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Welcome to "THE HEALING ROOM" with Marlenea

This amazing package is for you Healers, light workers, speakers, hosts, empaths, practictioners, coaches, teachers, leaders, Entrepreneurs, business owners, Famous, stars, the elite, up coming billionaires, and all of you beautiful beings on the planet ready to expand and accelerate up into the infinite, unlimited Divine Universal Realm of living.

Entering the Healing Room with me is the ultimate most powerful energetic vortex you'll ever experience!

Have you ever had a continuous flow of energy clearings, infusions, transmissions and upgrades that totally rocked your world? Get ready.


You'll be protected, cleared, balanced, aligned for greatness, be validated, elevated, super magnetic, empowered, charged up, energized, invigorated, revived, feeling like you were born again!

Are you serious about seeing drastic results? Real solutions? If yes, I must warm you the outcome is irreversible!

Where you have been struggling, financially-it ends now!
Having problems attracting clients? Finding your mojo? Unsure if you are good enough? Been passed over, rejected? Feel like you've tried everything and nothing has changed? Or are you ready to step out and start being the authentic you?
Mabey starting a business, practice, becoming a speaker, teacher, healer, or host?

Are you generating the income you desire and deserve right now? If not, why not step into The Healing Room right now. Where the final results will be life changing. And I'll hear you saying, "Lack? What's that?

Package A
In this package you will receive:

  • Track 1: Protective Boundary Activation clearing your Personal Sacred Space 10:35 mins
  • Track 2: Deep Aura Cleanse "Pristine Condition"
  • Track 3: Perfect Balance Bringing Harmony to Your Energy Body 17mins
  • Track 4: My Cup Runneth Over 30 mins.
  • Track 5: A cup of Bliss 40 mins
  • Track 6: No more attachments 33:33 mins
  • Track 7: Validation Activation: 13:28
  • Track 8: Business Success 11mins

Track 1:
Protective Boundary Activation clearing your Personal Sacred Space 10:35 mins

Over time, with more practice, setting healthy, protective boundaries will become more natural. “Boundaries show you treasure your life as your own best friend.” Use this in your daily routine to keep your personal energy space clear.

Track 2:
Deep Aura Cleanse "Pristine Condition"

Cleanse Your Aura Of Negative Energy. Your aura is an energy field radiating from your head and body. Your aura can be thought of as containing a projection of your physical self but in a non-physical form. The aura can also contain any part of the non-physical you; your emotions, thoughts, and spirit.

Our auras can also harbor the energies of unwanted thought forms (such as negative self-images and negative self-talk) and unprocessed emotions. Drugs (prescribed or not) and even food can also taint the aura.

Any of these foreign energies can make our energy field less balanced, and can cause blockages to the natural flow of energy in our field.
When our auras are harboring unwanted energies, we may feel tired, down, unbalanced, depressed, anxious, "not quite ourselves," or even ill. We can clear our fields through various aura cleansing techniques.
Doing an aura cleansing should make us feel more vibrant, clearer, happier, more balanced--more "ourselves."

Track 3:
Perfect Balance Bringing Harmony to Your Energy Body 17mins

Perfect Balance Bringing Harmony to Your Energy Body

It is best to lay down and receive this transmission for 17 mins.

There are 7 main energy centers in the body, known as chakras. Each chakra is located throughout our body so that it correlates to specific body ailment and physical dysfunctions; each energy center also houses our mental and emotional strengths. ... The clearing of the energy can also balance our emotional state of mind.

Track 4:
My Cup Runneth Over 30 mins.

During this Guided Meditation you will need to grab a coffee mug, fill it with water and grab a spoon. Together we will be emptying our cups of all negative emotions, thoughts, feelings, removing toxins and chemicals, traumas and shocks.

This is a Total Healing Process: After we have emptied our cups-I then do a entire Healing and rejuvenating intregration. The more you use this track the better you will be feeling. My intention is to have you in perfect health.

Track 5:
A cup of Bliss 40 mins

For use at bedtime: Very relaxing, soothing, meditation for your overall well being. Subliminal messages that amp up your vibration to higher states of consciousness. To be used nightly.

Track 6:
No more attachments 33:33 mins


Together we are removing ancient energy and all attachments. This may take some practice to quiet the mind. You'll feel the amazing difference the deeper we go into this meditation.

Track 7:
Validation Activation:  13:28

Guided Meditation and clearing all need to be validated by others. With my added Motivation and affirmations.

Track 8:
Business Success 11mins

I am Success affirmations and Activations. Using this daily will align you with your Divine Natural State of Success being. Your business will radiate at the right successful vibration. Ever increasing your flow. Cause the Universe to cooperate and see the Yes's manifesting!

Package A
*Your Savings - 95%*

Total Package Value 
From The Transformation Show
Special Offer

Package B

  • Track 1: Super Abundant 8:28
  • Track 2: Wealth Beyond Measure
  • Track 3: Solution Generator "PURE EMBODYMENT"
  • Track 4: Attraction Activation
  • Track 5: AMP IT UP!
  • Track 6: Happy Healthy Halo 20 mins.
  • Track 7: The Healing Room Video

Track 1:
Super Abundant  8:28


Guided Meditation Activates your Super Abundance Magnetic Field and amping it up, and turning it on!

Track 2:
Wealth Beyond Measure

Here's your Golden Key that unlocks the door to wealth beyond measure. Use this key wisely.

Track 3:
Solution Generator "PURE EMBODYMENT"

To every question there is an answer. Every problem has a Divine Solution. Let's accellerate the time it takes for you to receive the Solutions to your most pressing issues.

Track 4:
Attraction Activation

Elevation to the Vortex of Manifestation with ease.

Track 5:


Super Speed Activation
A 21 day Subconscious Mind Infusion to Activate your Financial Elevation Potential.

Track 6:
Happy Healthy Halo 20 mins.

This is a silent mp3. Running a cleansing frequency over your entire being. Illuminating your energy body, and auric field.

Track 7:
The Healing Room Video

The Healing Room

Come into the vortex of invigorating and rejuvenating energetic healing.

Bask in the peaceful state of Magical bliss with me for 41 minutes. This video was created with you in mind.

It's time to totally relax and receive all that Source has for you now.

You can use this process daily or as needed to clear any and all lower vibrations from your field.

I will be sending you high vibrational frequencies all throughout this video.

My suggestion is to lay down and just allow the full cleansing to take place.
It is invigorating!!!

May you receive an ever increasing joy on a Daily basis.

Magical Marlenea

Package B
*Your Savings - 92%*
Total Package Value 
From The Transformation Show
Special Offer

Package C

  • Receive a 30 Minute Session

Accelleration Activation

Come experience a total transformation activation with me. Simply relax and allow the process to integrate.

May you receive all your hearts desires amplified now!

Package C
*Your Savings - 95%*
Total Package Value 
From The Transformation Show
Special Offer


Need Help? Write to: [email protected]

Exclusive Free Gift

The Healing Room Removing Inner Conflict Free Gift

Come journey with me into The Healing Room.
Leaving all your old baggage behind. 
This process is my Free Gift to you today.
Get the full benefit of my Magical Work by investing in my 

Brand New Package. Allow yourself to experience an Acceleration Activation! You are worth it! You deserve it!

And Yes! You can have it!

Love and Miracles, 
Magical Marlenea


I would like to write a testimonial about my experience of working with Marlena Johnson.   I have been working for years, trying to shift my money blocks for such a very long time.  When I came across Marlena, she was a Special Guest Speaker on a manifesting course I was part of.  Marlena guided us through her '24kt Gold Magic Money Miracles Meditation'This meditation alone was so fantastic!!  I'm not a visual person & normally I find it challenging to follow along a Guided Meditation.  However, Marlena's  24kt Gold Guided Meditation was profoundly different & I loved every minute of it.  The guided journey was not only visually beautiful & Magical!  It was so easy for me to follow along with, and it was incredibly powerful, based on the Energy Shifts that have occurred for me since!Immediately after this 24kt Gold Money Miracles Meditation with Marlena, I noticed some incredible signs, that something had SHIFTED ENERGETICALLY   I opened my eyes after having them closed during the Money Miracles Process & noticed a very unusal colour coming into the room, so I pulled back the curtains & there was a brilliant rainbow with Golden streams of light behind it.  (It had been a very grey cloudy overcast day, so the light was such a bright contrast.)I felt very strongly that this Rainbow & the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow, was a sign that Transformation of my money blocks had occurred.  Not only did I experience this sign, but I felt that I had embodied Marlena's process.  Despite still having very little money to speak of, I felt much lighter & started noticing lots of little things opening up for me!  I may not have attracted my millions of dollars as yet, but I have indeed attracted some very unusual surprises. A complimentary coffee gifted to me (unexpectedly) then when I was buying my daughters birthday gift I was given an (unexpected) 50% off the price tag.  The next day as I was leaving our local supermarket, the cashier (unexpectedly) said 'oh congratulations diana, next time you shop here, you'll receive $20 off your total bill'.  Then the very next morning, I went to the atm to withdraw the last $20 cash I had left until payday and (unexpectedly) $80 mysteriously appeared   ??    All of these are little signs of an energy shift, a transformation of my money blocks, and it has all happened since that one powerful 24kt Gold Guided Meditation with Marlena.  I cannot wait to start using her beautiful MP3's.Marlena is clearly very Gifted, and what I really like about her, is as well as being quite Magical, she is also very down to earth, she offers practical tools & is incredibly generous with her gifts.  If she can shift my Money Blocks, she can do the same with yours! I highly recommend Marlena & genuinely look forward to working with her one on one to shift more of my un-conscious blocks, as well as using her beautiful, powerful MP3's.

- In Heartfelt Appreciation, Diana (Australia)

My experience in my Telesummit business was a never ending course of ups and downs. I was really about ready to just give up. I had sought out the help of many of my speakers and reached out privately taking course after course. I believe I invested over $30,000.00 if not more to be honest.

My sales and numbers were down which led me to begin weighing out my future. It was my dark night of the soul. As it was looking to me, I was being forced to make a decision. Source has a way of getting my attention. About this time, I was introduced to Marlenea. She came along like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.  I had a few sessions with her and Wow! is putting it mildly.  I immediately felt joy returning for my life's mission to serve the people and no longer wanted to give up. 1 of the powerful processes  she did for me was a life changer! She told me this was a Private Process only used for Telesummit Hosts that Source led her to activate it in their lives. My experience since has definitely shifted me to the next level and to much higher vibrational altitudes. I tell you this woman delivers! Marlenea, Thank you for being real. I am forever grateful for your ongoing service. My community needs me. Tears of joy flow down my cheeks as I write this. I'll keep my name private here, but not yours! Everyone let me share this amazing woman with you. When all seems hopeless, go to Marlenea

- Name witheld for privacy

How do I begin? I have listened to several calls where Marlenea was on. I saved up the money and bought her package. After a few days, I began noticing people were acting differently towards me. I got a free lunch at work from a coworker. My boss was smiling at me which was a switch. My spouse wanted to talk and help around the house. My entire mood changed. I felt good about myself. I guess when my vibration changed it switched in other people too. What a change in my life! Buying her package was my greatest investment in myself.

- Rita

I'd like to share my testimonial. I recently bought a package and session with you, Marlenea. I have to say, the results are incredible! I took action. I stopped complaining and moping around my home. I went out and applied for several new positions. My attitude had shifted now with a positive goal in mind. Within a few days, I received 3 job offers. This is the solution to the debt I had accumulated. I now see how Amazing you are. Thank you for doing the clearings and putting me back in my body. I am definitely back in my own power!

- Mary

About Marlenea Johnson

Magical Marlenea says it all. Against all odds she amazingly survived a very abusive childhood, which left her with severe anxiety attacks and depression. Many attempts were made against her life but her Angel stepped in and saved her! Gifted by Source, guided by her Angels since birth. She is able to speak directly to the Heavens and receive messages and channel them when guided to do so. On many occasions Angels have appeared to her physically, through dreams or taking on a human form then disappearing before her eyes. She has been carried up to Heaven and spoke with God. Some call her an Earth Angel with a very powerful gift.

Many Amazing Angelic stories she can tell about but she says Since being Sprinkled with Gold and Golden stars her life has drastically changed! She was cured of the anxiety and depression. Woke with the ability to speak miracles into existence. To date, Marlenea has assisted over 13,000 people from all over the world. Her mission is to reach as many people as Source creates. When working with Marlenea she will dive right in to the root of your issues and quickly delete them at the subconscious level. Using her Magical tools as directed by Source your life will transform so you can thrive! There are many beautiful testimonials that you can read at your leisure. Marlenea is one of the Worlds top healers and highly sought after by Global Summits, tv and radio shows. When you are blessed to have her enter your life, start Thanking the Heavens because she is the real deal. The answer to your heart's cry. Marlenea is an Angel in disguise.

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