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Topic: How Your Spirit Guides Teach You Self Love



LIFE KEYS FOR YOUR SPIRIT - AND the BONUS trainings below, are just that

- straight from these extraordinarily intelligent beings of high light!

And your heart will learn to rise above anxiety.

This is the main skill the Spirit Tutors will teach and rewire you in!

LIFE KEYS brings you Divine Instruction On 

THE most VALUABLE mind/heart STATES we can have!


Now in this priceless LIFE KEYS training series, my Spirit Tutors (who happen to be CEO-level Spirit Beings) decided to drill deep into WHAT 'SWITCHES' ON these states - for us humans!

They begin each 3-lecture topic on the lighter end, then gradually take you deeper into your core Soul Training with each STATE.

If I could put a price on this training series - I couldn't!

Where else could we discover the truth about HOW we as humans are DESIGNED, when it comes to experiencing these States Of Being?


So here's more about what you will learn inside LIFE KEYS...

This Spirit-Sourced Education program trains your heart to hold love state 'beyond everything'.

That means - training in STABLE LOVE-FILLED JOY.

And by holding that STATE, universe responds and delivers!

Now, how would you like deep soul satisfaction or even to discover your higher "Self" - Your Higher SOUL...? "

As your guide into the inner worlds, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to a NEW WORLD of discovery as we travel through the material.

I know that your deep self will unfold like a flower each time you explore these life-changing Spirit-Sourced lectures.


  • Each Soul Training Product in this Special Package is profoundly spiritually activating.
  • Each word is a direct instant transmission from Senior Spirit Tutors who see and love your soul.
  • The trainings and courses awaken a transformation and shift in your deepest inner self.

As you listen to the lectures and practice the skills, 

your heart will gain courage 

and will learn EASE and ABUNDANCE.

And your heart will learn to rise above anxiety.

This is the main skill the Spirit Tutors will teach and rewire you in!

You will learn to love beyond EVERYTHING 

and your outer world will change as a result ...

The Spirit World understands YOU, you know. It always has.

This course takes you by the hand and places the hand of the love-filled Spirit World into your hand.

This is the beginning of an amazing love relationship.

You will be healed, helped and evolved.

And they will always be there to support you beyond all time.


  • Discover Your Exponential Potential
  • Training In Authentic Empowered Freedom
  • Comprehensive Inner Shift Program
  • Each Word Is Guided By Spirit

Want to know what you will learn?

Here's a quick summary...

  • Valuable Tools to gain FULFILLMENT on the DEEPEST SOUL level.
  • Simple how-to 'spirit-knowledge' skills to expand LOVE in your life
  • Important strategies for HAPPINESS.
  • How INTUITION works.
  • Amazing process to touch intense "GOD LOVE".
  • Spirit-Knowledge Steps To Build Inner Freedom
  • How to Develop Automatic Joy
  • Powerful Life Clarity Exercises

And so much more....

A further hint of what you will learn:

  • How to Communicate with YOUR Soul to Discover Its Deepest Longing
  • How to Rocket Boost Your Decisions Using Emotion
  • How to Heighten Joy to a New Level
  • You will be led into a Key Lifetime Moment of Soul Decision
  • How to Reach the Higher Creative Self in Free Expression
  • How to be Fearless and Open-Hearted in Communication
  • How To Relax Under Stress
  • Practical Tools to Instantly Change Self Doubt
  • How To Harness Your Quantum Intelligence


This information is invaluable - I feel so happy and uplifted  all day as a result.

R C,
New York, USA

I love each session you share so brilliantly and have benefited greatly! Thank you!

Jackson, USA

I adore your encouragement. It has opened my heart, wide open,  and I feel inspired and revitalised.

Sydney, Australia

I just loe the way you present everything - so loving, humourous and beautiful.


Thank-you for the new tools and powerful meditation... It was amazing!  So very grateful for this powerful new skill and tools


I am grateful for the loving energy and light that you put into all your interviews and products.  Thank you for everything.  You are a tremendous gift to the world.

Maryland USA

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In this package you will receive:

  • Life Keys for your Spirit - 12 x 1 hr powerful 'state mastery' trainings
  • Soul Workout - 26 X Soul Training Videos
  • Spirit Tutor Connection Course - Module #1
  • Audio Book: Secrets Of Each Souls Eternal Journey
  • Audio Book: How To Steer Your Reality From Your Heart

A Quick Review Of What You Will Receive:

  • Direct-From-Spirit New Education in Staying Happy, Centered and Fulfilled
  • Processes & Practice - Gaining Proficiency - Not Just Theory
  • New Cutting Edge Skills in Empowerment and Spirituality
  • An Experienced International Soul Mentor (34 years Spiritual Advisor)
  • Instant Repeatable Access To Your Audio Lectures
  • Private Soul Workout Members Training Portal
  • Audio Links Also Delivered Conveniently to Your Email Inbox
  • Unique Soul Training With An Advanced Spirit Communicator
  • Convenient Self-Paced Home Study Course

'Life Keys' Home Study Audio Course

Weekly Course (12 x 1 hour deep classes from Spirit + plus MANY extra bonus trainings INSIDE this course!) 


2000 people LOVE this course! Learn to 'brainstorm' with your soul - and 'Soul Program' your week to stay Soul Clear and Soul Happy. 26 x 5 minute videos!

Amazing bonuses! 

This SPECIAL OFFER bundle includes full access to our popular   26 Video Weekly Training - "SOUL WORKOUT" plus other powerful soul training...


  • Dive into divine joy with your spirit tutor
  • How to ‘receive’ their information ‘flow’ 
  • Learn how to create your soul goals with your Spirit Tutor 


1.5 hr Recording & Processes

Secrets of Each Soul’s Eternal Journey

AUDIO BOOK - The Essential Introduction To Your Soul

This recording answers many of your questions about your soul…. The spirit world reveals many higher secrets most humans have not discovered about themselves. Master spirit communicator Alicia Power allows her spirit tutors to describe the eternal journey of the soul through her. This recording will awaken in you a closer bond with your soul.

A priceless training, the information opens a profound deeper dimension to your life.

  • How your soul governs and guides your lives
  • How your soul designs physical challenges, ill health or accidents
  • How your body speaks to you on behalf of the soul
  • How to know your soul's intention and decisions
  • How to instruct results and change the soul's 'heart'.
  • How your soul thinks VERY differently to YOU!
  • Your soul’s primary agenda.
  • Why your circumstances become challenging.

How To Steer Your Reality From Your Heart

AUDIO BOOK - Advanced Soul Acceleration Information.

Advanced spirit communicator Alicia Power invites her senior spirit tutors to describe life in a Quantum Reality. The human being experiences life as solid and real…. Senior spirit mentors reveal the truth of how Quantum Intention DRIVES every experience you have.

This information is ESSENTIAL to maturing as a soul in this incarnation. Given that your soul’s longing is to ascend beyond limitation. This recording should be the first training piece of information each soul receives in this human lifetime. The information in this recording is a powerful activation and initiation into higher soul maturity.

A priceless training from the spirit levels that designed human consciousness.

  • Quantum Parallel Universes 
  • Essential information to fulfil your soul in this lifetime
  • The limitless quantum power of Heart Resonance 
  • Instructing Global Realities – Engaging Your Soul Leadership
  • How to instruct results and change the soul's 'heart'.
  • How your soul history creates disturbing realities
  • Who oversees the development of your soul 
  • And much, much more…

Package A
Limited Time Offer

**Save: 84%**

Total Package Value 
From The Transformation Show Special Offer

Receive direct from Spirit training in profound life-changing skills to stay balanced and soul-happy. This is YOUR amazing moment to learn...

My Spirit Tutors sincerely offer with love this extraordinary training just for you,

... so you are equipped for a lifetime of Spirit-Guided clarity and joy!

Can't wait to see you in there!

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Heart Opening Meditation With Alicia Power


I am so grateful to you Alicia and all the Spirit Tutors. Every One of the healing sessions you offer are so amazingly effective. I purchased several of your courses and have been using them all over and over again for about a year now and I absolutely love them so much. I have gone from victim mode and depression with a long term co-dependency relationship to being Self confident and independent. I am now working on starting my own business and am on the path of Self mastery ascending to the next level of existence. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Much love and blessings to you.


Your training are so amazing and fulfilling. I am a very happy camper. The sound of your voice is healing in itself! Your training are taking me to the next level of my soul’s purpose and expression.


Your work is truly amazing.


I just want to write and say: I love you - and thank you for doing what you do.  If nothing else, know that you're making one person's life better day by day.


I was Sooooooo excited to find you and hear you I had to listen over and over again…


Thank you Alicia, I am sad to be at the end of this journey with you (Soul Workout Course) have been in my pocket every day. It has been amazing in so many ways! I have been able to access deep inside of me. I am so grateful for all your teachings and on to " Life Keys " so GREAT and excited !! Thank you for sharing all of you with us. You have a huge purpose and are doing it so well. I am blessed to have you in my life and trust someday we will meet in person 🙂 Love always xo


Thank you so much for your expertise and wisdom and humor!


Alicia - I am so excited to have found  you and your work (someone was listening to my plea 🙂


Your light shines ever so brightly and I am in deep gratitude.

xxx Robyn

I have been on the Path for many years and your work is so elegantly simple yet so profound -- I have this quiet joy in my heart, knowing that the guidance for which I've been unfolding.

A. N.

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About Alicia Power

A former journalist, Alicia is a consciousness thought leader, a Master Energy Healer, an advanced intuitive, an author of many online courses, books and audio products. She is a prolific blogger, and a passionate transformational speaker and her Twitter feed is followed by 58,000 people.

Alicia has trained directly under Senior Levels of the Spirit World for over 20 years - and this intensive training has led her to train others in the process of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Alicia has been initiated to hold extreme high frequency Spirit Light and brings a advanced activation to all her lectures and facilitations.

After nearly 40 years of spiritual mastery training and teaching as a profound healer and awakener, Alicia helps people ignite their soul into high joy, inner freedom, empowerment and purpose. As a soul “activator” Alicia accelerates your Soul Evolution and expands your soul’s capacity to ascend and merge into god-source.

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