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Topic: Lets Lighten up and Release Weight Creating Emotions

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US & Europe: 20th september 2018 at 5PM Eastern/4PM Central/
2PM Pacific/9PM GMT
AU & NZ: 21th september 2018 at 7AM AEST/9 AM NZST/
2.30 AM IST (Indian Standard Time)


  • Experience powerful releases to allow you to shift emotions affecting body weight
  • Learn why trying too hard lets you down and causes you to give up
  • Weight and Food cover so many hidden issues - we will explore them throughout the call
  • We will be clearing heavy feelings from thinking you are not ehough!

Lets Lighten up and Release Weight Creating Emotions

Lighten up...……..time to let go of emotions and stress creating weight issues in our bodies!

Are you feeling bad and blaming yourself ?

Have you give up feeling good about your body?

Had enough of feeling like nothing works?

If "YES", you are the right place. Get Ready to experience  the power you have to make instant change by increasing awareness.

Get ready to find out the issues causing weight to stay on...….and to experience immediate shifts as we begin to clear emotional upsets.

Lets start clearing so you can understand it isn't your fault and neither can we blame food and get ready for some education to explain why weight loss has been such a challenge.

Are you ready to show up for you so you can really change the old way of being and start to release weight?

This will be an easy and enlightening way to experience releases with immediate shifts. Remove your thought about weight, which is only about food! What if we say clearing pain and upset that create a heavy bodies will leads to weight loss.

Come and experience sessions with Gaylene to clear specific issues and experience immediate shifts. Gaylene amazing gift of insight fullness allows for optimal change with ease!


The Special Offer price INCLUDES OUR 20$ LESS

which applies to all who buy the package during the LIVE Call and
for upto 24 hours after the call, until the timer hits zero!

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Package A

After 1 on 1 session from Gaylene you will be receiving Clarity, sense of peace, sense of ease within the body, greater sense of empowerment and the freedom to be yourself and enjoy that now the issue has been resolved.

  • 1 x 30 minute recorded session

Package A
**Discount : 53%**
Total Package Value 
From The Transformation Show
Special Offer

Package B

  • 3 x 30 minute recorded session

Package B
**Discount : 58%**
Total Package Value 
From The Transformation Show
Special Offer

Exclusive Free Gift

Your Beautiful Being BWE Energy Work & Music

This MP3 is for releasing the experience of a stressful  day or event to bring you back to a peaceful sense of self. Recommended to play at a low volume with or without earphones.

The Special Offer price INCLUDES OUR 20$ LESS

which applies to all who buy the package during the LIVE Call and
for upto 24 hours after the call, until the timer hits zero!

Need Help? Write to: [email protected]


Gaylene gifted me a session and we worked on releasing repressed traumas and patterns of self sabotage, we went really deep and after some deep clearings, I released so much of the mental emotional garbage from the subconscious, I feel a whole new level of freedom in my being after my session with Gaylene.. 

Durva Gandhi Author Secrets of the Art Millionaires, Host The Transformation Show Global TeleSummit


Thank you so much for today.

You have a gift to see into the heart of people, and call out the ELEGANCE and POWER that they know is within them, but haven't felt permission to act on YET. You are a permission-granter. You are a gatekeeper who says, "I know this is who you think you are, but trust me, you are far grander than you could ever ask or imagine." If you had a tagline it would be, "Don't be afraid of your greatness."

I believe you permanently healed my soul agreement to anticipate disappointment if I fully step into my power.. and only in the first 10 minutes! You permissioned me to stand up in my own power, and not back down to the fears, agendas, and control that is projected on us from childhood. I would encourage anyone who is seeking clarity, permission or guidance about how to fully embody their truest self (their personal heaven) to connect with you for a 45 minute session. If they are like me, they will end the call with their jaw dropped to the floor, wondering why they hadn't met you sooner. 

You are a blessing.

Jackie, USA Award-winning filmmaker and author of "Lucky Me, Lucky You" How to improve your luck in life

Gaylene has an impressive and rare gift of accurately and quickly identifying weaknesses and solutions to any issue. She is easy to talk to and has a positive spirit and unfailing devotion to energy solutions for clients. She is an excellent, dedicated teacher and mentor. Rarely in my life have I met someone who stretches my perception of my life, and Gaylene can, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you may be in your journey. I believe she has exceptional insights to rapidly transform your life for the better. She can detect your problem, delete it from your field and create a better outcome for you before you finish your first question.

Sharie, USA

Gaylene Popovski's intuitive gift is off the chart ! She instantly identified the limiting patterns in my field as if she had known me for years. She helped me shift energetically so that I could use my empathic abilities the same way. I used to feel constantly drained and had to spend half of my life in recovery mode. Right after the session, she had unlocked so much of my own energy that I felt the urge to jump on my home bike, and could even work in the garden for two more hours.

We did not talk about my overweight and still, crazy cravings for comfort food had faded away ! As an art therapist, I also could feel that I could infuse more grace and softness in my dancing. Some kind of armor I subconsciously kept around me had melted. I finally felt at home in my own body.

I felt immediately the difference while interacting with friends stuck in negative loops. I could use my art therapy skills to level the energy up without feeling drained at all. It felt like Gaylene enabled me to really implement all the work I already had done on boundaries. That was huge for me.

In the same session, Gaylene also helped me solve an inner conflict I had for years between my rational side and my intuitive side. I started allowing myself to enjoy the amazing life I have created for myself, instead of feeling constantly the urge to help others who were not on the same path and often took advantage of my kindness.
Gaylene helped me embrace all the skills I have already developped, and gave me the inspiration for an intuitive tool that was really fine-tuned for me ; I started implementing it right away with success and feel so excited about refining that process in my work with teenagers. I'm so grateful for Gaylene. The session felt like harvesting all the inner work I have done. She connected the dots 🙂

Sylvie M. Teacher and Art Therapist

I had been going through a really challenging issue it feels all of my life, I have done a lot of clearing on myself and had many healings on this but I still hadn't been able to shift this particular issue and felt frustrated and powerless. Thank you Gaylene you have been amazing, in one session you were able to help me by seeing the issue clearly and cleared my fear around the issue , you have given me techniques and understanding that have helped me to feel confident and empowered! I am so grateful

Marrisa Gold Coast

You are truly a catalyst for freedom.


Lavone, USA

About Gaylene Popovski

Hado Water Instructor, VT AD TFT, Avatar Wizard,
Yuen Method Mastery Practitioner, Meridian Psychotherapist,
Celtic, Karma & Usui Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, MASC (Ad.P.Th)

My name is Gaylene Popovski, my research and learning over the last 30 years has been to find the most intelligent way to release pain, suffering and resistance that we experience in our lives. I have found 3 powerful techniques combined with my own research and ability which I apply to effectively dissolve trauma, phobias, anxieties, depression, irrational upset and pain allowing the client to experience a state of ease.

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