A Note from Our Host, Durva Gandhi

Growing up, I suffered a lot of emotional pain. As a result I was unable to commit myself fully in any intimate relationships. I wanted to break free from suffering and as a result became extremely spiritually inclined always driven towards Freedom at all levels. 

When I realised that EVERYTHING I EVER NEED IS INSIDE OF ME my whole world changed. With this new realisation  I  had been given the magical key that unleashed the Magic for me. I instantly had access to aspects within me which I had never known until that point. It was almost as if all the false conditioning, stories, false identities, and false perceptions about myself and my world collapsed in front of my eyes and what I was left with was pure unconditional love from source, peace, joy and bliss. THAT Which I am is UNBROKEN, and remains UNAFFECTED by all the experiences of my life. 

I was a fully transformed person after this experience. With this new perspective I became a new person and manifested my dream life. In a very short period of time I had a life that most people could only imagine and I effortlessly manifested miracles in all areas of my life. I continue to experience joy, freedom & bliss in all aspects of my life, emotional, financial, physical and spiritual.

I was always looking for love outside of myself, in my relationships and it was not until I fell in love with myself and found the source of unconditional love from within that I manifested my soulmate who loved and accepted me unconditionally. 

I met and married my soulmate, became financially free, travelled the whole world, had a successful online award winning art business, have an Amazon best selling book Secrets of the Art Millionaires, created  & launched my first sacred music album at The Sydney Opera House, found The Transformation Show that reaches out to 40 countries in the world, I live in my coveted dream homes between Sydney and Bombay. 

I moved to Sydney 5 years ago with my husband. To start a new life based on the self within, the self that I had known but hidden for so long, not to base this life on external achievements and net worth, but simply on being the best I can.

I moved to Sydney 5 years ago to deepen my spiritual experiences and to transform my life. Moving my focus from external achievements to basing it on inner transformation. So I left behind my known and established life for the absolutely unknown, an act of faith and surrender. Walking away from being on the top of my game, in control of my life and destiny, into a journey of massive inner transformation in my own life. 

That’s what led me to start thetransformationshow.com where I could express my voice, hold the space and provide resources for all looking to transform their lives. Join me and master healers on the Transformation Show where we speak Miracles into existence.

Our Mission

Be the Change you want to See in the World - Mahatma Gandhi

The mission of The Transformation Show is to transform vibrations on the planet by transforming millions of lives.

The Transformation Show has touched the lives of 3 million people on the planet already, with listeners from 40 countries. In the very 6 Seasons The Transformation Show has changed the lives of 3M people, 16,000 Active listeners inspired, from 40 countries in the world. Every speaker on the TeleSummit is a master healer, and an empowerment expert. Durva extracts the wisdom for you, bringing you the most POWERFUL, LIFE-CHANGING tools, techniques, and secrets from within them, to help you change your life.

The Transformation Show supports underprivileged women and children in and around the world.

Live Daily Interviews

We run Live Interview Calls from Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday every week, with Live energy healing and support. Hundreds of thousands of peoples lives are changed by simply taking in the vibrations on these Live Calls & Replays. Most of listeners experience nothing short of Miracles on these Live Daily Calls, and testify soon after to report the miracles they start seeing in their lives. You are the Miracle that we bring you home to. As you HEAL the wounded aspects of your self to attract a more whole reality for you and MANIFEST Miracles Daily as you listen to these calls, UPGRADE your Vibrations to BLISS & Beyond So that what you desire is automagically drawn to you!

Each Day You Can Call In For Free And Listen To A Live Interview Of One Of Highly Sought After Healers That Will Stretch Your Mind And Spirit Until You Can’t Possibly Stay The Same.

Each month we present a new theme on The Transformation Show, our popular themes have been Pattern Busting, Prevention of Disease, Manifesting Miracles and more, where we present miraculous cures, protocols and products to help you achieve your deepest desires.


Durva Gandhi

Durva is the founder of The Transformation Show where she facilitates an experience for you, interviewing world-class master energy healers. Durva has the unique ability to light the path for everyone on her Show. Given to years of trauma, Durva was spiritually inclined since the age of 14, going to many austere retreats in search of the self and learning many healing modalities long the way. After a magical encounter with her Soul, she was awakened in 2002 and since then she has been on her own healing journey. Durva is the author of Amazon best selling Secrets of the Art Millionaires. She wrote the book Secrets of the Art Millionaires to inspire people to create the life of their dreams, doing what they love.

Durva Gandhi , FOUNDER & HOST


Dear Durva and amazing staff

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you and may blessings continue to shower you all with love and abundant light from our divine Source.

I listen as I am able and am always deeply moved and inspired and often transmuted by the sharings and healings. Thank you for all the free gifts also.

Thank you for initiating this global event and for the sharing with the children this enables also.

You are all just amazing and a deep profound blessing to our world.

Love, Nickie


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