best way I know to deactivate the patterns that run your life and upgrade your vibrations.

This is undoubtedly your best way to effortlessly reach the depths of your spiritual essence, to experience absolute freedom at all levels, and manifest your deepest desires. You may never have another opportunity like this, ever again.

To create lasting change you need to stay in your peak states for prolonged periods of time. Most people are not aware that their default spiritual vibration is set so low given years and years and even past lives of conditioning that just simply attempting to do this for a few days will not make lasting changes to their lives, because the vibrations will gravitate back to the lower default of suffering and struggling.

That is why my Free daily tele summit will address this this final, critical and ground breaking step towards your TOTAL TRANSFORMATION.

And it’s totally Free.



Check out our A-List of Thought-leaders, Intuitivists, Healers, Universal Law Masters and Empowerment Teachers Below:


  • BeCome Aware: Become Aware and Identify your Triggers
  • DEACTIVATE : DEACTIVATE the un-serving patterns that run your life to experience freedom at all levels
  • HEAL & Harmonize: Heal the wounded and broken aspects of your self to attract a more whole reality for you
  • TRANSFORM: Transform from lower to higher vibrations thus attracting what you desire to you
  • PROSPER: Create abundance in your life as you access Your Infinite Abundant Potential
  • LOVE: As you love yourself the whole world reflects back that reality to you!
  • Liberate: From your own mind, emotions and attachments
  • Upgrade your Vibrations to BLISS & Beyond: So that what you desire is automagically drawn to you!
  • INSPIRE: Be an inspiration by Simply being YOU!

Maybe hearing from our listeners will help you make up your mind:

Kenji is out of this world in his method

His current profile does not begin to represent the mastery that Kenji exhibits in his work. He is out of this world in his method, his modality and the results of his healing. He was the first Master that made me able to feel energy. Now, when I listen to him teach, I still remember why I am such a fanatic, he is eloquent, unabashed and so knowledgable with such a remarkably smooth and relaxing voice it turns his meditation into meditation. I am on this path, thanks to Kenji and other light weavers.

Evette Rhoden, Technical Writer

Saved my life and the lives of my family...

I have so much gratitude for Jenny's works and want to personally thanked her for bringing this work to the Light and sharing with the masses. Jenny has literally saved my life and the lives of my family. My life has gone from 0 to 90 in the short time as we began this work with Jenny.

Reverend Sophia B., USA

Arathi Ma's silent MP3s eliminated my sugar addiction!

After listening to Arathi Ma's MP3's a few times, I put the silent ones on continuous play three to four times a day.

After a week or so, I began to notice that I was not having the usual sugar cravings or purchasing anything sweet while in the store. Occasionally, I would think about something sweet, but that would soon pass. Then I realized, while telling my daughter that I hadn't eaten any sweets in three weeks, that it was Arathi Ma's silent MP3's! This was astounding for me because I had been, Notice: 'Had Been', a certified sugar addict.

This is so amazing to me! And I feel 100% better! By this I mean, I am no longer feeling sluggish and tired; the way I used to feel after a sugar binge


Daniel has made a tremendous difference in my life

Daniel and his non-physical friends have made a tremendous difference in my life. They’ve shifted my life from wonderful into spectacular. Daniel and The Creators make the absolute perfect team, to me they’re actually one and the same.


Daniel makes you instantaneously feel at ease when you get in touch with him. He has such a soothing energy that radiates unconditional love for who you are. He makes you feel free to share whatever is on you mind, without judging in any way. The Creators feel where you are on your path and gives you the insights on how to move ahead in an exciting way, using the exact right words that you can easily hear and apply.


Just by listening to him/them, you remember who you truly are and that feels like the ecstasy of life. If your life is anything less than the life of your dreams... give Daniel and The Creators a call! They’ll turn on the light switch to show you how you can get there in no time.

Kristien Van Evelghem, Belgium

Cleared Victim Energy

As I watched this video I realized I am creating blocks because I am going into situations as a victim. As I kept watching it dawned on me that though I have worked on victim energies, there was still victim perspective residue blocking my receiving. By repeated viewing of the video holding the intention to release victim energy, I have been able to clear this perspective and now I more easily move towards support and connection.

Shafin, Toronto

Digestive System Healing

I am noticing huge shifts through your program and energy work and I can feel it working through my digestive system. I am full of energy, positivity and excitement for new possibilities!


Gaylene's latest work is her best yet! Her program and recording pack such a magnificent POW!

Gaylene Chakra Program
It is like a dream... every day I wake a different person having released a part of me that was stuck in time –that was restricted… I cannot stop smiling. I feel lighter, getting up is easier.

These miracles started happening as soon as I started the 12 day program… I have spent a fortune on trying to feel better, to change and nothing could help me… I would not have believed it except that I experienced it. I do not have words that can express my gratitude. With so much love,


Replaced Exhaustion with Light and Ease

I want to thank Matt Andrews for such an amazing session. Many people forget that light workers are also prone to exhaustion and stress on occasion and it was such a blessing to be able to connect with Matt and his amazing Channel of Light who lifted my tiredness and replaced my being with light and ease, and also answered many of my unspoken questions regarding the direction I am taking. There are no words to describe what the session is actually like! It has to be experienced to be believed. Matt and his Channel spoke in Light Language that reached into the deepest levels of my being and were spot on with the issues that I was holding on to. Thank you Matt. The changes continue to be felt. You are a blessing to this World.

Sandra St.Yves

I especially Love that ManTarA is Teaching me how to Heal Myself

I've only been using this MP3for a couple of weeks, and I'm already feeling a profound change. I have been breathing in my divine light whenever I remember to do it, and I'm beginning to feel my own energy swirling powerfully through my body the way I've so often felt energy from a healer. Wow! The more I do the breathing, the lighter and happier I feel as I go throughout my day. I've also felt a lot of energy coming up and moving out as I listen to the MP3. I especially love that ManTarA is teaching me how to heal myself through this easy breathing technique, instead of just healing me. This MP3 is a life changer!

Sandy, California

Fear, Self Doubt, and the Need to Control are Gone

I have been playing Release Your Fear for a few days now. When I first put on the MP3, I almost immediately felt a very uncomfortable feeling under my ribcage. Then maybe 30 minutes later, I had such a sore throat on my left side; I thought I was coming down with some type of flu. By the evening, the severity had dissipated, though I could still feel a thickness in my throat when I swallowed. By the next morning the feeling had gone and has not returned. I believe I released some major issues in that time.

Without going into my life story, I have always had an underlying fear that seemed follow me wherever I went. Especially a fear of what others think about me and my perspectives, and a fear of what may happen to my loved ones with the choices they make.

I have been running the MP3 on loop. I am really choosing to let go of my fear. In the time since, many things have been coming up to test me in this area. Now, after 4 days of listening, I have noticed I do not care too much anymore what others think, nor am I fearful of what may happen in my future to either me, or the ones I love. I am not feeling the need to constantly control the outcome of my situation anymore. I'm not saying it hasn't crossed my mind. I'm saying it has, and I know I don't need to, and I don’t choose to. This is a huge life changing improvement for me. Thank You so much.

Andrea, Melbourne Australia

Issues from the Past No Longer Seem to be a Problem Giving yourself this gift is a very loving thing you can do for yourself OMG, I Just Melt every Time I listen to this MP3

I have no idea how you do this Matt, but this MP3 never fails, It does not matter how tense I am when I get home from work, I put this on and OMG I just melt every time. It is a very surreal experience like I am floating and all the tension and darkness just release out of me in waves as I breathe. I am now taking your advice and working on being the beacon of Light at work and not the sponge of everyone else’s tension, in the meantime I have this MP3 in my first aid kit. Thank You

Tonia, NZ

I have been listening to "I am Love" for a few weeks now. The change I feel is subtle, but no less profound for me. I feel a lightness that I cannot say I felt before. The session itself is quite relaxing, and I am able to just breathe and be. Throughout my day I find I am feeling less and less frustrated by the little things, and more and more compassionate. Giving yourself this gift is a very loving thing you can do for yourself.

Caroline Nixon, Finding Your Inner Awesome

I feel very calm after listening to the I release the past lives mp3. My relationships with family have become much easier and they seem to be more willing to communicate about more sensitive issues with compassion and less judgment or feeling judged. Things that have been an issue in the past no longer seem to be a problem.

Sandra H.

My PMS and Menopause symptoms were greatly reduced

This has helped me through some tough days dealing with both PMS and menopause symptoms (yes, I'm at that in-between age where I get both!). My symptoms were greatly reduced, and sometimes I just fell asleep and woke feeling better. What a relief! I feel such a beautiful, light energy washing through me when I listen to this that I love listening even on days when I don't have symptoms. It leaves me feeling light, energetic and balanced.

Sandy, California

Stuck Patterns, Judgments & Limitations are Breaking up and Floating Away

I listened to the group call you sent me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I look forward to replaying it. I appreciate how you talk about choice, acceptance, release & allowance. Safety, worthiness & confidence...I experience such love, Self-love as I type those words.

I heard about you from another healer who I've known for close to 17 years. What you spoke about resonates, deepens & expands the transformative work & play with her!!

My experience of the Light Language is peaceful and a releasing. It is like stuck patterns, judgments & limitations are breaking up and floating away.

Thank you again and I look forward to the next time.

Hallie, Maine

Profound Release

From the moment I booked my appointment with ManTarA, I could feel a gentle vibration within my physical body begin to emerge.

Our casual yet intentional conversation at the beginning of the session joyfully felt as though Matt was my long time best friend holding authentic sacred space for my confused heart while he lovingly reflected back to me what was to be clearly accomplished as we moved forward together.

During the second phase as ManTarA was beautifully speaking the familiar language of light, I could sense an angelic energy of warm gold and soft pink gently flowing in and throughout my expanding heart and solar plexus. It then gracefully continued radiating from my physical body out into my mental, emotional and etheric bodies. As Matt gently returned sharing his insights, my higher self knew that a deep profound releasing had taken place and that more healing would be unfolding.

I am deeply grateful to Matt for facilitating this unique and divine life empowering experience.

Thank you...Thank you...Thank you ManTarA

Colleen, Wake Forest, North Carolina

The MP3s Exceeded my Expectations

I had scheduled a personal retreat for this past week and was guided to listen to you on FHTJ and quickly purchased your package. I have been listening morning and nightly to the MP3s and they have exceeded my expectations. It has been a time of wonderful transformation, peace, and joy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


I Am So Full of Gratitude

I am so full of gratitude for my channeling session with Susie. It was so enlightening to have such a pure message of clarity for my path and my day to day living. It was as if the “knowing” that already existed in my being was awakened and remembered. The coaching session afterward was most helpful as well, as Susie was able to ask me questions to inspire me to be able to apply this knowledge in my day to day life.

Amy Gilland

Hello and thank you so much for today's program it was a replay that I heard for April 11th with Durva And Gloria. I just wanted to let you know how this call profoundly affected me Gloria touched on something that's never happened before.

She has an uncanny ability to reach those of us that thought it's possible we can't get help. I hope everyone sees this because I can tell you I felt through my body like bubbles like in a soda and the amount of pain that was leaving my body and the colors that I could see during the transformation butthole complete embodiment of Love transformation that was happening to me outside in bright sun and giving wins with something cereal.

It was without a doubt the most transforming mom and I've had and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and to the tip of my toes and through the center of my being through Tammy and Pamela I resonators those they were both me this was the most powerful thing I've ever experienced and I love you I love you so much to be able to have delivered this message that can make such an incredible shift thank you thank you now I know that I'm going to be doing what I've always wanted I will be the coach that I can see that I am and I will do well because I believe in me for the first time.

Thank you so much God bless you all and your wonderful work you've touched so many hearts today and I for one am eternally grateful much love to you all.


Oh Durva, I can't thank you enough. You have gone above and beyond for me and I am truly grateful. Thank you so much. Many blessings to you and yours. I shall be listening again.

Much love.

Thank you! I'll tune in to it tonight, Durva. Thanks for the Light you are adding to our world!

Rosemary Proffitt

Hello Durva, hope this reaches you in the most remarkable way! I really enjoyed your webinar with Arathi Ma and my appreciation for the gift also. Again, thank you for doing all that you are doing for the world, you are making the difference in uplifting our planet and our cosmic universe! Until our next encounter, enjoy the weekend and be True to yourself!


Had a wonderful session with Durva in a BSP February 1. There was much empathy and we connected right away. I found Durva to be honest and genuinely caring for my welfare. Durva worked on several issues going nearly 10 minutes over the allotted time. She helped calm my chronic (thyroid) goiter. The goiter is now almost flat when for most of my life it has been a nasty thick lump across the base of my neck. The lump in my throat that caused my voice to be gravelly is basically gone, cannot feel it anymore when swallowing. Thank you and blessings and love to you Durva Gandhi!

Robin Hall





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Sign up to join me & healers from around the world on free live calls!

Get free Energy Activation MP3s on sign up!

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