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Topic: Into the Mystery Of Love & Relationships

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US & Europe: 27th February 2019 at 5PM Eastern/4PM Central/
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"Love Dissolves and Heals Every and All Blockage"


  • Opening the heart for self love and others
  • Peace and contentment
  • Improved communication
  • Physical heart healing
  • Overall organ healing


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Are you still looking for Love, for the special someone to share you life with?
Do you want to be and feel fulfilled? ~ Do you want to know Divine Love?

Enter the Dimensions of your Inner Heart and ​free yourself to love and be loved.

Is this still Happening to You?

  • Feeling lonely?
  • Hoping for a partner in your life?
  • Are you in conflict in your current relationship?
  • Do you feel invisible?
  • Do you feel unlovable?
  • Do you feel old and unattractive?
  • Are you just not happy?
  • Have you given up of ever finding someone amazing?
  • Are you looking for true communion?
  • Do you need to improve your communication avenues?
  • Do you self-sabotage?
  • Do you feel ugly and unworthy?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your body and/or your soul?
  • Are your communications disrupted?
  • Do you still feel hurt from a past relationship?
  • Do you still attract the wrong partners?​
  • Is your physical heart ill?
  • Do you lack joy and enthusiasm for life in general?
  • Do you feel disconnected from God/Source?

Are you ready to open your heart?

Let’s together venture into the Realm of Love & Relationships!

Remember that you are Loveable.
Attract Love from within and without.
Receive the Healing Power of Love.
Eventually, Be Love, Become Love.

Arathi Ma's Invitation is to:

  • Discover Sacred Divine Love
  • Begin Merging into Sacred Divine Love
  • Explore your Innermost Heart
  • Heal your Relation with your Parents
  • Heal your Relation with your Children
  • Attract a Beloved ~ Attract THE Beloved
  • Improve your Relation with your Partner & others
  • Improve your Relationship with your Body
  • Find Love within and without
  • Feel Loved. Know Love. Become Love
  • Open to and improve Passions
  • Become Magnetic to Love & Prosperity
  • Open true pathways to Relating
  • Create Good overall Health
  • Create Good Intuition
  • Experience Safety in your Life

Package A

Arathi Ma's new package addresses the complexity of Love & Relationships in the Light of Source/God.

Package Includes, 9 MP3s & 1 Bonus MP3 & 2 Package Upgrades

9 MP3s

  • 1 ~ Opening to the Infinite Heart - MP3
  • 2 ~ Seeking Refuge in the Heart of All there IS - MP3
  • 3~ Childhood Love & Safety - MP3
  • 4~ CommunicationPlus - MP3
  • 5 ~ Protecting & Healing Your Heart - MP3
  • 6 ~ Sacred Soul Body Union - MP3
  • 7 ~ Personal Communication - MP3
  • 8 ~ Your Attraction Factor - MP3
  • 9 ~ Passion & Pleasure - MP3


  • SILENT MP3 ~ Aligning your Birth Charts - breaking free from limitations of current planetary birth 3:02 min​
  • ​2 Energetic Package Upgrades: One Energetic upgrade of all MP3s in May 2018​ and one in November 2018

​This package offers

  • Light frequencies of the True Central Heart of this Galaxy
  • The deep resonances of unconditional love
  • Vibrantly attractive natural magnetism
  • Healing of the psychic & physical Heart
  • And much more...

Open up to new aspects of your consciousness, sacred heart, and being. Transcend the limitations of your current restrictions and tap into the wellspring of real Love, that awaits to be discovered within your own self.

Unleash yourself into being attractive and lovable in ways you haven't allowed yourself before to envision, feel, or become.

Item 1: Opening to the Infinite Heart - ​MP3
-  7:58 min

Foundation opening to the sacred space of the Infinite Heart. The whole body consciousness attunes to several spiritual qualities such as Peace, Light, Freedom, Stillness, and Neutrality. Clearing deeper pains and illusions of suffering pertaining to distortions of one's own self-image, inviting contentment and gentle calmness of being in preparation to actively loving and living life, and in this context, to the rest of this package. 


  • ​Opening Activation
  • Correction of empathic pathways
  • Illusions of "imperfections" removed
  • Peace
  • Stillness
  • Light
  • Infinity
  • Surrender
  • Humility
  • Gratitude

Item 2: Seeking Refuge in the Heart of All there IS - ​MP3 - 13:02 min

Bringing alive and maturing your inner centre that is the foundation for all matters of the heart and life in general. Dropping into trusting yourself unconditionally. We are setting the stage for healing deeper childhood wounding and conditionings, as well as time lines still active in you, that do not serve you anymore, so that you can open to the deeper aspects of your own heart. This includes clearing, healing, and upgrading current capacities on multitude levels in order to seek refuge with the source of your own existence.


  • Activating Remembrance of Source/God
  • Clearing of false matrix chaotic and anti-life programs
  • Clearings of entities, inter-dimensional beings
  • Clearings of astral cords
  • Clearings of implants
  • Repair of overall field
  • Improve overall energy meridian functioning
  • Yin-Yang balance
  • Astral and spiritual heart function improvements
  • Activations of kindness, gentleness, strength, courage, patience, wisdom
  • Turning off hatred, self-destruction, greed, jealousy, fear, criticism, impatience, dividing
  • Receiving resonance for a new or improved partnership

Item 3: Childhood Love & Safety - ​MP3 -  11:20 min

Transforming deeply buried emotions that may stem from different forms of abuse in order to experience a sense of safety and meaningfulness of one's own existence.


  • Abandonment to belonging
  • Emotional deprivation to nourishment
  • Shaming to innocent ease
  • Controlling to trust
  • Entitlement to cooperation
  • Unworthy to worthiness and value
  • Inhibited to relaxed being
  • Seeking approval to certainty
  • Defective to feeling whole
  • Dependence to healthy independence
  • Pleasing to knowing
  • Mistrust to trust
  • Self-sacrificing to self care
  • Social isolation to social integration
  • Believing in failure to seeing successes
  • Overly vulnerable to feeling secure
  • Punitive towards self and others (can't forgive easily) to compassion and allowing forgiveness
  • Enmeshment to knowing one's own self and boundaries
  • Giving up early to endurance

Item 4: CommunicationPlus - MP3 - 12:37 min

Clearing of false and disruptive communication imprints and resetting overall neural activity to healthy functioning. Attuning to wholesome inter-communication dynamics within the body and society at large. Activating the courage to be truthful to your real feelings and the strength to express yourself towards your own heart and others while remaining conscious and aware, so that projecting and other patterns such as assuming and blaming fall away as tools to navigate through relationships of any kind.


  • Activation to higher Neutrality in subtler levels of body & mind
  • Diamond Mind Frequencies
  • Upgrading the overall nervous system
  • Dissipate false matrix confusion imprints
  • Remove back of neck attachments
  • Remove victim-tyrant pattern
  • Awareness to feelings & sensations
  • Strengthening balance and integrity
  • Forgiveness of self and others
  • Intuiting what others are truly saying and mean
  • Knowing one's inner voice more clearly
  • Increasing attention to detail
  • Transforming the self-critic to pure attention
  • Elevating to greater levels of forgiveness
  • Sacred Heart Frequencies

Item 5: Protecting & Healing Your Heart - MP3 - 13:16 min

Opening into the inner divine well of one's own infinite Worthiness and Love and clearing the walls of separation ​from the interconnected web of life and stepping back into one's original remembrance of Self.


  • Divine Protection Download
  • Removal of false matrix chaotic and anti-life programs
  • ​Clearing separatist tendencies
  • Clearing multi-layered heart walls
  • Remove unhealthy soul ties
  • Releasing tendencies to leech from others
  • Stop getting drained in relationships
  • Close siphoning holes and vampirism
  • Releasing giving-your-power-away
  • Clear fears, trauma, fragmentations
  • Activate & unfold and aliven your multi-dimensional heart field
  • Protection via electro-magnetic field balance
  • Activate cell rejuvenation of physical heart
  • Ignoring false message transmitters
  • Removing parasites & implants
  • Improving soul inter-communication between you, your organ systems, plants, and animals

Item 6: Sacred Soul Body Union - MP3 - 11:22 min

Activating the pure Light on all levels and letting it purify your body on a cellular level including your heart and all organs. This MP3 is a good companion to the Passion & Pleasure MP3.


  • Clearing of out-dated energetic grid overlays
  • Golden-white Light cellular flow
  • Divine Blessings
  • ​DNA repair healing
  • Organs & all body tissues healing & rejuvenation
  • Pre-natal and early infancy years blockage clearing
  • General blockage clearing in abdomen
  • Trauma healing
  • Cellular reset to greater spiritual Self
  • Throat centre clearing​​
  • Clearing restrictive beliefs and self-condemnation

Item 7: Personal Communication - MP3 - 5:04 min 

Clearing and opening communication pathways that are especially necessary between masculine and feminine partners, children and parents, animals and owners. Activate, attune and upgrade communication pathways on all levels energetically, mental-emotionally and physically.

​RECEIVE clearing between :

  • You and your current partner
  • You and your mother
  • You and your father
  • You and your child/ren
  • You and other family members
  • You and your pet/s
  • You and your neighbours
  • You and your work place collegues bosses, etc
  • You and your body​
  • You and your spirit
  • Upgrading pathways
  • Clarity, focus, understanding, listening skills, forgiveness, etc.
  • True listening
  • To the point- concentration
  • Non-verbal alignment/integration
  • Thyroid balance

Item 8: Protecting & Healing Your Heart - MP3 - 14:15 min

Opening to your zero/centre point and allowing for dynamic and infinite balance, while releasing that which doesn't serve you anymore, in order to become naturally attractive to all the good in life as well as a lovely partner.


  • Activation to your natural Magnetism
  • Release to be needed and to need others
  • ​Self Worth and Value
  • Deepening Magnetic Resonance to Source
  • Prosperity alignment​ and upgrade
  • Health alignment and upgrade
  • Relationship capacity cleanse, alignment and upgrade
  • Joy, Bliss, Freedom alignment

Item 9: Passion & Pleasure - MP3 - 17:24 min

Opening to passion and pleasure rooted in the natural ease of innocence coupled with power, vitality, creativity, and youthfulness.


  • Original sin imprint clearing​
  • Clearing of slavery, hostile abuse, sin programs
  • Clearing of accident and invasive surgery pleasure disruptors
  • Clearing of Shame
  • Meridian clearings
  • Clear intimacy issues
  • Opening to play
  • Innocence
  • Openness to intimacy
  • Receiving & giving fully
  • Activating and harmonizing male-female circuits
  • Increase vitality
  • Increase creativity
  • Increase sense of youthfulness
  • Increase sense of sexy
  • Hormonal reset​


  • SILENT MP3 ~ Aligning your Birth Charts - breaking free from limitations of current planetary birth 3:02 min​
  • ​2 Energetic Package Upgrades: One Energetic upgrade of all MP3s in May 2018​ and one in November 2018

Package A
**Your Savings : 66%**
Total Package Value 
From The Transformation Show
Special Offer


"I asked Arathi Ma to assist with my relationship with my partner, myself and my cats.  Arathi Ma was able to identify areas of energy disconnectswithin my household and provide material for me to listen to so things could be back in balance.  Many changes happened.  My cats are much happier in the environment and are no longer misbehaving.  I'm now married to the love of my life and our connection is stronger than ever.  We are planning a wonderful future together and we have great communication.  

I'm really grateful for being introduced to Arathi Ma and her ability to connect with me to assist with the areas in my life that I was struggling with.
Much Love,"


"I believe that your MP3s have reset my thyroid. I did NOT have "on paper" lab work that showed hypothyroidism, but I did have classic dry skin, fatigue and the tell-tale eyebrow thinning on the outside third (so much that I haven't plucked my brows since I was in my early 40s!) So I'd say, I had a very subtle subclinical case since a lot of people find that their blood work is in "normal" range and they have symptoms.

I have to say that my skin is less dry and my eyebrows are thicker!!! I can see the outer part of my brows without using eyebrow pencil. I also am less cold."


Package B

  • All in Package A
  • Recorded Group Call #1 with Q&A ~ Foundation Teachings & Clearings
  • Recorded Group Call #2 with Q&A ~ Cultivating Heart Healing & Self Love
  • Recorded Group Call #3 with Q&A ~ General Relationships & Intimacy/Partner Love
  • Recorded Group Call #4 with Q&A ~ Physical Heart Healing, Individual Q&A Healing/Guidance​

Recorded Group Call #1 Foundation Teachings & Clearings with Q&A

  • Talk, Clearing & Building Processes for New Paradigm Relating
  • Invitation to exiting the matrix of illusion
  • ​Q&A


  • Light Codes of Joy and Freedom
  • From 3D to 4D to 5D intimacy: allowing for energy exchange in the heart
  • Unconditional Love
  • Light Codes to improve unified field for interdependence between all living things, plants, animals
  • Light Codes for deep purpose
  • Clearing of stealing of life force, selfish strategies
  • Clearing of using the relationship for survival needs
  • Enhancing the creative aspect of creating “cosmic creations” besides physical offspring
  • Clearing loss, fear, separation, fractioning off
  • Clearing astral glamour, delusions, dreams.
  • Clearing rollercoaster ups and downs of being in love and out of love
  • Light Codes for Sexuality without romantic glamour
  • Inspiring your partner instead of draining (positivity)
  • Harmony between giving and receiving (paying attention)
  • Discovering the jewels/gifts of the partner
  • Using your partner as spiritual practice (spiritual compass)
  • ...and other that is needed for the group attendees

Recorded Group Call #2 ~ Cultivating Heart Healing &
Self Love with Q&A

  • ​Mindfulness of living with quality ~ clearing self-sabotage & self-hatred
  • Clearing imbalances in the overall meridian pathways
  • Finding purpose without dependence
  • Faith in one's unfolding
  • Forgiveness
  • Compassion
  • Letting go of grief
  • Finding the Beloved within​
  • and more...

Recorded Group Call #3 ~ General Relationships & Intimacy/Partner Love with Q&A

  • ​​Self-critical
  • Communication
  • Forgiveness
  • Empathic issues
  • Growing apart
  • Financial stress
  • Aging issues
  • Abuse patterns​
  • Sexual issues: mismatch, etc
  • and more...​

Recorded Group Call #4 ~ Physical Heart Healing, Individual Q&A Healing/Guidance​ with Q&A

  • Physical Heart healing (arrhythmia, high/low blood pressure, anxiety, etc)
  • Participate live in this group call
  • Content is generated by participants' Q&A ​

Package B
**Discount : 70%**

Total Package Value 
From The Transformation Show
Special Offer


"During the 3 months of working with Arathi Ma, everything changed. I felt/feel amazing. Most notably my energy levels increased I was no longer suffering from chronic fatigue. I felt overly happy and joyful about all aspects of my life.  My own energy practice increased and my finances blossomed. I lost 20 lbs. And I had a greater sense of self with expanded heart capacity.  I feel so blessed to have met Arathi Ma so long ago and be able to work with her still to this day. As an energy worker myself, I find it rare to meet someone that can hold my container of energy and be able to transform my energetics into greater integration with self. Arathi Ma is the real deal. Thank you so much Arathi Ma for your help along my earth journey it is so appreciated!"

—Lauren Ashley Eden

"You did a Skype call with me over a year ago and did a healing on my daughter with endometriosis. Well guess what??!! She had an MRINo sign of endometriosis at all! Fallopian tubes and ovaries in perfect order!! Between you, God and the Holy Spirit she has been completely healed! She has a lease on life now, she’s pain free for the first time ever! She’s blessing everything and everyone around her and more miracles are occurring. 
Thank you thank you thank you!! Much much love to you!"

—Carolyn Jane Mouat

Package C

  • All in Package B
  • Plus 1:1 Session 30 min

Only 50 sessions available!


Package C
**Discount : 75%**

Total Package Value 
From The Transformation Show
Special Offer

Exclusive Free Gift for The Transformation Show Listeners

Mp3 - Healing Heartache
For relationship loss and pain, rejection, feeling unloved, betrayed.




I re-listened to my session recordings I had with Arathi Ma in the past week and was amazed at the depth of what we discussed and the healing that has happened since my first session back in June, 2016. Every time I listen, more is revealed, layer after layer peeled back as I understand in a new way.

It started the spring of 2016 with the first package I bought and is still continuing. Most times it has been so subtle, these changes, revealing a much healthier me - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And I cannot pinpoint any given moment, but more an unravelling, revealing my true essence. Other things have been more drastic, like having my migraines disappear for 6 months after one group call.

As for specifics on improvements, my list is as long as you have time to listen or read but here are a very few examples of what has improved drastically:
Digestive issues. Body pain, migraines
Depression, anxiety, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.
Relationships with both my daughters and my partner.
Able to move forward in life, no longer stuck.
Confidence, Mental Clarity, Joy to be alive!

I know there are many more things that I have forgotten because they are gone! Things that used to consume me have disappeared!  Most importantly is the deepening of my spiritual practice and the profound teachings through Wisdom Life School, but that is for another post. Thank you Arathi Ma for your unconditional love and guidance !! <3 <3 <3


You did a Skype call with me over a year ago and did a healing on my daughter with endometriosis. Well guess what??!! She had an MRI. No sign of endometriosis at all! Fallopian tubes and ovaries in perfect order!! Between you, God and the Holy Spirit she has been completely healed! She has a lease on life now, she’s pain free for the first time ever! She’s blessing everything and everyone around her and more miracles are occurring.

Thank you thank you thank you!! Much much love to you!

--Carolyn Jane Mouat

I have been meaning to write since hearing you on the Transformation Call and having that first healing take place. I say first healing because I've had several since buying your package.

I want to say first that I am a Medical Intuitive Healer, but it does not always translate to much when it is me that is sick. I had become violently ill with a virus that was attacking my brain, thyroid and heart. I was so ill, I was weak and unable to move or hold water down. I was on day 3 when I fell to my knees and cried out to God for help. The answer was to look in my email where I had received a link to your call and was guided to listen.

As I lay in bed, fever off and on, I heard your voice and I felt your energy as your opening meditation filled every cell of my being. I fell asleep during the call, but was awakened when one woman was asking for help with healing her neck. I have herniated discs in my neck from a car accident and they cause me great pain. Often I am laid flat up to 5 days at a time with migraines. It was then I realized I was no longer ill. I felt strong, alert, fever gone....I was back. I listened to the call for a little longer before getting up. The one woman who called in to express how she has learned to tell pain to go away because it is a lie, that has been my new mantra. A shift in perception and awareness and began, I can stay in the space of perfection.

I bought your package. There was no doubt you helped me connect to the primordial light and reach perfection. For that call alone, I will be forever grateful. I began your program, diligently following instructions.

Digestion healed SIBO. Immune System healed allergies to mold/fungus. Bone/Muscle healed scoliosis in spine I've had since I was 3. I've had to repeat this one actively several times because of past injuries, however, as a previous post mentioned, I have also been able to do things I have not done for years. I've planted 5 trees, I live on 5 acres, I've had to previously pay to have it mowed, I can ride the lawn mower without reacting to the jarring motion with a migraine, I am daily outside now, weeding, planting, creating beauty in my yard I had long since given up on.

The list simply goes on and on. Each area of my body and health that I struggled with became improved, often completely healed with one listen. I play your silent programs while I sleep, which, by the way, now I can sleep all night where before I was waking every 2 hours on the dot. The gifts your program has provided has changed my life and made me a better Medical Intuitive to boot. My conscious awareness is much stronger. My discernment for truth is also stronger. To say you changed my life is not enough to express the depth of healing that has occurred for me.

I would also say in closing that your name holds an energy of divinity. I often find myself repeating your name as a healing mantra.

—Susan Tyler

I believe that your MP3s have reset my thyroid. I did NOT have "on paper" lab work that showed hypothyroidism, but I did have classic dry skin, fatigue and the tell-tale eyebrow thinning on the outside third (so much that I haven't plucked my brows since I was in my early 40s!) So I'd say, I had a very subtle subclinical case since a lot of people find that their blood work is in "normal" range and they have symptoms.

I have to say that my skin is less dry and my eyebrows are thicker!!! I can see the outer part of my brows without using eyebrow pencil. I also am less cold.


Arathi Ma has not only healed me physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. My relationships have improved with the people in my life.  My outlook on life is so positive now, which has changed completely from a year ago. I no longer have any feeling of depression. I wake up every morning knowing that there is so much love and beauty in the world and have a reason to smile everyday.

Happiness surrounds me, and I am continuously filled with love. I am  able to see so much more beauty in the world and in people.I feel so much more love and happiness in my life.

I have so much love and gratitude for Arathi Ma for all the blessings she has given me.

She has truly enriched my life.  For this I will be forever thankful.


“I had my healing with Arathi Ma today! My vertigo is completely gone and the severe pain in my left shoulder for the last two to three months is gone. She found 3 implants and the pain is totally gone. Thank you as always for the love, patience, guidance and healing! Much love to you Arathi Ma!”

- Shelley Paxton Esler

Need Help? Write to: [email protected]

About Arathi Ma

Arathi Ma has worked in the field of medicine and healing for altogether 37 years; first as a nurse and for the last 27 years as a healer. She has a unique strength to push into the unknown, and open pathways for others to come along in engineering new health, happiness, abundance, careers, relationships, and self-realization. Her work affects all areas of life as she experiences everything as one unified existence.

At age ten, she experienced herself as pure cosmic consciousness and later, in her teens, was propelled three times into a state of full absorption (Samadhi).
She has medically proven to be living off the light of the sun and stars to a certain degree. Such abilities are side effects of an intense Light Body practice that is fundamental to her ability to heal others and also to rejuvenate the body with ease. Her clients and students speak of her as “Someone who introduces you to the realm of the ‘impossible made possible’."

When she engages in healing, she repairs and defragments the energetic anatomy, while weaving in and out with ease between psychological, medical, and spiritual perspectives in order to resolve disease on every layer of a person’s reality.


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