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Topic: Passion, Power, & Purpose -- Regain Your Sovereignty & Become Fearless!

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It is not about Loving Unconditionally, But to Love Incredibly.
Loving Incredibly is something I have always known how to do.
It is Being Loved Incredibly I have never known how to.
It is now time to learn how to do so.

  • Are you Feeling disconnected?

  • Looking for meaningful purpose in your life?

  • Unbalanced in your sex drive, the sense that you need to control?

  • Feeling incredibly lonely, uncommitted and betrayed?

  • Struggling with jealousy

  • Feel constrained lonely, abandoned, misunderstood?

  • Feel damaged and frustrated?

  • Anxious and hopeless?

  • Saddened by shame and guilt that you carry but stubbornly hang on to it?.

  • Not being in touch with your own feelings and being more concerned with what other people think of you?

  • Feeling overwhelmed and taken advantage of?

  • Life feels pointless and meaningless. Unable to focus and not productive.

What if I say “You are suffering needlessly!” “YES”, absolutely it’s not your fault. We are here to know ourselves! Before finding the solution for your problem you need to know about “Male Microchimerism”, which is the reason behind all your sufferings.

Are you ready to begin to recover from the abuse and trauma you’ve suffered?

Be heard, be nurtured, be connected, and have someone present with you in your moment of need?

Would you like someone to celebrate your wins and hold you when you’re low?

A guide to show you aspects of yourself you never knew and help you into the next moment?  Breathe you in a new direction?

Then welcome to the first step of your transformational journey!

Male Microchimerism

Male Microchimerism is connected to the virus, which all humans have in their DNA. The transmission of this virus is through negative Passive Aggressive Karmic Impasse. The MM virus is transmitted via sexual interaction through any exchange of bodily fluid. This exchange and the karmic implications of it could occur in your lifetime or in your past lineage. This means that instead of pursuing their own life destiny, people are consistently pulled off course and out of alignment as they live out the karma of others.

But there IS a simple cure. You don't need to suffer any more! By removing this virus from your DNA, you’ll be able to regain your sovereignty, purity of our space, and your power!

Andie is an incredibly powerful, intuitive healer who goes into the dark to bring life and love to the tormented and the deprived within the foundation of Christed love. She's helped countless clients, transformed lives, and deeply desires reaching more people in need of her light.

One of her most potent strengths is her ability to open pathways for others. She can heal and open channels long blocked for her clients. Through this genius, Andie is able to create opportunities to help her clients achieve their goals.

Are you ready to find your Power, Passion, & Purpose to enable you to fearlessly embrace life?

Join us NOW with Andie Depass to get Break free from the
Male Microchimerism virus and the negative karmic effects of others,
Reclaim your sovereignty and Reconnect to Self Love and embrace the TRUE YOU!


Need Help? Write to: [email protected]

How would you show up in life if you find your Power, Passion, & Purpose to enable you to fearlessly embrace life?

Yes, you become More patient, More calm, Drama-free,
Healthier mentally, physically, & spiritually, More prosperous,
More connected to yourself & Source? Andie has a simple solution for you
to Achieve all of these goals AND MORE!

  • Andie’s Karma Release/Male Microchimerism special offer enables you to remove Male Microchimerism -- which is an electrical charge that embeds in your own body but is foreign to your own sovereignty.
  • By using the magnetic influence of internal Sacred Geometry in order to collect and defragment diminishing patterns, you will learn how to assemble your desired new patterns and have they come online with ease in your personal Data Centers.
  • This will present you with an instant new connection to the 4th and 5th Dimensional layout where you can finally reach your True Human Potential
  • It helps you to stay grounded and practical and will shift your mind to a positive internal language thereby releasing you from negative karmic effects.

Package A

Package Includes

  • Item 1 - Male Microchimerism
  • Item 2 - Awareness in the Sphere and Your Space
  • Item 3 - Your Energetic Space
  • Item 4 - Creating an Energy Platform to Stand On
  • Item 5 - Understanding Your Past and Present
  • Item 6 - Procrastinate Abandon, Tormented
  • Item 7 - Regret, sad, sorrow
  • Item 8 - Control, destroyed, rigid
  • Item 9 - Sinister, Struggle Self ­Pity
  • Item 10 - Sexual Emotional or Physical Abuse
  • Item 11 - Lingering Poverty Money
  • Item 12 - Capable Certain
  • Item 13 - Compassion, Reverent
  • Item 14 - Gracious, transparent
  • Bonus 1 - Grounding
  • Bonus 2 - Successful
  • Bonus 3 - Aware of Being everywhere

Item 1: Male Microchimerism

Instruction surrounding the DNA Obstruction that male microchimerism has created in your Brain.

This is THE most important conversation to be had in Aware Consciousness to date!!!

Item 2: Awareness in the Sphere and Your Space

We will create a Sacred Geometric Field of Awareness.

You will come to understand the line between you and 3rd Dimension.

Item 3: Your Energetic Space

This is the initial steps of building the container.

We will begin seeding a space that you will then learn to live from.

Item 4: Creating an Energy Platform to Stand On

We will activate your crystalline triangulated energy and use that to begin to build positive platforms to live from.

Item 5: Understanding Your Past and Present

I will guide you to find value in where you have been in order to discern what your future can be.

This will create a discerning link to the knowledge of what is beneficial in well­being.

Item 6: Procrastinate Abandon, Tormented

This MP3 will begin the journey of sacred geometric absorption of the negative mirror by defragmenting and short circuiting the energies surrounding invalidation, being ignored, feeling unloved, unfocused, lonely, and resistant.

Item 7: Regret, sad, sorrow

This MP3 will continue the journey of sacred geometric absorption of the negative mirror by defragmenting and short circuiting the energies surrounding rejection, confusion, doubt, restlessness, and scattered unfocusedness.

Item 8: Control, destroyed, rigid

This MP3 will continue the journey of sacred geometric absorption of the negative mirror by defragmenting and short circuiting the energies surrounding judgment, feeling damaged, limits, contempt, panic, and abuse.

Item 9: Sinister, Struggle Self ­Pity

This MP3 will continue the journey of sacred geometric absorption of the negative mirror by defragmenting and short circuiting the energies surrounding confusion, lack, feeling weak, self­hate, resentment, and jealousy.

Item 10: Sexual Emotional or Physical Abuse

This MP3 will continue the journey of sacred geometric absorption of the negative mirror by defragmenting and short circuiting the energies surrounding shame, humiliation, disgrace, cruelty, guilt, and disgust.

Closure with Husband after 27 Years of No Communication

Just a note to let you know that my attorney overnighted my response to the lawsuit Wednesday. This means my "husband" has already read it. Strange but I felt his higher self smiling at me for taking this action. I really thank him for helping me find my voice and stand up for myself through all this, even though being with him was dangerous and horrific. Perhaps this was his soul contract with me and it took me all these years to finally get there! I thank him for that.

Thank you for your energetic assistance. I still think it is remarkable that I received the lawsuit after 27 years of no communication with my husband (if that is really what he was) after I signed up for your male microchimerism class. I am so grateful to put this troubling issue to rest at last. I had my grandson (7 years old) for an overnight Saturday. He is adorable. This was a first and also a result of healing through your class. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I look forward to being fully functional in the Claires, multidimensional, and out there doing my Divine Plan on the world stage.

Love and blessings,

Item 11: Lingering Poverty Money

This MP3 will continue the journey of sacred geometric absorption of the negative mirror by defragmenting and short circuiting the energies surrounding depression, torment, suspicion, frustration, unattainableness, and insecurity.

Item 12: Capable Certain

This MP3 will seed light in your ethereal body and help you to come to be able to observe your internal set points as they come online in your data centers (chakras).

Item 13: Compassion, Reverent

This MP3 will continue the process of seeding your internal fields of light.

You will become more relaxed, neutral, uplifted, happy, and focused with positive intention.

Item 14: Gracious, transparent

This MP3 will continue the process of seeding light into your body. You will become more connected to the inner energy of authenticity, permissive, radiance, and accomplishment.

Bonus 1: Grounding

In this MP3 you will learn how to insert and replace the Grounding Cord.

Grounding maintenance is necessary for the health of your electrical and magnetic field.

Bonus 2: Successful

In this MP3 we will install the Sacred Feminine & Masculine Still Point.

This will imprint upon you remembrance of your successful memories as a man and woman.

Bonus 3: Aware of Being everywhere

In this MP3 I will guide you to experience a powerful new awareness of multiple places at the same time.

This is new energetic displacement through consciousness.


The Total Value of Package A is $1480

**Discount : 93%** OFF

On The Transformation Show only,

This SPECIAL OFFER is available for only



Andie Inspired Me To Branch Out Into My Own Business

I've had the unique experience of having Andie as a personal coach for the past year. She encouraged me to branch out into my own business, which I did about three months ago, holding my success in mind as I shifted into new and more channels of abundance, including cash dollars. Every week, I can bring my list of concerns for discussion and she shares her insights and also broader information regarding universal frequencies and dimensions, the role of the pineal gland, the Eye of Resonance, Male Microchimerism, healing, and more. In Andie, I've been blessed with someone with whom I can explore at my level daily choices, parenting and other relationships, work, and happenings in the world (including fires and floods in my back yard), as she gently and continuously nudges me towards increased perceptiveness of who and what I am. Now our relationship has progressed into a more mutual experience whereby I give of my gifts as well, making Andie not only my confidante and coach but also my friend.

Suzie Nixon, Harmonic Structure 

Package B

Package Includes

  • Everything From Package A
  • Coaching Call #1 Power, Passion, & Purpose on October 1st
  • Coaching Call #2 Power, Passion, & Purpose on October 8th
  • Coaching Call #3 Power, Passion, & Purpose on October 15th

Your self love is your new capacity to attract the right partners in all areas of your life, connecting you to your Greater Purpose. These Divine Partnerships will assist you in giving BIRTH TO YOUR MANY MISSIONS.

This new level of SELF LOVE that I can guide you to connect to will enable you to bring KINDNESS AND HOPE to all beings you encounter. All the while, you will watch your own inner world and outer world transform.

You will finally become the being that
YOU were meant to be.

Coaching Call #1 About male microchimerism &
Sacred geometric rewiring

Event Title: Power, Passion, & Purpose – Coaching Call #1
Date & Time: Monday, October 1st at 5:00 PM Pacific

In this class we will begin to utilize and introduce colors to your light body.

These frequency resonances are building blocks of your DNA and the places where you can go directly to the virus, demagnetize it and reimprint it with boundless possibilities.

Coaching Call #2 Accessing your 4th and 5th dimensional aspects of yourself

Event Title: Power, Passion, & Purpose – Coaching Call #2
Date & Time: Monday, October 8th at 5:00 PM Pacific

In this class we will discuss male microchimerism and activate the mirrors within your internal system. The mirror effect comes from connecting the still points in your data centers (chakras) we will be connecting the data centers within the higher realms of the 4th 5th and 6th dimensions. We will then be capturing a new vision that you can triangulate and laser focus from your third eye. This will imprint future successful events into your life.

Coaching Call #3 Continuing activation of geometric
internal patterns for ascension

Event Title: Power, Passion, & Purpose – Coaching Call #3
Date & Time: Monday, October 15th at 5:00 PM Pacific

We will be learning about male microchimerism and Higher Frequencies of Grace, confidence, Wealth Health and Wisdom. In this class we will design and set an event of your own personal creation for your life. You will then experience this for yourself within the next 30 days. This will be a tangible and real life event that will prove to you the results and create a sense of confidence and playfulness for your soul to smile onto. YOU WILL BECOME THE CAUSE INSTEAD OF THE EFFECT.


The Total Value of Package B is $3100

**Discount : 95%** OFF

On from The Transformation Show only,

This SPECIAL OFFER is available for only



Soulful Awakening and Renewed Ability for Prophetic Dreams

When I first started listening to Andie's Male Microchimerism MP3s and calls, things got pretty intense and I felt kind of knocked out; although I was also acutely aware of the depth of healing coming through.

A few days ago I decided to start listening to the MP3s and calls during a few nights’ sleep with the volume nearly off. On the first morning I started remembering my dreams, an ability that's been absent for several years, and an ability that my family members (that I live with) also lost around the same time. The dreams have been epic and packed full of guidance. Some were clearly prophetic in regards to earth changes.

I also became aware on the second morning of being much more in synch with Andie's remote healing as well as the processes on her calls and MP3s integrating more smoothly and completely.

So the MM clearings and creations are now becoming much more of a plug-and-play process that happens often outside my conscious awareness. I feel already a lot has changed. Thank you Andie

M. S.

Package C

You will have the opportunity to discover the expression of
yourself in this time and space
connected to your higher self within the
multidimensional expressions you’re working from.

Many people free themselves from the Male Microchimerism virus and
Finally find true freedom through this incredible package!

Package Includes

  • Everything from Package B
  • Plus, One on Private Session With Andie

30 minute Private Session With Andie

In this private one on one session, we will decode where you have been and what you have decided to take on karmically. All of the agreements and oaths that you have taken on in previous lives where you have pledged yourself to others will be dealigned and defragmented. By deleting this virus that has been contributing to your life’s patterning, we are going to help you become healthier.

By decoding your DNA we will bring back online what has been dormant in your brain. This includes forgotten aspects of yourself by releasing the ripple effects of the untruths that you have come across.

This session will implant the truth of Father-Creator-Source. Once we fully release this untruth, you will be back on track to having delicious and genius life changes.


“My phone session with Andie Depass was Wonderful and Miraculous. I am an empath, and I sense that Andie's energy is so pure and unencumbered. She is so loving and caring. Her transmissions are "Off the Charts." I totally trust her with my life and well-being. Thank you Andie and Thank you Eram. You are both Angels incarnate! All of the Love there is for you!!”

George S.


The Total Value of Package C is $3600

**Discount : 94%** OFF

On The Transformation Show only,

This SPECIAL OFFER is available for only


Exclusive Free Gift for The Transformation Show Listeners

Confident, Harmonious, Serene ­ MP3

Experience a Galaxy of Serene waves of harmonious confidence. Generously validating Well Being as Truth within you.


Need Help? Write to: [email protected]


Open to New Hope and Frequency Levels Immediately 

I've known this truth on male microchimerism intuitively for a long time except on a somewhat vague point of view.  Throughout my adulthood, I've noticed with certainty that at some point during this adult life my "luck" crushed almost unrecoverably....

Over the past six years or so I've been working flat out clearing, downloading and upgrading my frequency levels to no significant avail.  Even though I've remained steadfast on my endeavour to awaken, there's a part of me that has endured so much during this quest and a part of me that seemed to know there was another way of handling this... a way that would offer me more tangible and perhaps "permanent" results.

Somehow, I have a strong feeling that this may be it! I just want to thank you for opening this cosmic window of hope.  Nothing beats hope when one is in search of something they desire to find. My setpoint has already shifted and I've barely opened my package. For that means a lot .
Thank you soo much
From my heart to yours.

Ingenuity Anne 


I am Free from my Ex-boyfriend’s Financial Karma! 

What a powerful clearings... And not only that, she always checks on all of us to see our progress. She helped me release cords and ties with a very powerful ex-boyfriend I had few years back. And it turns out that he still had power over me and that I had imprinted his financial issues.

I am truly grateful for this clearing as this is one of a kind program and Andie was the first one to introduce the Male Microchimerism to us!

She is a true, genuine healer ready to help everyone in need. I feel so free now and since the day I got introduced to her my life has changed for the better.

I assure you that you are in for a treat! What an amazing healer and beautiful soul ageing. Don't miss her call. Highly recommended! Blessings to all! 

Diana T. 

Open and Experiencing Abundance and Prosperity, Able to Remove Negative Relationships

Andie's Male Microchimerism work is heaven sent and I am so grateful for her and heaven. There have been issues I have been working on for what seemed like forever with incremental change, when so much more was needed. I also want to do a big thank you call out to Andie for her 30 Day Money Challenge this last July and August. I literally don't know what I would have done without it. Talk about "always in the right place at the right time..."

I don't know what you did, Andie! My eyes are filling with tears of gratitude and relief, I am so thankful for our session today. There was some real movement around money for me today, movement which I'd always longed for and hadn't experienced until today. Before there had been "budges" here and there for which I was mighty grateful because I needed and appreciated any change for the better. Today was different as I felt motion all around me and starting to move through me.

You went so deep and wide, moving out so much resentment, bitterness, lack, shame and alienation for me that I had known went far and wide in my soul and my experience. I feel more like myself than I have in a long, long time and I am so very thankful for that. Your recognition of the work I have done too moved me to tears. I know there's much more to do and your recognition gives me the encouragement to continue. Sometimes I need a witness to the good as well as the bad and the ugly. Here you are and I thank you. You are so dear to me.

Later, as I began to contemplate being prosperous a person, whom I knew would begrudge me this, first came to mind. I started to feel fretful and hurt about it when poof!, I thought, "I don't have to hang out with her in my mind or spirit. Why not think of people who will be happy for me in my prosperity?" And you know what? I instantly felt no need to hang out with her. Next, the names and faces of those would be happy for me (more than I would have thought possible) sprang into my consciousness and I could feel their happiness for me, along with my own happiness for myself. This is miraculous for me, truly miraculous, as I have spent so much time painfully conscious of those who would want less for me. Whoo! Thank you, thank you.
This male microchimerism work is from the divinest angels of which you are one, Andie. I am so grateful. I can feel my very foundations changing for a whole life that is joyful and prosperous. I must tell you also that my relationships with my husband and son are easier and happier.
Love, love love to you, 


Incredible Healing for my Mother and Myself

Andie's work really does help with generational healing. I had been quite alienated from my mother throughout most of my life, due to many traumas in her life and family. Even after my mother's passing 20 years ago, it was quite clear that she did not want to be in contact with me nor anyone else in my family. One psychic told me he saw her with her lips pressed shut while she was making a "zipping her lip" gesture. I knew that was true and gave up. My brother had a similar independent experience.

Recently, after coaching and working with Andie on many other issues including Male Microchimerism and Love, I experienced a spontaneous visit from my mother thanking me for all the healing I was doing and telling me how much it was healing the rest of the family. Absolutely astonishing, heartwarming and miraculous.

About Andie DePass

Dr. Andie DePass is a Master Alchemist in Ancient Spells and Lower Entities and Densities containment and holds a Doctorate of Philosophy and Divinity.  She is a Quantum Energy healer, gifted writer, an inspiring coach, dedicated teacher, and transformational guide.  One of her greatest gifts is that she enables her clients to become master manifestors.

Dr. Andie focuses on going into the dark to bring life and love to the tormented and the deprived within the foundation of Christed love so that you can heal with grace and ease.

As a Certified Coach, Dr. Andie specializes in aiding those who’ve experienced sexual and physical abuse, particularly the removing and deactivating of the Male Microchimerism Virus.   This Virus is connected to all humans through their DNA.  Through extensive research, hands-on work, and powerful energetic upgrades, Dr. Andie possesses a unique understanding of the Virus and depth of knowledge other healers don’t.  She specializes in the electrical, cognitive, magnetic energy of Male Microchimerism in the mental and emotional aspect of the body. She alone understands how its electromagnetic charge functions, what that means for you, and how it affects your Sovereignty in your Body Identity.

As a Metaphysical Coach, Dr. Andie has a deep connection to the universe, the ever-shifting energies, and takes a unique approach to understand what it is to be part of the Great Awakening.

Dr. Andie discovered her gifts early as a result of a traumatic childhood.  She learned as a child that she could always step out of her body when in danger. As a little girl, she was sexually abused on a daily basis for years.  During those horrific events, she would remove herself from her body for safe keeping and waited and watched from the corner until the violence ended and she could return to her own body again. She also called upon Mother Mary, her mother, Mother Ana, and Archangel Michiela (which is also known as Michel) for protection.

But Dr. Andie found this tool draining and exhausting to use and so she learned and developed others tools in order to survive.  This necessity has given her the experience needed to enable her to develop the proper tools for you to use personally in order to achieve your desired results.

Dr. Andie is a birthright healer and descends from a family of healers. She’s the great-granddaughter of a medicine man from the Iroquois tribe from the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec Canada. Her mother was also a member of the Rosecrutian.  As a child, Dr. Andie found Pentagrams and spells both exciting and scary all at the same time.

Dr. Andie DePass is a great reader and avid researcher!  Her interests span a huge array of topics and she reads everything she can put her hands on Easter Island, Michel de Nostradamus, the Pyramids, Adam’s Calendar, Dr.Michael Tellinger, The Rainbow Body with William Henry, space weather, and so much more!  She’s taken training and certification courses through Drunvelo Melchizedek,  Human Design with Richard Beaumont, Bob Proctor --Body Code just to name a few!  One powerful training with her friend, Sally A., through Harv Eker Warrior Camp had her bending steel rods with their throat -- which they did! After all when you expect miracles, you produce miracles! If you’re looking for a healer who’s in touch with the intellectual as well as the celestial, then Dr. Andie is the one for you!


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