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Topic: Manifest A Magical Life Of Love, Prosperity, And Health!

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Do you resonate with any of these feelings and thoughts?

  • There is so much about me that I would never be able to change even if I wanted to
  • I have lived through pains and trauma that would always be there.
  • I am afraid of baring my innermost thoughts to others because I might scare them away
  • I have to put in a lot of effort with people to earn their love.
  • I will never be good enough.
  • My dreams are bigger than me.

If you can resonate with any of these statements then this call is for you.
JOIN US with Jennifer Elizabeth Masters, as she is offering you an opportunity to manifest a real magical life of love, prosperity, and health, an opportunity that will make you feel like you are living through an out body of experience. She is giving you a chance to rise above all the hurt, pain and suffering from your past.

Yes! You can experience the joy and abundance she does every day.

Jennifer Elizebeth Masters is a certified Transformational Life and Sex Coach, Bestselling author, Energy Healer, Mystic, and Alchemist. She is the Soul Sculptor who breaks the mold and clears the destructive patterns and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. She has experienced amazing responses of success from her clients. She digs into your past to know the root of your problems.

Through her sessions, she has created personal relationships with her clients whose lives were in total disarray. She has helped them get back their confidence and will to live. She has worked with many people who were suicidal and they are living happy productive lives by working with her.

Are you ready to live a happy, prosperous fulfilled life?



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Manifesting a magical life of love, prosperity and health is course that has been proven to help others like you:

  • Fall madly in love with yourself
  • Discover what you want and what you do not want from the universe
  • Quickly raise your vibration to attract all your desires
  • Live in a state of love every day
  • Teach you the right things to say in order to get what you want
  • Recognize and eliminate limiting beliefs and programs that block spiritual acceleration and manifestation
  • Jennifer clears blocks and limiting beliefs from the root

Why Should I Take This Great Opportunity?

A sense of hopeless and feeling lost can impede your ability to feel happiness and joy.

Emotions can get the best of us and create drama in our life that we do not need when we do not love ourselves completely our relationships are marked with struggle and nothing in our life seems to work.

But imagine waking up one morning feeling hopeful and energetic once again! Regaining your confidence, happiness, strength and having a reason to appreciate the beauty of every breath is possible! Jennifer did it and she can show you how.

With her wealth of experience, she has been privileged to work with doctors, healers, therapists and people like Wayne Dyer. It doesn’t matter what you are going through. She will help you eliminate anxiety and depression so you feel joy.

In each of these sessions, you will gain new strength and confidence as you learn to love yourself. With each layer that dissolves depression, anxiety and suffering will fall away. Chaos and drama will no longer be a part of your life.
Instead, inner peace becomes your daily companion.

When you follow the directions in this simple guide you can witness the
Rapid changes occur in your life.

Package A

The material in this course is what flowed to me when Jennifer began her
healing journey. Everything she shares in this program are practices
that she did and continue to do on a daily basis.
When you follow the recipe exactly as it is stated wondrous events occur!

  • Session 1 # Changing your perspective
  • Falling in Love MP4 - Video
  • Week 1: Intention is The Key - Pdf
  • Session 2 # Forgive the past
  • Family of Origin Core Issues MP4 - Video
  • Week 2: Family of Origin - Pdf
  • Session 3 # Discover your repeating patterns
  • Relationship Matrix MP4 - Video
  • Week 3: Relationship Matrix - Pdf
  • Session 4 # Attract love
  • Attracting Your Divine Partner (Getting Crystal Clear) MP4 - Video
  • Week 4: My List of 100 Criteria I want In My Divine Partner - Pdf
  • Session 5 # Quieting the mind
  • Spiritual Practice MP4 - Video
  • Week 5: Feeding Your Soul - Spiritual Practice - Pdf
  • Session 6 # Feed your soul
  • Soul Purpose MP4 - Video
  • Week 6: Your Soul’s Purpose - Pdf
  • Session 7 # Let go
  • Healing Modalities MP4 - Video
  • Week 7: Healing On Your Own - Pdf
  • Session 8 # Pulling all that you have learned all together
  • Putting It All Together MP4 - Video
  • Week 7: Putting It All Together - Pdf
  • Anxiety, Worry and Fear Clearing MP3 55:21
  • Bonus 1: Divine Presence Process Meditation MP4
  • Bonus 2: Past Life Clearing With The Ascended Masters Podcast MP3
  • Bonus 3: Happiness Jumpstart Course(3 MP3s)

Session 1: Changing your perspective

Week One is all about falling in love with YOU! When we love ourselves everything shifts in our world. Follow the recipe exactly, just like making brownies, if you leave one part out like the eggs we don’t get brownies! Jennifer will help you change your perspective with a soft focus and eliminate self-sabotage. Permission to step into your radiant magnetic self, granted!

  • Let go of the negative attitude that affects your self-esteem
  • Change your perspective and see value in what you have
  • Believe that you were created for a purpose
  • Fall in love with you
  • Relinquish the harsh task-master thoughts and soften your gaze so that you hold yourself in high regard and respect
  • Begin to validate yourself rather than look for it elswhere

Session 2: Forgive the past

Week Two uncovers our core issues from childhood. Most of the issues we are dealing with today come from childhood and past lives. One of the bonuses is a past life clearing.

Discover how to let go of the past limitations. Forgiveness allows you to let go of the past trauma recognizing what it gave you instead. When we release the past creates a vacuum for abundant blessings to flow. She will help you achieve this by.

  • Helping you forget your painful experiences
  • Help you understand that letting go helps you get better things in future
  • Help you be happy again by loving yourself
  • Shifting your perspective about the past
  • Letting go of victim hood
  • Recognizing the gifts

Session 3: Discover your repeating patterns

Week Three is where we dive deep into past relationships, lovingly! You will discover your patterns and why you did what you did. It is a profound and eye-opening experience if you follow the steps and do it as it is taught. Remember the brownies? You don’t want to have runny brownies, do you? You want the brownies to be perfect and delicious! Follow the recipe.

We understand that relationships tend to have repeating incidents. Let me help you discover your repeating patterns in relationships so that something and someone even better have room to show up.

  • Recognizing your relationship patterns helps you to move forward positively.
  • See yourself and patterns from the place of a witness Rise above your old relationships
  • So that you can create healthy boundaries instead
  • You’ll find compassion for yourself and past partners
  • Letting go of old resentment and blame

Session 4: Attract love

Week Four is a very fun week! Don’t skip the first three weeks in an attempt to do this worksheet first. Each week builds upon the one before. Yes, if you finish early you may go onto the next pdf and video. Watch the videos because you will glean extra information from watching and hearing Jennifer's voice.

The universe always delivers something even better than we ever imagine, but we have to get crystal clear on the details first. With his proven formula that attracts love fast, you will have everything you need to attract the best possible partner for you quickly.

  • Get laser focused on what you want in your divine partner
  • Discover the outer parameters of what you won’t tolerate
  • Once you know the highs and lows the clarity is delivered
  • Perform a ritual to attract your mate

Session 5: Quieting the mind

In Week Five we work through daily spiritual practices. Without daily spiritual practice, there is nothing to keep you on track, grounded able to meet the day with a positive attitude except our thoughts. When we have daily practices we are supported by our guides, God and The Universe which we need as we want to be in communion with those on the unseen levels that have gone before as they will help us when we ask.

Spiritual practice brings peace of mind. When we perform our spiritual practice consistently the results expand exponentially. I will give you the tips, tools, and technology to quiet your mind with spiritual practice connecting to Source energy.

  • You will get aligned with your soul
  • Learn to raise your vibration with daily practices
  • Each practice builds upon the one before allowing you to calm the mind, soothe your soul and tap into your personal spiritual center easily
  • I will be giving you step by step instructions through this stage

Session 6:  Feed your soul

Week Six is a very exciting experience. If you have had questions about what your soul purpose is the homework and video will help you discover what it is in a powerful yet subtle way. Listen to what I have to say about wanting to be a veterinarian.

Feed your soul so that you feel connected, fulfilled and in alignment. When we are connected to source, we manifest quickly and effortlessly.You will get aligned with your soul

Session 7 : Let go

Week Seven teaches you about self-healing. You may already have some techniques, but you probably don’t have all of these. Please do the processes the way Jennifer teaches them to experience what she did - Awakening. She includes The Divine Presence Process Meditation below so that you can have the experience she did. Using this meditation daily she awakened completely in 2012!

Jennifer will help you learn to release, let go and forgive your own, her four step by step processes will allow you to self heal.

  • You will find out how conflict shows up and learn how to release anger and emotions in the right way
  • We give magical healing tips and tools to help you transform challenging emotions
  • Quick and simple methods of shifting challenging relationships without a conversation

Session 8 : Pulling all that you have learned all together

Week Eight combines everything you have learned with manifestation techniques so that you too can Manifest A Magical Life of Health, Wealth and Happiness!

Finally Jennifer helps you implement all that you have learned together to live in synchronicity, and a state of flow. Within these eight sessions, she will help you learn how to use mantras effectively to get peace of mind and hear your inner guidance. You can get this special offer right now In two different Packages no matter how little your budget is.

Anxiety, Worry and Fear Clearing MP3 55:21

This powerful audio will relax and ground you allowing you to sleep like a hibernating bear. This clearing is done through The Akashic Records. Just having your Akashic Records opened is healing in itself. In fact, each time your Akashic Records are opened you receive a healing. Listening repeatedly will continue to lift layer after layer of old negative energy. You will feel lighter, protected, loved and safe.

Bonus #1 - Divine Presence Process Meditation MP4

Bonus#2  - Past Life Clearing With The Ascended Masters Phobias And Allergies MP3

This powerful audio clears past lives which in turn can clear up health issues such as allergies, sinus infections and other health issues.

Bonus#3 Happiness Jump start (3 MP3s)

Happiness Jump start Part 1 How To Be Happy MP3

In part one, not only do you get your blocks to happiness and self-sabotage cleared you get a clearly defined loving path to begin to be happy on a daily basis. There are things to do and behavior we need to STOP doing in order to be happy every day.

Happiness Jump start Part 2 All In MP3

If you have ever had a relationship where you had one foot in and the other running the other way, this audio is for you. We have to be committed to ourselves first to be able to commit to anyone else. This audio brings awareness to what is blocking you from living your highest and best every day as well as your commitment and gets it cleared.

Happiness Jump Start Part 3 Flow State MP3

All athletes and artists know what it means to be in the flow state where we are inspired and Universal energy (Grace or FLOW STATE) flows through you. It is a wondrous feeling that many attempts to recreate. she explain how to do it as well. Yes, another energy clearing will lighten your vibration so that you can complete this three-hour course with JOY in your heart!

Bonus#4 Trust for Manifesting pdf

The Trust Bonus is imperative which is why I included it. Without the ability to trust your Inner Authority you won’t trust God, or anyone else including your intuition either.

Everything is different. I can't even begin to tell you how different life is for me now. I have more energy than I know what to do with. There is an absolute abundance of love, joy, and creativity flowing through my life. On the surface, I am just a normal lady about to enter my 50's living by myself, just renting a flat and teaching in a school. Inside, I now connect with energy and I simply love life ~ I truly do! I am forever indebted to you or enabling the biggest and most scary shift of my life. You help my hand and restored my trust. I love you deeply and hope we can meet one day. Let me know if you plan to visit the UK. I will move mountains to be there!

~ Dominique Connant, UK


The Total Value of Package A is $ 800

**Discount : 88%** OFF

On The Transformation Show only,

This SPECIAL OFFER is available for only


Package B

In this package you will receive:

  • Receive everything in package A
  • 4 LIVE Group Calls (Including a powerful energy clearing session as well as Q & A LIVE) and a lifetime access to the recorded version (Dec 22nd, 29th, Jan 5 & Jan 12th)
  • Group call 1: Finding LOVE within: Healing The Past Letting Go of Trauma on Dec 22nd
  • Group call 2: Forgiving The Past Reclaiming YOUon Dec 29th
  • Group call 3: Letting Go of Regret, Guilt, and Shame on Jan 5th
  • Group call 4: Manifesting What You Desireon Jan 12th
  • Auric Repair Energy Clearing MP3
  • Financial Clearing - Mp3

Auric Repair Energy Clearing MP3

This audio, you will allow you to feel safe, lighter with more clarity and peace of mind. Your auric field will be repaired, holes, rips and tears cleared and closed. You may experience a deep state of relaxation and sleep better following listening.

Financial Clearing MP3

This program clears your money story including everything that you have had issues with…. Debts, unworthiness, or doubt, giving up your dreams due to lack of money. If you have felt you couldn’t have money because you are spiritual. Whether your issues were multi-generational or from past relationships we will clear the energy related to this. You will be given a profound tool to manifest easily The Pattern of Creation!


The Total Value of Package B is $ 2,497

**Discount : 91%** OFF

On The Transformation Show only,

This SPECIAL OFFER is available for only


Jennifer has been such an amazing person and she has truly changed my life!

I met her in January when I was going thru a very hard time of my life. Almost immediately after meeting her and following her guidance my whole life changed. She has helped me manifest things in my life that I never even thought would be possible. She helped me sell my house and find a new house in less than a month! 

She has helped with sales and closing deals at work! I called Jennifer because I wasn’t closing deals and in one hour I had a list of things to say and a profound clearing of blockages. The very next morning I got to work early and had my first sale by 7:30 AM! In two days I closed $70,000 worth of business because of Jennifer’s clearing and coaching! 

She's helped me with my own emotional issues and got my husband and I back to a healthy and loving marriage. I noticed such a huge difference in my life that I had her meet with my daughter, mother and even grandma! She has cleared the energy in our new home and prepared the way for so much fun, excitement and love in our life. So many people tell me when they come over that our home has such a good vibe and they feel so warm and happy when they are over and don't want to leave! There's so much more that words can not even express. Thank you Jennifer for all you have done for me and my family you truly are a gem!

Michelle Amiri, Los Angeles

Exclusive Free Gift

Manifesting Made Easy MP3

Just like it sounds this audio gives you the Secrets to manifesting in the moment
whatever you desire. Listen as often as you wish and follow the recipe for the best results.
Do not listen while driving a car.



The Special Offer price INCLUDES OUR 20$ LESS

which applies to all who buy the package during the LIVE Call
and for upto 24 hours after the call, until the timer hits zero!


Payment Plans Available at Checkout & you can write to
[email protected] to know more about the payment plan.


Jennifer helped me find love when an arranged marriage was looming on the horizon. Her energy clearings resolved past life issues with my mother-in-law to be which allowed our marriage to go on as planned.

~ Dr. Falak Shaik

I was in a desperate mindset when I found Jennifer. She has been an enormous help to me. I am now a better person, free from the emotional and anger blocks I had since childhood.

~Collin S. San Fransisco, CA

"In my experience with the prayer, I had a very cool meeting with my Angelic team along with ArchAngel Michael. It was here that I saw my angel aspect. Merging with this angel energy, as it came back through my physical body was incredible. I felt amazing all day

Carolyn A Jones, The Energy Architect™ 

I feel like I've known Jennifer forever. The fact is we've actually only "met" one time on a Zoom call. From the moment I first talked to her I felt like I was talking to the friend I've never had. I've been feeling my whole life that no-one knows the real me., but in minutes Jennifer has seen the real me for who I am, and it made it possible for me to see myself from a different and m.ore Divine perspective

~ Hilde A. Oslo

Jennifer helped me to become unstuck, claim my voice back, overcome fears and allow love in my life after twenty-five years.

~ Dr. Helen Trimble

I was having severe depression, sleeping 18-20 hours a day. Things were getting worse for me daily and I began to have suicidal thoughts. I was tired of feeling so bad and at the time didn't see a way out. My whole world was crashing in on top of me.  

I reached out to Jennifer in desperation, she immediately began clearing me. So many things were showing up and my energy level was at 5%. She worked with me for at least an hour.  I immediately felt the veil of despair lifted and no longer had suicidal thoughts, my depression was gone. It was amazing!!! My sleeping habits became normal again and my energy level, well I couldn't believe how good I felt. It's been over 2 weeks since my clearing and I still feeling great!!!  

I would definitely recommend Jennifer to anyone and know that her energy work will change their life too. I do hope people will seek her help before they get to the point I was at. But I can honestly say Jennifer saved my life.  

Jennifer listens and takes action. Her unconditional love and compassion come through and she has a very calming effect when you are in your darkest places.  

Thank you Jennifer Elizabeth Masters!!!

~Starr West Perry, Cleveland, GA

I have been working with Jennifer for years...and she is amazing. She has helped me to become 'unstuck' and has helped me to claim back my voice and to make many positive changes in my life. I have learned to overcome my fears and to allow love in my life. After 17 years without love I am now in a loving relationship that I had given up on. Jennifer made my dreams a reality! I am so thankful to Jennifer for everything she has done to help transform me. Jennifer is truly a dream maker.

Dr. Helen Trimble

Whoever embarks on the journey of true self-discovery needs courage, resolve and...some real help. Jennifer was just the person to do that. She totally gets the challenges because she has lived it. Her wisdom, strength, and intuition were key to helping me through a divorce, a move and a new business. Happening all at the same time of course. The best part. The results were almost immediate. I am used to the talk therapy that takes at least 2 years with minimum results. I was able to find my perfect home with minimal stress and kick-start an award-winning business, In a month! If someone could just bottle up what she has and give it to every mental health professional, the world would be a better place! Don't wait. She's just simply an amazing person with a gift that works.

Alice B. La Crescenta, CA

I have been following Jennifer and working with her on and off for a few years including her courses, private coaching, group calls and clearings. My most recent experience was a one-on-one clearing session. I went into the session without an agenda or expectations. Jennifer used her gifts, skills and talents to clear out patterns from past lives that have been halting my own personal growth and holding me back from reaching my personal health goals. I was amazed to discover how items from my past lives may be throwing obstacles and stumbling blocks into this life. The changes in my attitude, appetite and self-sabotage have been incredible. She also brought up a troubled relationship and offered guidance on how I may change my approach to change the outcome. So far, so good! Jennifer is incredibly gifted! I would highly recommend working with her. For best outcomes, let HER gifts guide the session to heal the highest priorities for your overall well-being.

Katie B, Orlando FL

Jennifer is a wonderful healer, counselor and mentor! Her kindness and compassion is apparent in all of her work, from personal readings to clearings to advice. I recommend her to everyone I know because of the work we've done together! She has helped me overcome past traumas and work toward loving myself for who I am. Her blog posts and newsletters always brighten my day and guide me toward being a happier, healthier, better version of myself. She has shown me that being grateful for the things I have and asking for assistance when I need it is the key to success in both my business and my professional life. I would absolutely recommend Jennifer to anyone who is suffering from past pain - whether it's emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. She's done the work herself, so she truly understands and works only from a place of absolute love!

Meredith Loos

 After a few years of loss and trauma I worked with Jennifer to clear my negative energy so I could start fresh. Jennifer is a caring, highly intuitive, compassionate healer with a vast array of healing modalities. She was able to sense where I was blocked and offer the correct prescription to clear my energy so I could have the relationship I desired. I'm happy to say I have been happily dating an extraordinary man for 7 months and we continue to get better and grow stronger every day. Relationships are not her only area of expertise, she helped me release the guilt, shame and blame over the death of my daughter which has helped me live with more joy and happiness.

Adell H

Jennifer has brought my vibrational level far above what it was due to a fall. Immediate improvement in calm and clarity, back to earlier functioning I thought I'd never regain! Very positive affirmations to help me help myself back to a place of ease and happiness. I helped someone else with her easy to follow methodologies the next day with immediate results. Very caring and responsive, supportive of my growth. Loving and accurate care. Very high loving, gentle energy of God flows through her. Amazing concussion relief. Very talented, grace-filled healer. Feel very blessed to have found her! Thanks, Miss Jennifer and Miss Judy! Amen.

Solara E, Santa Clarita, CA

I've been working with Jennifer on a weekly basis since May of this year. I sought Jennifer out to have her teach me how to love myself. Little did I know her talents were far beyond just teaching me how to love myself. I had just gotten out of a relationship that week that had me in tears on a daily basis. Jennifer offered to clear my energy. I didn't know what that meant and was a little skeptical until less than an hour after she cleared me I suddenly didn't feel the need to cry anymore and the next day I even felt a sense of renewal. I never shed a tear for that man again. Jennifer also taught me how to manifest love...out of the blue I met the most amazing man that I have been dating over the past 3-4 months now. I am so thankful for him and for her. She has taught me how to start loving myself and in that it has made me into a much better partner. She has so much to offer to others. I am happier than I've ever been and feel so fortunate to have Jennifer's help, guidance, and love. I can't help but wonder where I would be at right now if I hadn't taken that step to reach out to her.

- Amy R, Porland OR

About Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Jennifer is a Soul Sculptor who breaks the mold. For over a decade Jennifer has empowered thousands of women to overcome trauma, find love, passion and happiness in their lives and relationships helping them heal co-dependency, addictions, depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, fears and suffering. Some of her clients have been, movie producers, famous spiritual leaders and authors. Wayne Dyer was not only a client but also a friend.

Overcoming her own trauma has allowed Jennifer great compassion and understanding for others who struggle with issues around love, money and feeling lost. Jennifer healed herself of an auto-immune disease, tumors, breast cancer, depression, anxiety, Fibromyalgia, co-dependency and financial issues.

Jennifer is the healers healer. She is a modern day Mystic, an International Best-Selling author, Channel, love and happiness coach, Hypnotherapist, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, reads the Akashic Records is a Master Energy Healer, ordained minister and mother of three spiritually grounded awake adults.

Jennifer’s personal healing journey has taken her all around the world from the UK, Europe, India, Bali and across the United States and Canada. From Master Gardener; owning her own landscape design business, For Heaven Scapes, Ltd. for eleven years shifting to a thriving healing practice full-time Jennifer is as flexible as she is authentic. She is a fearless woman who radiates compassion with an ability to laugh at herself that sets her clients at ease. Manifesting a magical life, for herself and clients she helps women and men live their dream life, attract love and manifest wealth.

What her clients like best about her is that she listens without judgment, is completely present and is highly tuned into the Divine and Universal which profoundly assists her get to the root of your issue quickly.

Jennifer has authored over 1,200 articles, 3 books, Happy Anywhere! The Guide For Overcoming Anxiety, Depression and Unhappiness, is due this summer.


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