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The Transformation Show presents 

JIMMY MACK’s Special Offer Accelerating the Speed of Change with My Liquid Fish

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JIMMY MACK’s Special Offer Accelerating the Speed of Change with My Liquid Fish

Is This You

Learning and working with the My Liquid Fish® Change made simple® technique will allow you to:

  • Discover the quickest, least expensive form of energetic healing that can create profound changes in every aspect of your life.
  • Get a clear answer on whether your energetic frequency is vibrating at a YES or a NO when testing out a specific statement of belief and then CHANGE it to a positive one.
  • You'll have the ability to change beliefs and shift the energy and see and FEEL the changes as they happen.
  • Use My Liquid Fish® to work on yourself or others... distance, time and space are irrelevant and it will not matter.
  • Co-create with Spirit as they move in, around and through you to create profound and mystical changes in your life.

What Are the Keys?

Jimmy Mack is introducing a My Liquid Fish® Change made simple® a technological method to heal mind, body, spirit, people, places, pets and situations.

People want a technique that works FAST and can see RESULTS and can be done any time, on any issue and doesn't require years of studying or long hours of meditation etc.  It's not just for clearing, it's for creation as well.


Reaching 5D Transformational Life Changes Faster

Energetic Clearings with My Liquid Fish® Change made simple®

The items available in this special offer will teach you the same healing technique given to Jimmy by Spirit after his near death experience (NDE), which he was then asked to bring out into the world. This simple technique, called My Liquid Fish®, allows each of us to create fast and profound energetic changes in people, places, things, pets, and situations.

After he was first gifted this technique, he kept it to himself and quietly tested it while working with hundreds of clients over the phone, Skype and in person throughout an entire year before speaking about it.  He was unsure of the magnitude of power which he’d been given until the increased results became undeniable and often miraculous.  He believed then that there was a true purpose for having been given this gift and that the sheer simplicity of it was what made it so unique and usable for all.

This special offer was put together to help you reach 5D life transformational changes faster in body, mind, spirit, people, places, things, pets and situations. It includes the My Liquid Fish® Change made simple® online starter kit and also “Spiritual Healing Techniques: Essential Methods for Creating a Healthier Life an ebook & audiobook which not only explains My Liquid Fish® and “the power of three”, but shares tips on using pendulums, dowsing rods, doing surrogate sessions for others plus the key fishing “plug-ins” that can create the most profound changes.

Additionally there are two(2) specially recorded MyBeliefworks™ audios to get you into energetic alignment with Universal Abundance and Moving Forward with Inspiration.

You’ll be amazed by the deep clearings that you’ll receive on many levels just by listening to these audios; including DNA, Core, Past Life History, Soul, named & un-named, known & unknown, parallel dimensions/universes & other worlds.

The audios are easy to download & play on your mobile device and listening to them will shift you into a frequency where you’ll be able to accept abundance in all forms - to know, when, where, how and why to feel more abundant and in the frequency to co-create more and move forward and make progress every day!

In Package B, Jimmy is also including the opportunity for The Transformation Show community to have private session time with him one-on-one so you can address YOUR specific personal challenges and he’s including a full 7 days of his My Daily Prayer service where you can submit a list of people and pets you’d like to receive prayers for 7 days. These prayers delete out the negative and increase the strength of the positive creating a higher probability of outcomes for you and your family.


The Special Offer price INCLUDES OUR 20$ LESS

which applies to all who buy the package during the LIVE Call
and for upto 24 hours after the call, until the timer hits zero!


Package A

In this package you will receive:

My Liquid Fish® Online Starter Kit (Valued at $80)

Spiritual Healing Techniques eBook & Audio Book (Valued at $62)

MyBeliefWorks™ for Being in Divine Flow with Universal Abundance
(Valued at $87)

MyBeliefWorks™ for Moving Forward with Inspiration to Make Progress Every Day (Valued at $87)


The Total Value of Package A is $316

**Discount : $199 OFF**

On The Transformation Show only,

This SPECIAL OFFER is available for only




Package B

In this package you will receive:

Everything from Package A

A 15-Min Private Session with Jimmy Mack (Valued at $75)

7 Days of My Daily Prayer Service (Valued at $99)


The Total Value of Package B is $490

**Discount : $263 OFF**

On The Transformation Show only,

This SPECIAL OFFER is available for only





The Special Offer price INCLUDES OUR 20$ LESS

which applies to all who buy the package during the LIVE Call
and for upto 24 hours after the call, until the timer hits zero!



"When you worked with me on the phone - and it was only for about 10 min and ​it was amazing... I swear, the rest of the day I was on fire!  When you were doing (the fishing work) with me it was so FAST! I haven't felt that good in a very long time. I was blown away and I'm not impressed easily, but I was deeply impressed."​

- Mike P. / New York

"Dear Jimmy, I want to thank you again for our session today.  I was surprised to get to talk with you so soon.  You must work 48 hours a day! Also thank you for sending the supplement list.  I have ordered the four items you suggested. You gave me so much information and help in releasing my anxiety and digestive issues.  I also have not seen Abby licking herself since we talked.  How mystical and magical!  I will continue to "fish" and, of course, check to see if I get a Yes or No before changing anything.  I am looking forward to working at a stress-free and healthier, happier life. You are truly a blessing to humanity!"

- Carol M. / Wisconsin

"I have had neck/back issues for several years that has prevented me from (well being OCD) about cleaning or exercising etc.. I mean I do it but with limitations.. but just 1 session (that was way long over due & much needed) & I woke the next day, hit the ground running forward non stop for 3 straight days & all being pain free.

Not only did I clean without pain I was able to join my husband at the gym & do not just cardio but some strength training as well. I cannot thank you enough for what you do not only for me but the rest of your clients as well!! If you're in need of a natural healer he is the man."

- Angelia Ortiz (posted on Facebook)

“I have had an eye opening experience in learning My Liquid Fish!  My challenges were career, relationships and finances like most everybody!  In the couple of sessions I have had, it is amazing how things that were blocking my success have been removed.  Within the first 2 weeks I have had 2 job opportunities cross my path and a new love interest.  I can say that I am a believer and have been using it on negative situations almost daily!  My Liquid Fish has opened up my world to have the life I want and deserve!  Thank you Jimmy for sharing this!”

– T.G. / Nevada

"Jimmy is a gift! Expect miracles and quick results.  After a phone call with him,  you may not even feel the call did much but right away you will start to see the changes.  I've worked with Jimmy for a few years, and he has brought my life into balance if I'm 'off', and does it quickly.  I recently opened a salon and had major employee drama. I worked with Jimmy to release the drama, resistance and toxic people.  Within a week of two, 15 minute calls, I had a quick turnover of toxic employees and went from being the babysitter/boss to getting a new group of employees that I can leave in charge.   My situation went from all consuming to freedom.  Jimmy's energy is so powerful!   Don't be fooled by his easy going and soothing friendliness.  He works that powerful magic in a very subtle way.  He's talking and joking with you while fishing the blocks out.  You hang up the phone and feel relief but then major change happens quickly.  Spending even 15 minutes with Jimmy fishing the blocks and resistance out of your life, will be worth the time and money.   He packs amazing value into each phone call. Jimmy is an angel and thank God I found him!"

- Laura A. / Chicago

Jimmy Mack

Jimmy-Mack-headshotJimmy Mack

Jimmy Mack is a renowned medical intuitive and spiritual life coach who has taken,
completed and even mastered a variety of healing modalities. After a near death
experience, he was divinely shown and then developed a simpler way to create healing and profound transformational changes now known as My Liquid Fish® Change made simple®. He is the author of 9 books, over 20 energetic clearing and healing audio MP3’s on a variety of self-improvement topics, offers a Mastery & Practitioner Certification Program and hosts a weekly Blog Talk Radio show called The Jimmy Mack Healing Show. He works worldwide with clients in person, on the phone and over Skype accessing energetic powers and co-creating changes that they you actually feel.

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