The Transformation Show Presents 

Consciousness Escalator

Self Realization in 60 minutes or less 

Do you feel ready to live more Consciously-Empowered in your everyday life?
Where you naturally Radiate your True, Luminous Self; your Unique Soul Vibration and Life Purpose NOW?

Imagine what it would be like to live in the Awareness of Your  Mastery and Divinity.
Re-energize your relationship with the Cosmos as you open to your Soul’s Quantum Joy Channel so you can taste the sweetness of life. Become aware of the Luminous Light behind all form.

This Consciousness Escalator series is a fast-track to Self Realization. It will open the higher portals – Gateways - to your Soul, your Angelic Being, your Universal Self, your Galactic Self (star family systems), and your I AM Self.

Debbi, a doctor of multi-dimensional divinity, will help illumine your pathway of self-mastery so you can see clearly the lessons life has brought you to through the eyes of INFINITE LOVE and expand beyond your human limitations.

Through these channeled transmissions Debbi helps integrate you with your greatest expression of who you already are in the higher dimensions of your infinite being.

With the loving presence of Debbi and the higher realms, these empowering transmissions connect with your vast Universal consciousness where you realize your inherent power to influence all matter while shifting your life into conscious creation.

 Debbi will connect you with the life expanding resource of your evolved energetic blueprint, where life becomes easier, gentler, and positive.

If you have ever feel disconnected from a larger support system in life, you will benefit from the awareness of your eternal embrace with the Masters, Angels and your star family. Live in oneness consciousness with All Life. You will realize you are never alone as you begin to master the unseen energy world.

"Debbie spiritually birthed me into my next highest level of who I came here to be"

“Debbi has been a divine blessing in helping to spiritually mid-wife me into my next highest level of who I came here to be. Her work is profound, her intuitive insights are spot-on and her compassion is unmatched. I really cannot speak highly enough of her.”

~ Helena Das, Goddess Training


"She led me to the core of anger in me and released the root of it"

I had a fantastic healing experience with Rev. Dr. Debbi Brown Adams. I had been affected by lots of anger issues, I was lashing out at people around me for no reason. I did always feel like I had swallowed a ball of fire, and often felt like I was spitting out fire at people, like a dragon. Dr. Debbi did distant healing on me. With her magical soothing voice, she very slowly led me to the core of the anger in me- into my childhood emotional wounds and helped me release the root of it.The healing was very profound and after the healing, I felt much calmer. I haven’t had any outbursts since then. I thank Dr. Debbi from the bottom of my heart, I feel so relieved now, after all the healing and love energies. Thanks a ton Dr. Debbi! You are truly gifted and blessed. I hope others too will immensely benefit from your great healing potential.—Jay,


“Debbi works in beautiful alignment with Divine Love and functions as a vessel to bring forth various transmissions and codes of healing and empowerment. She is very intuitive, and speaks to one's Soul. She lovingly and powerfully assisted me with healing some of my relationship with the Divine Feminine, and feeling more safe with earthly existence. I have worked with many different facilitators over the course of my life, and I highly recommend Debbi.”  

~Matt O..

Consciousness Escalator
Self Realization in 60 minutes or less

Are you ready to embody your 12th Dimensional Solar Angelic Light body on Earth?

  • Activate your DNA to manifest a new empowered human crystalline body
  • Stabilize yourself across the 12th dimensional holographic field of mother earth.
  • Open to grow a new light body through your 5th-dimensional axiatonal light grids
  • Feel your biology, cells, and organs harmonically attune with Infinity
  • Experience who you are in the higher realms and planes of reality
  • Embrace your Sovereignty - Your true divine power to create and manifest as Source Self
  • Issue forth your new Soul purpose in alignment with the new earth ascension energies offered at this planetary time.
  • Explore your Mer-ka-ba inter-dimensional travel body
  • Open to connect with your star family
  • Merge with your 12th Dimensional Solar Angelic Body

Are you ready to embody your 12th Dimensional Solar Angelic Light body on Earth?

  • Clear, Heal and Bless your Past Life History
  • Integrate with Cosmic Wisdom and Understanding
  • Accept new Joy, Freedom and Bliss
  • Ignite your Soul Light and Power
  • Activate your Quantum Human Potentiality
  • Fall in Love with All Creation and Yourself in Oneness
  • Fill your LIFE with your New Holographic Energy Patterns

This entire transmission will empower you as all the Masters, Saints, Angels, Beloved beings and Bodhisattvas hold the sacred space of your unfolding. Receive intuitive insight from Debbi as she attunes with your unique soul vibration and allows the divine to channel to you through her.

This session is recorded so you have the activation to listen to again and again. As with any spiritual initiation the benefits continue on even after the session. Your soul, psyche and inter-dimensional nature will continue to evolve and reveal itself in amazing miraculous ways. Your Sacred Inner Teacher is always guiding your divine expression.

50 minute recorded phone session.


“Debbi is my go to person when I need to hear from the angels. She communicated with my deceased mother and brought powerful healing that allowed me to let go and feel great peace. Her meditations and channeled messages are profound, other worldly and always spot on! Goose bumps! I can’t   recommend her enough. You must connect with her.” — Jill Lublin, international speaker 

"Ten minutes into the call, I literally felt a part of my brain light up and I felt and saw colors going into my brain"

"I was able to release boxes of clutter from my home, let go of a relationship that was no longer serving me and put myself out there to date again."

"Debbi is a truly unique and rare combination of a divine channel that is anchored and rooted in truth, offering highly tangible solutions that can be applied anywhere and anytime."








"Tingling, Extreme Peace, Higher frequencies felt and Long Held Core Beliefs Shifted Immediately"




"Healed after one session. Sean’s heart has gone from 30-35% ejection fraction which put him at high risk of cardiac arrest to 50-55% which is normal."

"This session was unlike anything I had experienced, and this chronic fear pattern is GONE!"

"Thank you for the session, I have been sober ever since... and it was easy."

"Debbi was very intuitive and compassionate in helping me dissolve a nearly life-long pattern that was holding me back. I definitely recommend her."

"M.D. refers patients to her: Debbi has an amazing ability to embrace and release the most difficult problems with a clear and gentle heart."

"I enjoyed the session very much and have felt much better since then, with less tension and pain in my body, better sleep, more at peace and ease mentally."

"You touch my soul with a depth so profound I can’t find the words."

"Because of our session, I have less chilly sensations in the spine, I am far more contented and more contained and that background sadness has completely gone.  I find myself giggling to myself more often and smiling more when on my own."

"Just to let you know that my son John just told me that he feels "incredibly much better and I do not know why". So this is thanks to your session!"

"Debbi single handedly helped me to heal the relationship with my mother so that I could move forward in life."

"My diabetes and thyroid conditions have improved. I need less medicine now after one treatment."

"This session has just lifted me so much and released my fears . Every word resonates with me and I feel l am given the support to step into my NEW BEGINNINGS with clarity and innocence."

I am extremely grateful for all the in-depth clearings and blessings you did for me that I will cherish!!!

"A great shift occurred. I am so more peaceful, joyful and filled with hope and trust."

"Home cleared of Spooky Energy! Spirit of the Home & Land Blessed!"

"Chronic Pain in Neck & Shoulders Healed"

"My back and pelvis feel better and I feel stronger and more energetic."

"Huge Subconscious Resistance Released"

"Section of My Bones Moved!"

"Turbo Charged My Healing From Surgery"

"Burning in feet gone."

"My base and sacral chakra feel open and cleansed."

Activation #1

Bringing Self Realization to the Primal Brain

#1 Using The Consciousness Escalator to Upgrade Your Daily Fear, Anxiety & Stress Response 

Transforming your Instinctual Nature with Eternity Codes 

16:18 minutes ($110 value)

This transmission helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, calming fears and anxieties. It will elevate the body to a higher understanding and frequency. Invites clearance of ancient fears and thought forms while reducing the fear of death. Plugs you into the blueprints for the new evolutionary Whole Brain. Activates diamond cells and longevity molecules. “I am eternally safe and cared for.” Infused with the consciousness of Immortality, the light of ascension, the multi-dimensional self and God-Goddess energy.

“I absolutely love, love, love all your MP3s and package as they are so brilliant and I felt so much lighter, connected and peaceful after listening to them. Thank you very much Rev Debbi for my superbly awesome and impressive 1-1 session!!! I am extremely grateful for all the in-depth clearings and blessings you did for me that I will cherish!!! Your work is so powerful and I’m infinitely grateful for being guided to get this brilliant empowering package. This was one of the most beautiful in-depth 1-1 session I’ve ever had!”

~ Naseema

Activation #2

Holy Hormones
– Activating Wisdom Templates for Health, Beauty and Youthfulness Vibrational Recharge for the Sacred Gland Gateways

18:30 minutes ($110 value)

Did you know the light body works through sacred gland gateways within you? Activate ageless-timeless templates of wisdom, health, beauty and youthfulness within the thyroid, thymus, adrenals and more. As you become more fully illumined in your light body, your physical body integrates all these higher vibrational frequencies, and your hormones and glands begin to ”resurrect” themselves and return to a more youthful state to create a new a healthy balance and biology. Infused with the energies of endorphins, bliss, ageless-timeless blueprints, the violet flame and 12th dimensional solar light fields.


“The healing, Light-filled, God-filled, voice of Rev. Adams is an enlightened sound journey to our higher consciousness. Honoring Love, embracing Light, focusing on Love, she gathers our grateful hearts, while honoring our beautiful minds in a cosmic passage of healing. An incredible way to start every new morning.”

~ Melinda Barber, MFA

Activation #3

#3 Healing the Disconnect from your Soul Star

Nourish and Activate your Soul Star- Earth Star Power Core
Living My Life within Light Fields of Ascension

17:12 minutes ($110)

Charge your earth and soul star with Light fields of ascension and 12th dimensional solar frequencies. Activate and nourish your ascended light body as you align your life plan to unfold with ease and grace. Your unified field becomes an empowering, shimmering fountain of light cascading all around you. Assists you to accept and integrate the heaven on earth experience while supporting your highest evolution now. Infused with the harmonizing perfumes of jasmine, rose, neroli, joy, frankincense, sandalwood, cedar wood, ylang-ylang and myrrh. Selenite, rainbow quartz, crystalline diamond light & 12th dimensional solar frequencies.

“If there’s a school in heaven, I’m sure these would be in the curriculum! Thanks so much for sharing this!”

~ Jennifer S.

Activation #4

#4 A Bliss Transmission Honoring Your Inner Master

Steps for Personal Enlightenment

This is a one hour teleconference recording that includes a talk and an activation transmission in which you enter the Ascended Masters Realm, experience a Brain Illumination, empower your physical and subtle bodies with the light of Ascended Consciousness, and embrace your Self-Realization. These are advanced spiritual practices for personal enlightenment that will help you transcend human problems, conditions, and duality consciousness.

“My session with Debbi has left me in a state of pure bliss for the last couple of days. I can feel a greater sense of freedom from my personality and I have been able to express more and feel more and be more of my blissful potential. I am more free to be me than I ever was before this session!”

~ Durva G.

Activation #5

#5 A Bliss Transmission - The Sacred Heart Initiation

Empower Your Self-Healing Abilities Exponentially Activating Cosmic Love - Violet Flame Energy

Become a spiritual alchemist. This one hour teleconference recording includes a talk and an initiation to activate the violet flame of your sacred heart. This initiation moves you from 3-4 D into 5D consciousness; assisting you to transition permanently from the exterior world of ego (fear) into the interior world of love (trust). The Violet flame will flood into every cell, molecule and thought form of your being, to transmute the ‘lead’ of the human personality into the gold of divine energy. The spiritual power of the violet flame will help you heal all areas of your life and activate your luminous 12th dimensional chakra system. Heal emotional and physical issues, improve relationships, evolve spiritually and move into living in ease in the Universal flow of abundance and love.

“I just listened to the recording it was more profound and deep than the first time, the colors, the interactions with the great ones, the effects on the body… I look forward to listening more.”

~ Marie S.

But this offer is only available through TOMORROW. BONUS!!! Purchase now, and first 50 participants get 48 hour free (distant healing) with  a crystalline rainbow light grid. Email what you are seeking healing for yourself and your loved ones to Debbi personally to receive this powerful gift. 


What clients have said after only 24 hours of Crystalline Distant Healing: 

Chronic Pain in Neck & Shoulders Healed in 24 Hours

The pain in my neck and shoulders are gone today, I noticed as soon as I woke up this morning woohoo! Thanks Debbi 

- MarieS.  

Much of the Darkness & Heaviness Have Lifted

Hi Debbi and thank you. Much of the darkness and heaviness I was feeling as a result of a major healing has been lifted. It started with a headache deep rage anger and despair. That has shifted majorly and mostly seems to have passed. New clarity insight and understanding. also more energy -I'm actually vibrating. This is great- and to think I almost missed it! Let's see what happens next.....

- Rosemary B. 

Burning in feet gone in 24 hours

Thank you. I didn’t have burning feet for the first time in a long time last night. 

- Susie E.  💖 

I feel stronger & more energetic

Thank you, Debbi!  My back and pelvic feel better and I feel stronger and more energetic. 

- KimMarie P. 

Debra H. I’m vibrating!

Hi Debbi I’m feeling much happier n lighter. Thank you so much. 

- Malani A.

Turbo Charged My Healing From Surgery

Thank you so much Rev. Debbi; I'd like to share that my recuperation from my surgery became Turbo charged during these healing energy transmissions. I feel so much better & am able to do almost everything normally again and my energy is stronger as well. My healing increased so much faster, there is no doubt.  Much aloha! 

-Diana L. 

Section of My Bones Moved!

 A section of bones between my shoulders moved in the early morning hours of day two. I felt and heard them adjusting, while I was lying flat on my back. Since then I am standing straighter and taller with my shoulders back. I realllly needed that. Thank you! The neck and shoulder pain have not returned. 

-Marie S.

Huge Subconscious Resistance Release 

I have felt lots of changes -- one of the main things is that I no longer feel a deep desire to nap in the afternoon... Many of my changes are taking place during the early morning hours. I feel now as though there was a huge release of something. I'm not sure what, but I do know that I have been resistant to changes my whole life, even though I yearn for them. (It's the fear, dear friend.) So my higher self took control during my sleep and thrust me forward in some way. I feel so light and wonderful today. Thank you.

- Mary Beth G.L. 

Lots of things shifting and changing for the better in my life's on a roll....thanks a million for the healing. Such a blessing. 

-Aditi J. 

I had a lot of things come up for release- physical, mental, & emotional! I have alternated between that, integration, & feeling really good. 

-Barbara H. O. 

Thank you, this is so gracious and kind of you to do this for us and all for free, which just goes to show you are a true healer really caring about people. I knew that the first time I talked to you, I've said this before and I say it again you are the best healer hands-down.

- Alexis H. 

 Thank you. I'm feeling really peaceful.

-Heidi P. Y


“Debbi has been a divine blessing in helping to spiritually mid-wife me into my next highest level of who I came here to be. Her work is profound, her intuitive insights are spot-on and her compassion is unmatched. I really cannot speak highly enough of her.”

~ Helena Das, Goddess Training


Words cannot begin to express my deep gratitude for Debbi, and the vital role she had played in my growth and evolution. It is challenging to label her as anything because she is truly a multi-dimensional light being, beyond the limitations of fixed modalities. She is a bearer of the light, who also knows how to navigate darkness like no other. Having chosen a shamanic medicine path, I have experienced a full spectrum of obstacles and challenges that cut deep into the core of the soul. Without a guide like Debbi, I can truthfully say that I likely would not have survived it.

Debbi is a modern shaman, a bridge between the worlds, who delivers a unique frequency and provides you with the tools to help you create your own maps for the personal journey of your soul.

She is helping to usher in an entirely new paradigm on this planet, and I am honored to continue to work with her as I expand my consciousness and retrieve parts of my soul that once were lost. I recommend Debbi to anyone who chooses to say “Yes” to their soul.”

~ Keith Walters, Shaman, Ceremonialist


“Words cannot express how grateful I am for you. You have brought so much healing to my body, mind, and spirit. The information and healing frequencies you transmit through the MP3's are undeniable. The recordings have activated healing and well-being in me and they have helped awaken the inner knowing of just how miraculous our bodies are. For the first time in a long time I know I am on the path to vibrant health. Love and blessings!”

~ Tracy O’Brien

“Hi Debbi, we just wanted to update you, Sean’s heart has gone from 30-35% ejection fraction which put him at high risk of cardiac arrest to 50-55% which is normal. (55%-60% is normal). His doctor could not believe it, so he had another echocardiogram right at the office ordered and it showed the 50-55%. They couldn’t believe it. We know why. Thank you for being a part of his health. We are very grateful.”

~ Nikki & Sean, Fireman


"My session with Debbi was magical and transformative. Debbi was very intuitive and compassionate in helping me dissolve a nearly life-long pattern that was holding me back. I definitely recommend her" - EM, California


“For me it has been almost seven years that Dr Rev Debbi has been an amazing Energy Worker, Spiritual Teacher, Leader and Healing Presence in my life on many levels both in person and from thousands of miles across the Country she has been able to work with me and her clients in a very powerful and effective manner with amazing results!!!

Personally, I love the in person face to face one on one work that Dr Rev Debbi has done with me in Las Vegas, NV, Phoenix, AZ and Washington, DC! When I am unable to be directly in her awesome healing presence, then I am happy to be able to have powerful long distance phone sessions with her!

Now I am thrilled to be able to have the Awesome Amazing Dr Rev Debbi with me ALL the time through her powerful, positive healing Audios and Audio Series as she provides a Powerful Healing Presence via her MP3 Audio Sessions and now I am able to have Dr Rev Debbi Adams with me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year anytime I chose! Now to me that is powerful!!!...

I have even played Rev Debbi's Audios over the phone for my clients and they could immediately feel and appreciate the powerful, positive energy and transformational qualities of Dr Rev Debbi's Audio Sessions!!!...

As you can read, see and feel my deepest Appreciation, Respect and Gratitude for Dr Rev Debbi Adams, I AM Sure YOU will also be able to be able to enjoy and receive the powerful transformational healing energies for yourselves and your loved ones!!!.”

~ Rev. Gary Niki, D.PSc, Shamanic Samurai Medicine Man, Diplomat of Pastoral Science, NAMA Certified Anger Management Specialist-I, Practitioner of multiple modalities, Vocal Vibrational Toning, retired from Public Safety and National Disaster & Emergency Management.


“The first time I was introduced to you by Dr. Ritchie, you were called into my life in an emergency situation. My son Carson was bite by a deadly spider. The hospital and doctors were not helping the situation get better. And then you walked in to the room. At first I had no idea what to expect. The only thing I can remember was handing my son over to you and asking you to make this all better. I actually had the visual of that and it must have been in a different realm. I knew nothing about energy or shamans at this time.

You placed your hands on Carson and closed your eyes, and I saw this black spirit of some sort lift out of him like smoke. And the room got brighter. He was healed. I was forever changed after that day.

I had to know more, I felt as a mother I needed to know how to heal because I couldn't rely on western medicine anymore, I had lost trust and faith.

I then started to show up at your classes, and I found myself at your door a lot. I started to learn about metaphysical science and found I was good at something which is manifesting. And with your blessings and teachings our family business became very, very successful.

Your personal hypnosis mp3s have assisted me and my three children off the addiction of fast food. We won't even pull into a McDonald's parking lot.

I'm forever grateful for the support over the years you have provided, you assisted me transforming a breakdown into a breakthrough.

When literally every relationship in my life was broken, you answered my calls and helped me see my light even at times when I didn't see it in myself.”

Debbi and I prayed together for my husband’s addictions to be healed, and she taught me to trust and have faith and to believe the prayer will get answered. My husband’s addictions have been healed and I strongly believe it had to do with the healing prayer work Debbi initiated. Her prayers are other worldly and all encompassing. They heal.

My son Carson listened to Debbi's golf meditations before he goes to sleep and has won many tournaments since listening to her recordings. He too calls to makes appointments to visualize/pray with her before golf tournaments.

My son Zachary has personally called and had private life coaching sessions with Debbi and has earned a full tennis scholarship this year and I know it's because of the coaching. He also practices metaphysical science abundance sessions with Debbi and has started his own TEC Company at the age of 18.

My daughter has been healing her back issues with Debbi's CDs for healing. And my youngest daughter, , has been to several classes for shamanic and Reiki initiations. She uses her hands to heal. She also is a great manifester and positive person from Debbi's teachings.

Debbi has touched my life in too many ways to list, she truly is an earth angel in a human body. I've watched miracles take place and I've also experienced life-saving healings personally for myself and my loved ones as well. I highly, highly recommend Debbi for all issues, including assisting with energy healing for any health issues as well.

Your life will be blessed and transformed once you allow Debbi’s heart into your heart!”

~ Rev. Kimberly Valentine, Abundance Manifestor & Mentor, Fire Ceremony Facilitator

About Debbi Adams

About Debbi Adams

Dr. Rev. Debbi Adams is a gifted soul reader, divine healer, therapeutic medium, higher consciousness coach, and heart-centered teacher who will empower you to live to your highest potential. She has helped thousands of clients overcome physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychic, business, and human challenges. She has an intuitive ability to tune into and translate the wisdom of your soul. Her higher-consciousness sessions are filled with magical insight, quantum transformations, divine blessings, and sacred light transmissions and activations. You will feel like you’re talking to your angelic self, while being holistically transformed in pure love and higher cosmic attunement. Her clients experience new freedom and bliss.

She has been called a Lightworker, Earth Angel, Saint, Medicine Woman, Spiritual Midwife and enlightened by shamans, healers and her clients.

Debbi has also been called in missing persons’ cases, life and death passages, and to communicate with loved ones who have transitioned—including in difficult circumstances, such as murder. She has a doctorate of divinity, three ordinations and 20 healing certifications.

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