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Join us Live on The Transformation Show @ 8am AEDT on 10th March 2017
U.S. & GMT time: March 9th at 4pm EST / 3pm CST / 1pm PST/ 9pm GMT
2:30am IST (Indian Standard Time)

Durva and Gaylene will open up the phone lines and answer your questions. There will be a group clearing to remove the upset within and bonus energy activation gift MP3 link announced during the call


When you are in alignment with Yourself the Universe is aligned perfectly with You.

Colorful Life Chakra Program

12 Amazing & Powerful Chakras Representing
12 Beautiful Aspects of You


Experience the Elegant and Empowering Journey Aligning and Healing You



Created so you can feel an incredible amount of Love and Support to experience your life here and to manifest with happiness and Joy in your own unique expression.


This beautiful and complete program is to allow all aspects of You to live Harmony.


The MP3's are for a very powerful, yet gentle level of release of restrictions, limitations and upset that can now be replaced with a new sense of freedom.


A gift of Love and Support that will truly be felt on all levels.

It is like a dream... every day I wake a different person having released a part of me that was stuck in time –that was restricted… I cannot stop smiling. I feel lighter, getting up is easier.

These miracles started happening as soon as I started the 12 day program… I have spent a fortune on trying to feel better, to change and nothing could help me… I would not have believed it except that I experienced it. I do not have words that can express my gratitude. With so much love,


It is very interesting to discover that we have so many aspects of ourselves that we are not aware of. How do we operate and not even know ourselves?


This is partly due to the world and people around us constantly demanding our attention, as well as us having so many unresolved issues that we are left with a limited amount of attention and awareness to live our life with more happiness.


The chakra program is all about freeing up our attention so we can be more present, and the results of being more present mean we get to enjoy being ourselves. We can experience the bliss of being ourselves in our own life with unwanted restrictions and limitations removed and have much more free attention for manifesting.


This program it is not about scratching the surface – that would be a waste of our time – it is about having a powerful resource that works, and letting everyone experience a support of energy you may have never had before, but which is very much needed to accomplish an optimal level of change. The MP3's in this program have bwe in a flow of sequences – as we are shifting through a range of emotions, patterns and upset, 6 added layers of healing and a layer of music for our heart to enjoy and easy listening. I have made silent MP3's that match the bwe for the day – the difference in the MP3's being the layer of deletions relating to the chakra for that day.

Layer 1

Delete the Effects of Bullying

Deals with bullying issues and returns the energy back to the sender in a neutral state.

Layer 2

Chakra Clearing and Aligning

Clears negativity/upset from 12 aspects of ourselves - and makes letting go easier.

Layer 3

Chakra Healing Energy

Sends healing energy to the 12 aspects of ourselves to assist in clearing unseen effects from others on an energy (intention) level.

Layer 4

Body Strengthening

Strengthens every organ, system and structure in the body so you can know and feel its esteem and release it.

Layer 5

Healing Energy

The equivalent of a full body healing treatment to calm and support the physical body to feel safe and assured.

Layer 6

Deleting and aligning for each MP3

It aligns you to your own sense of power and empowerment.

Layer 7

The bwe has a flow of specific bwe tracks per MP3

Releases the different effects of upset as it comes up in relation to the issue - so the old feelings and attitudes flow through, instead of being stuck.

Layer 8

Music has been added to each track

Allows the heart to connect through, feeling uplifted.

The multiple layers in each track are to allow you to feel an extreme amount of support, which is required to create the optimal change for you - safely, effectively and quickly.

(Warning: Please note brainwave entrainment should not be used if you are prone to fits or seizures)

If you are new to using this type of program using brainwave entrainment, please only use one MP3 daily and keep the volume at a comfortable level. Please stop using if any discomfort occurs.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

I commence this program at the solar plexus, as I found starting her supports the lower chakras more easily.


Today’s MP3 is for The Solar Plexus. I start at the solar plexus first, as it allows change in the higher chakras and as they begin to clear, the lower aspects of ourselves are supported to change as well.


The solar plexus is where we initially consider our decisions – when we are in decision mode our awareness naturally goes to that area.


Upsets come from not being allowed to make decisions in our life. If we have had our decision-making put down in any way, and if we have interpreted a decision as a failure and not known how to make a clear assessment, or to make a correction which leads to enjoying and being confident with decision-making and the outcome from that decision.


A lot of anxiety can also be felt in this center if you didn’t experience being supported or helped to have solutions in life and/or were forced into making decisions too early in life that you had no preparation for.


Thoughts, feeling or words that show up with blocks at this center can be:


“I don’t know!”, “I don’t want to!”, “Who cares?”, “Leave me alone!”, “I hate you!”, “I hate me!”, exhaustion, resentment, “You are breaking my back!” or “Get off my back!”, expressed in attitude or words.


This mp3 is to assist you to feel balanced and centered so you can be comfortable with your decisions.


There is a silent MP3 for looping in the background while doing activities and or sleeping.

The Heart Chakra

This chakra is about feeling love for you!


When manifesting at this center we create a charge to attach to our decided manifestation – this energy propels the manifestation into creation.


It is based on how the thought of the manifestation makes us feel and it is well worth looking at the quality of the feeling we are producing here.


Upsets here can come from feeling strongly attacked by the emotional upset of others, causing you to feel unsupported and unsafe, which made your heart center weak and love for yourself may not have been strong enough for you to stay present.


Thoughts, feeling or words associated with blocks at this center can show up as:


Despondency – “I was never good enough”, self-hate, self-blame, shock – traumatized from experiences, resentfulness, revenge for self, sadness, grief – feeling my life is over, feeling you have been left in the past, “Leave me alone!”, weakness, loss of confidence, lack of presence, terror, dizziness, nausea, feeling despised or despising self, judgement from others or judging self.


This MP3 is to assist you to feel your love for You!


There is a silent MP3 for looping in the background while doing activities and or sleeping.

The Throat Chakra

This chakra is about how we express ourselves and what is behind that expression, which propels that type of expression.


For manifesting we go to the throat chakra for agreement of our thought of the creation.


Upset here can come from feeling judged, condemned, criticized, shocked, traumatized and let down.


Thoughts, feeling or words associated with blocks at this center can show up as:


Disdain, dislike, feeling crushed or wanting to crush – deciding “I am not letting anyone get away with it”, revenge, “I don’t forgive”, “I will get even”, vengeance – “I will destroy you” (talking to self), shock, sadness, crying, feeling kept down, a need to be quiet to keep safe, a misunderstanding that acting dead is surviving, waiting for permission to live, anger at self for not being able to support self, grief affecting the heart.


This MP3 is to support you to listen to and be consciously in agreement with what it is that you want to manifest and to release judgement.


There is a silent MP3 for looping in the background while doing activities and or sleeping.

The Third Eye Chakra

This is the center for psychic perception and ESP. This is where we create the necessary picture and add it to the feeling from the heart for the manifestation.


Are we going to take the time to do this? Do we have the patience? Or are we controlled by anxiety or impatience? Does the external world have so much of our attention that we do not even pause to make the picture in our mind's eye?


Upset caused here can come from being dominated by outside sources wanting you to live under their control.


Thoughts, feeling or words associated with blocks at this center may show up as:


Terror, shock, going blank, loss of identity – feeling like you don’t exist, not able to grasp what is being said, sometimes not being able to understand simple things, feeling stuck mentally, being too impatient to plan properly, a need to be safe, terror to new ideas.


This mp3 is to assist in creating a sense of awareness to enjoy the process of manifesting.


There is a silent MP3 for looping in the background while doing activities and/or sleeping.

The Crown Chakra

This is where we feel our sense of connectedness in our ability to create and to feel supported by the universe -
feeling you belong here.


How strong is your connection to this aspect of yourself?


The crown chakra is where we feel into the possibility of creating our manifestation.


Do we think we have to wait for god or a fairy godmother? – remembering you are a soul – yes, I am repeating that, or do we know it is simply a part of who we are – to manifest and naturally be supported and feel guided by this aspect of ourselves?


Upset here can be caused by outside sources wanting to take our power away so we live under their control.


Thoughts, feeling or words associated with blocks at this center may show up as:


Nervousness – sensing there is something to be afraid of or something bad is about to happen, nervous habits such as nail biting, finger or foot tapping, “How do I do it?”, “How am I meant to?”, feeling nervous as you are not sure what is expected, sullen moods, destructive behavior, a feeling that the power keeps being taken away, being easily bored, easily annoyed.


This MP3 is to assist in creating a sense of “I know I can”.


There is a silent MP3 for looping in the background while doing activities and or sleeping.

The 2nd Crown Chakra
(2 inches above the crown)

Do you trust your place in the universe? You are here for you! This experience is about you!


In regards to manifesting – do you really want the outcome you have decided on? Are you prepared to show up for it? Not just dream it and keep it in a plane of fantasy! Do you have the skills it takes? Are you willing to learn? Are you getting real about it? See if you are really willing to put in what it takes to create what you are choosing (which can be the fun of it – of going beyond your old limits – and enjoying it!).


Upset here can be caused by outside sources wanting to keep you down and suppress your power and success.


Thoughts, feeling or words associated with blocks at this center may show up as:


“I don’t know”, “I can’t remember” – a sense of vagueness, “What if I am... too old, it's too late, it's too hard, it's too easy, I am too pretty, too not pretty, too fat, too skinny, too slow, too fast?”, etc., unhappy, sad – you have the doldrums, you may appear gentle and soft but really feel furious and angry underneath, fear of setting yourself up to be humiliated, “Get away from me!”, “It’s your fault!” – blaming, “They don’t love me enough”… really getting to “I don’t love me enough”.


This MP3 is to assist you to feel - “Yes, I can if I choose”.


There is a silent MP3 for looping in the background while doing activities and or sleeping.

The 3rd Crown Chakra
(2 inches above the second crown chakra)

This is the aspect of us that lets it be known to the universe that we are ready to claim and own our success.


Do you feel comfortable to stand in your own power knowing you create your life? Do you feel secure in that? Do you know how to be immune to outer destruction? Do you know how to not be sabotaged by others who employ the 'too good/not good enough' technique or by wanting to keep you down in some way?


This is a necessary learning along the way and as uncomfortable and/or dangerous as it may have once been to support yourself it becomes much easier when you have a purpose – and continually keep your attention on the feeling and picture you have in your mind's eye. You may have to frequently pick yourself up and dust yourself off instead of getting stuck in powerless upset – and choose an MP3 to assist in releasing the old fears, terrors and upset.


Upset here can come from outside sources wanting to dominate you.


Thoughts, feeling or words associated with blocks at this center may show up as:


Bitterness, twisted feelings, frustration, spite, agitation, resistance, tension, meanness, hurt coming from suppressed feelings caused by others imposing their will on you such as, “We will tell you who you are and what you can do!”. You may also experience at this center a sense of grief, loss, loneliness, feeling alone, feeling things are hopeless.


This MP3 is to bring you to knowing you determine who you will be.


There is a silent MP3 for looping in the background while doing activities and or sleeping.

The 4th Crown Chakra
(2 inches above the third crown)

This is how we feel about bringing our manifestation into the world... and how we really feel about it coming to fruition... are we able to let go of the injustices of the past?


This comes from the terror, fear and humiliation of being blamed, punished or of getting into trouble.


Thoughts, feeling or words associated with blocks at this center may show up as:


“I hate people”, “People hate me”, “I am not deserving”, “People are not deserving”, “I am good”, “They are bad”, “I am bad”, “They are good” – there may be many contradictions. “I don’t know what to do”, “How do I change?” “What do I do?”, “I am stuck”, “I can’t get out of it”, “The world is to blame”, “I am to blame”, “Life sucks!”.


This MP3 is to assist you to feel you are your authority and to increase your resistance to other people’s behavior.


There is a silent MP3 for looping in the background while doing activities and or sleeping.

The Sacral Chakra

This is about your sense of self and how you feel about you.


This has been based on the opinions and treatments of others toward you during your life which may have caused you to think you are something other than you are. Just to sharing my viewpoint on that, “You are a unique expression of a beautiful, powerful, intelligent, loving and empowered being”.


In regards to manifesting – here you assess if you feel strong enough to be able to live with the manifestation. Is it congruent to how you feel about yourself?


Upset here is caused by being crushed by other people's opinions and the enforcement of their expectations of you on you – dominance – bullying.


Thoughts, feeling or words associated with blocks at this center may show up as:


Feeling weak, unable to look up, too inner focused, feeling absent from the world, stuck, looking down to cover your upset, pretending to be happy and lively, having a need to get other people back, resentment, revenge – which may create erratic behaviors and exhaustion.


This MP3 assists you to feel present - connected to your self.


There is a silent MP3 for looping in the background while doing activities and or sleeping.

The Base Chakra

This is the aspect that when healthy and balanced allows you to enjoy being in your body, supporting and giving you confidence by allowing your intuitive aspect to feel safe.


In regard to manifesting it is where you can feel if you are able to handle the effect of the manifestation and its effect on the body. Will it be life enhancing or make you ill?


Upset here comes from earlier experiences of you or your manifestations – being ridiculed, crushed, put down, destroyed.


Thoughts, feeling or words associated with blocks at this center may show up as:


Feelings of heaviness, feeling unwell, toxic, bloated, sad, not wanting to try, feelings of giving up. This comes from earlier experiences and/or current from times when your manifestations or you had been being ridiculed, crushed, put down and destroyed.


This MP3 will assist you in feeling back on track.


There is a silent MP3 for looping in the background while doing activities and or sleeping.

The 2nd Base Chakra
(ground level)

This chakra deals with self-preservation and the ability to protect your manifestations.


Upset here is caused by people who, coming into your energy field, try to manipulate you in some way with their intention/decision to take what you have, be it your sense of self and/or possessions. They are setting you up to feel powerless.


Thoughts, feeling or words associated with blocks at this center may show up as:


Confusion, feeling disoriented, crazy, over-emotional – if you do not see the game, disbelief – “This can’t be happening to me!”, “They wouldn’t do this!”, denial, shock, weakness, energy distortions – anger, fury, rage.


This MP3 is to assist in bringing back your sense of calm, balance and authority in your life.


There is a silent MP3 for looping in the background while doing activities and or sleeping

The 3rd Base Chakra
(4 inches down from ground level)

This aspect of you assesses what it is that will be next on your agenda, which pattern will be replayed, what challenges will it bring up for you, what is it you will create next from your list of goals?


Here it is felt if you are congruent with your choice of manifestation – is it aligned with who you are being, in your thoughts, your viewpoint of you, your expression and your behaviors?


Upset here can come from living with distortion, lies, misunderstandings and misinformation.


Thoughts, feeling or words associated with blocks at this center may show up as:


Distorted states of revenge for yourself – self-hate, entity type feelings , entities, destructive patterns, resistance to change – “I will never change!”, “No-one beats me!”, “I will destroy me so nobody else can!”, “Nobody tells me what to do!”, “It’s only me”, “I am not worth it”.


This MP3 assists you to be true to yourself.


There is a silent MP3 for looping in the background while doing activities and or sleeping.

Package A

12 60min MP3's with brainwave entrainment, energy work and music +
12 60min MP3's silent for looping in the background

Value $1200
Only $97

Package B

All of Package A +
45min recorded session with Gaylene with deletions and healing

Value $1300
Only $167






You are truly a wizard. I want to thank you for the precious 12 day journey you escorted me safely as a guide and companion through more than one lifetime of experience and home to myself, to a trust I have not experienced for a long time.

In our class we all went together and each of us had our own discoveries and healings in mind, body, spirit and beyond. It is so gratifying to be with a guide who is honest, who is not in denial, and who has clarity about the "human condition" as well as my own true unique being that so exceeds the limited playground that I had come to experience as "my life".

Unafraid to recognize excruciating patterns and conditions, you are so wise and unwavering in your handling of them, knowing always that the beautiful truth is here waiting to be seen. And you shared your work, giving me tools to work with forever.

I had been praying for a means to work with someone and some knowledge that could help me become whole again and this program came into my life. I feel so much more peace in my life, with myself, with my family. They are more cheerful and easy going to be around, as am I. I feel less afraid that love is fickle--that includes divine love--and more confident in the return of my intuition as my guide and friend.

These are miracles, this is divine magic. Beauty is again real.

The mp3s you provided for supporting and furthering each day's work will be with me always and I will be using them again and again. You don't leave us unsupported while you restore us to our feet and our way.

Big heartfelt love and thanks Gaylene. I want to say, "I'll miss you!" but then, you're always here in the gifts you've given.


I have worked with Gaylene since August 2015. Her work is tops, if you are interested in being free, more powerful and to know who you are. The last series of classes Gaylene did, Dynamic Chakra Empowerment: 12 days Clearing & Alignments Journey, in March 2016, was superb. I now find with myself with clarity as to some of my Lifelong challenges. The clearings we have done with Gaylene have shown me the roots of certain patterns I have had in my life. I am now going through a rapid Reality shift into greater joy and prosperity. Aha, such Relief to be clear. I am finding, with the junk gone from my Chakras that life is so much easier, my relationships are richer and most importantly I am loving myself more.

Jay O Wilder

What a beautiful experience it was to be part of Gaylene’s 12-day Dynamic Chakra Empowerment program! I experienced amazing clearings of non-beneficial energies, painful experiences, and limiting patterns, in addition to balancing and aligning of my inner energy that enhanced the flow. After each session, the energy not only integrated for the particular chakra but also laid the groundwork for the next chakra.

Part of my personal power that was stolen without my knowledge was returned back to me. Family-imposed energy was removed, so I am moving forward freely. An aspect of my inner child that I was previously unaware of received much needed unconditional love and is healed. My energy remains contained even during stressful situations and events that used to be extremely draining.

I connect and integrate with my soul more expansively. Messages, dreams, and visions are much clearer. It is incredible how much more aware and empowered I became in 12 days. I am so grateful.


I had been going through a really challenging issue it feels all of my life, I have done a lot of clearing on myself and had many healings on this but I still hadn't been able to shift this particular issue and felt frustrated and powerless. Thank you Gaylene you have been amazing, in one session you were able to help me by seeing the issue clearly and cleared my fear around the issue, you have given me techniques and understanding that have helped me to feel confident and empowered! I am so grateful

Marissa, Gold Coast

I worked with Gaylene’s energy transmission – I started with 6 employees, three months later I had 30 employees and 3 months after that I sold what had only months back previously been a collapsing business for a great profit. I recommend Gaylene’s “energy transmission work” for all situations – be they traumatic, crazy or anything when you think you have no solution.

Amanda, NSW

Gaylene used her energy work for my business – I straight away had clients come and more continued to come. We have a successful business and have never looked back from day one. Thank you.

Pete, Old

Gaylene, I just wanted to thank you for the extra time you took with me today. Even though it was past midnight your time, you spent the extra time with me and I never felt rushed. In fact I only felt cared for and supported. You helped me feel calmness, peace and love and reminded me I am these things too. With much gratitude and love to you. Thank you, thanks you, and thank you for using your gifts to assist others. Thank you also for the beautiful and loving MP3 🙂 Infinite blessings


Gaylene Popovski's intuitive gift is off the chart! She instantly identified the limiting patterns in my field as if she had known me for years. She helped me shift energetically so that I could use my empathic abilities the same way. I used to feel constantly drained and had to spend half of my life in recovery mode. Right after the session, she had unlocked so much of my own energy that I felt the urge to jump on my home bike, and could even work in the garden for two more hours.

We did not talk about my overweight and still, crazy cravings for comfort food had faded away! As an art therapist, I also could feel that I could infuse more grace and softness in my dancing. Some kind of armor I subconsciously kept around me had melted. I finally felt at home in my own body.

I felt immediately the difference while interacting with friends stuck in negative loops. I could use my art therapy skills to level the energy up without feeling drained at all. It felt like Gaylene enabled me to really implement all the work I already had done on boundaries. That was huge for me.

In the same session, Gaylene also helped me solve an inner conflict I had for years between my rational side and my intuitive side. I started allowing myself to enjoy the amazing life I have created for myself, instead of feeling constantly the urge to help others who were not on the same path and often took advantage of my kindness.

Gaylene helped me embrace all the skills I have already developed, and gave me the inspiration for an intuitive tool that was really fine-tuned for me ; I started implementing it right away with success and feel so excited about refining that process in my work with teenagers. I'm so grateful for Gaylene. The session felt like harvesting all the inner work I have done. She connected the dots 🙂

Sylvie M., Teacher and Art Therapist

Gaylene, thank you so much!!! I feel like you have resuscitated me!! I must have been like a walking dead!! I have played the mp3 a couple of times already and the vibes are still flowing. I can’t wait to see what unfolds, but that felt like a miracle happened! I appreciate what you said about drinking alcohol, however I might have a couple of glasses of wine tonight as it has been my brother’s and a friends birthday is tomorrow. I really feel that I am embodying myself for the first time in many lifetimes. I have lived in many planets, stars and Universes but this little planet and Universe has felt like the toughest to get through!! I think it’s the emotional aspect of the human being that is difficult to disconnect from at times. Thank you so much for taking it through to the end. I look forward to living again!! Love, blessings and gratitude xx

Gaylene, my friend needed a master healer like you. Thank you for saving his life with one session. Thank you!!!!!


It surprised me as the transmissions work so quickly. I had found it hard to be here. I didn’t really realize how much being sexually and physically abused had destroyed me. I was so used to feeling heavy and numb. I began using the mp3’s and straight away began to feel lighter. I am waking up interested to see what the day holds. I don’t know where I have been but I am feeling like I am back in a gentle way and my support is at my fingertips.

Forever Grateful

Gaylene has an impressive and rare gift of accurately and quickly identifying weaknesses and solutions to any issue. She is easy to talk to and has a positive spirit and unfailing devotion to energy solutions for clients. She is an excellent, dedicated teacher and mentor. Rarely in my life have I met someone who stretches my perception of my life, and Gaylene can, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you may be in your journey. I believe she has exceptional insights to rapidly transform your life for the better. She can detect your problem, delete it from your field and create a better outcome for you before you finish your first question.

Sharie, USA

I had my session with Gaylene Popovski on Wednesday night (UK time). It has been truly life changing for me. I had a number of issues that used to push my buttons and cause me so much stress. One was in relation to a move to another country last year. I was only there for 9 months as at the time it felt like the worst 9 months of my life. I regretted moving there, and would tell people it was the worst decision I had ever made. I kept buying packages and having sessions with healers to try and clear it and yet nothing worked. Gaylene worked on it for maybe 5 minutes, and it has completely gone. It feels so unreal that I keep thinking of it just to check that it has fully cleared. And it really has, I get no reaction to it all. I actually just feel like laughing all the time. Which seems to be a common theme among those of us that have had sessions with Gaylene. The other issue she cleared was around my brother and mother using me as their personal dumping ground. I spoke to my brother yesterday and he was so different to how he used to be with me. It was a short phone call, normally they can be 30 mins, and it's normally full of him complaining and saying he doesn't know what to do. This time he just said what had happened to him that day, and what he planned to do about it, and thanks for listening to him. In addition he thought he had called the wrong number, as he said "when you answered it didn't even sound like you". Sorry for the essay but I think it was worth telling others how great Gaylene is. I have been posting that other packages I have bought haven't resulted in much change. I know I have found the package that was the right one for me. I would suggest that for anyone that hasn't had much success with other healers, to try Gaylene. If you experience half of the changes that I have I know you will be thrilled.

Lisa Muhlholzl

Thank you ! You're amazing. Now I know why everyone was ranting and raving about you 🙂

Love, Gaitree

Wow, a Money Miracle! Gaylene helped me reframe what I consciously and subconsciously believed “being nice” was during one of her classes on a Friday afternoon. Following Monday morning, I received notification of full payment from an extremely manipulative and abusive borrower. The payment arrived in a week, and the check was cleared! It was completely unexpected. I never thought such money miracles would happen to me with ease. I was in awe. Now, I confidently open and receive.


If something inside you has switched to 'on' and you know this is the lifetime to clear out the garbage Gaylene can help you. Gaylene has saved my life ( from suicide ) and is helping me save my soul. 16 consecutive lifetimes of sexual abuse, so many entities, layers and layers of destruction and trauma and misinformation. Gaylene has helped me clear this, and we are going for the lot. I listen to her Yes You Can! and Chakra mp3s continuously as they strip away, rip away, strip away and insights reveal themselves for the next layer to clear. I think even Gaylene has been shocked by this journey but her brilliance, epic healing and love is seeing me through. Male or female, if you are serious - on a mission - she will be there for you too.


Exclusive Gift for The Transformation Show Community!


More Than A Bubble Bath Effect Bwe, Energywork and Music MP3

Package A

12 60min MP3's with brainwave entrainment, energy work and music +
12 60min MP3's silent for looping in the background

Value $1200
Only $97

Package B

All of Package A +
45min recorded session with Gaylene with deletions and healing

Value $1300
Only $167





About Gaylene

Hado Water Instructor, Optimal Life Practitioner, Avatar Wizard, Yuen Method Mastery Practitioner, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Theta Teacher/Practitioner, Ad.Crystal Healer, NLP Master Practitioner, Dream Time Healer, Masc (Ad.P.Th)

Colorful Life Chakra Program is a result of my life's research, study and experience. Understanding that powerful changes are taking place as we become co-creators and creators of the world and being aware of the need for assistance and quick dissolving of the old world ways has been a catalyst for me to create a program that could bring more love, harmony and empowerment into our lives with effectiveness and ease.

With much love to everyone on this journey we call life.



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