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Become An Instant Luck Magnet with Rebirthing and Karma Clearing!


  • Are you dealing with bad luck karma?
  • What part of this did your mom, dad and ancestors pass on to you and your children?
  • Are you seeing certain negative patterns being played out in your life or the lives of your family members?
  • Are you living in fear that you will get a certain illness when you reach a certain age like everyone else has in your family?
  • Are you dealing with a family curse? This can effect every area in your life. Emotions, thoughts, actions, health, relationships, finances, realestate, business, job, just to name a few

Instant Luck Magnet Package

Would you be willing to make a decision right now and say,
"Enough's Enough!" Then be the one to actually take action and
do something that would benefit you and your entire family line?

Once you do a rebirthing process and face to face activation, you will be receiving the hidden information being brought to the light.
From there no matter what bad karma has been playing out in your life and family, you will the catalyist. You will be the one that stops it's evil cycle once and for all.
Each issue will be addressed individually and cleared until you see results!

You can expect a great change in each area that you clear using these karma clearing techniques.

For example:

  • You'll feel Empowered! KNOWLEDGEABLE-You will no longer fear getting some dreaded disease, or having to struggle through life.
  • That which was bad karma playing out, will end and the Good Luck Switch can be Instantly turned on
  • Plus I am going to join you in a 3 Day Instant Luck Retreat

Together we make an Amazing difference in our lives and the lives of others!

Many Magical Blessings,

Are you being called to heal your ancestral karma now?

Choose for yourself Make a Decision that will change your entire family lineage.

  • You must take a stand for yourself now and say, "Enough's Enough!"
  • Once you direct your thoughts into their proper perspective, your entire life will turn you toward the Power Source within and align you for Greatness and Success!

Are you longing for a change? You know this is not your issue.And you have questioned why it continues hanging out with you, stealing your very joy, your zest for life itself. Taking you down it's negative path again and again. You can see an evil pattern that runs through your family line. Has it sucked you into it's grips as well? Or are you afraid that it might?

The bad karma cycle ends with you, my friend. As long as you are willing to face it and all it's ugly fear, face to face. Are you willing to look deep into the Eyes of evil, see it for what it really is and feel it, embrase it, and allow it to be-the very powerful energy that causes you to awaken and become strong! Nothing changes Until we change!
Your family line has a unique story to tell. And as you can see, it is playing out daily in their lives and in yours. All the good, the bad, the beauty and it's ugliness, are all flowing freely, effortlessly, continuously, in search of more members willing to join it's cast.

What role are you playing? Think about it.
What role would you rather play? It is all a choice.
This decision must be made by you and you alone. Choose wisely.


Yes, I have decided to open my Spiritual Tool Box and gift you with this Amazing Healing AND Life Transforming Package. For a very limited group of elite beings.

The price is drastically reduced exclusively for you!

Magical Marlenea.


Package A

  • Your Rebirthing Process Video
  • Module 1 - Face to Face
  • Module 2 - Maintaining Your Luck
  • Lucky Bonus Module - Mantra Music to remove Bad Karma

Item 1 : Your Rebirthing Process Video

  • Take a deep journey back to your very creation. Into the new chosen womb.
  • Where your Rebirthing Team meets with you in your Amazing Bubble.
  • "Who you be" now....A Life Changing Process...You must engage in today!
  • Plus I'd like to gift you now from my heart. This precious 4-leaf clover I created is sending you a natural flow of Luck!

Item 2 : Module 1 - Face to Face

Going on a deep guided journey with yourself, your parents and ancestors. This meditation will answer some of your most pressing questions and bring about quick resolvement to the issues that plague you. Helping to shift the bad karma and turning it into Instant Luck for you.

Item 3 : Module 2 - Maintaining Your Luck

Receive the Power Boost that you require to maintain your Instant Luck. With this Lucky Magnet Module downloaded in you, there's no fear of going backwards. Each time you listen the energy increases it's magnitude.

Lucky You, I slashed the price! Grab it now and may you
receive INSTANT LUCK 3X "that's thrice!"

Lucky Bonus Module : Mantra Music to remove Bad Karma

Use this Bonus track daily or as desired to remove any and all Bad Karma Energy, in on or around you. You can keep the energy clear in your home, car, office, vacation spaces, and it's great to have on hand when company arrives and after they leave. Use your inner knowledge and listen to your guidance.

"Lucky You, I slashed the price! Grab it now and may you receive INSTANT LUCK 3X "that's thrice!"


Package A
**Save : 84%**
Total Package Value 
From The Transformation Show
Special Offer

Package B

Package A + 3 x Instant Luck Activations

  • Everything in Package A
  • Module 1: Finding Your Luck Line
  • Module 2: How to Activate Your Luck Line
  • Module 3: Become the Lucky One with Money
  • Module 4: Master Your Lucky Relationships
  • Module 5: Lucky and Loosed
  • Module 6: Breaking Unlucky Cycles
  • Module 7: Activating Your Lucky Star
  • Module 8: My INSTANT LUCK 888 Activation

Item 4
Module 1: Finding Your Luck Line

Guided Meditation->Process will have you standing directly on your Success and Luck Line in life. Your Intuition will come alive during our deep journey together.

Item 5
Module 2: How to Activate Your Luck Line

Once you have located your Success and Luck Line we can then powerfully activate it and become aligned with the Cosmic vibration of Your true value. Success and Luck is yours now!

Item 6:
Module 3: Become the Lucky One with Money

Whatever is blocking you, bad luck karma, family karma, cursed energy, entities, satan stops, fear, negative beliefs, oaths, vows, contracts, other people's attachments and entanglements will no longer matter.

Item 7:
Module 4: Master Your Lucky Relationships

One of the most powerful things you can do for yourself is to understand and Master your relationships. When you would love to see results in your wealth, and health do a deep check in as to how your relationships are.

What we clear here today, will have a dramatic impact in your life!

Item 8:
Module 5: Lucky and Loosed

This is where the Real Empowered You meets with reality. Let us deal head on with those dark shadows and secrets, and break loose from the heavy chains of family bondage once and for all.

Item 9
Module 6 : Breaking Unlucky Cycles

Allow me to activate Your Lucky Star! This is one of my Favorite Fun things to do. Playing with the Cosmic Energy and my Ability to Travel through space and time.

Once your Lucky Star is activated there's no telling what Magic will be Manifesting for you!

Item 10:
Module 7: Activating Your Lucky Star

Allow me to activate Your Lucky Star! This is one of my Favorite Fun things to do. Playing with the Cosmic Energy and my Ability to Travel through space and time.

Once your Lucky Star is activated there's no telling what Magic will be Manifesting for you!

Item 11:
Module 8: My INSTANT LUCK 888 Activation

Recorded Live Call on 8-8 at 8pm.
Runs 1 hr. 52:32
This call was so powerful people were testifying of the Miraculous!

May Instant Luck meet Your vibration now and forever.
Magical Marlenea


Package B
**Save : 85%**
Total Package Value 
From The Transformation Show
Special Offer

Package C

  • All in Package A & B
  • 1- 30 minute Instant Luck Activation

Item 12 : 1- 30 minute Instant Luck Activation

Plus if you'd like to go even deeper I have a VIP Session link. Where you can opt in to purchase 3, 5 or 10 personal sessions with me.
and save by bundling

With all of my love,


Package C
**Save : 86%**
Total Package Value 
From The Transformation Show
Special Offer

Exclusive Free Gift

Free and Clear - Mp3

Clearing out last years energy and activating the Year of the Dog vibration for you. Adding in my 24 K Gold Coins to add to your energy field. Allow it to absorb and transform your life.

Blessings of Instant Luck to you,
Magical Marlenea


Need Help? Write to: [email protected]


“My story has changed! I’d like to Thank you for assisting me with the drama and karma clearing you did for me during our recent session. I am a man that was always feeling less than everybody else. My family was very abusive and drank like fish. I was the oddball. I had a dream of being somebody. I was told you’re no good, you’ll never amount to nothing. And no matter what I did, those words kept haunting me. They stopped me from even believing in myself. Till the other day, all that changed! During our session, you did the Miraculous! Suddenly I am free! I feel absolutely incredible! I am smiling, singing, whistling. I am ready to jump into my today! This was the best session I’ve ever had! Incredible you are, Marlenea. Thank you”

- Christopher California

“Results, Amazing Results! I contacted you after listening to a call you were on. I bought your package BECAUSE People were being healed on the call and I, myself was set free from depression and great fear that day. When You spoke to me directly, I started to cry, it was my release of years of emotional pain. Within a few seconds I was actually laughing. And I am now dancing like you told me to do.  And Wow! That Blockage clearing Mp3 works! Each time I play it, I feel its power working and more and more is lifted right out of me! Share this with everyone. They need to know. Grateful,”

- Melissa

Wow! What can I say, I'm speechless here. You're Amazing! I bought so many packages trying to break free from years of endless pain and struggle. I would get a small hint of change only to end up back where I started. When I met you, my Earth Angel, Marlenea, you listened, you cared, you took the time to assist me into receiving what was mine and clearing the mess I accumulated and took on from my ancestors.  Yes, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU to anyone struggling to get free from whatever it is they are dealing with. Today is the first day of the rest of my life! I feel great! Thank you for clearing my bad karma, OMG!

- Steven

“Dear Magical Marlenea, I want to share some good news today! I have been suffering with coughing and having difficulty breathing since my husband passed 6 years ago. You were the only healer that knew the exact cause and within minutes of clearing the grief and all the layers underneath, I could actually take deep breaths! I was shocked to say the least. I started smiling again. A few days have gone by and I am still able to breathe freely!!! I must say, you were the answer to my prayers! Thank you for everything! Your packages are so powerful I believe everyone should use them and experience Amazing results like I have.”

- Glenda

“Thank you Magical Marlenea…. wow. Pain is gone. I am so grateful for being on call. I was in pain and about to take some pain medicine and after doing Marlenea’s 24K process, the pain vanished. I was not expecting the pain to be gone instantly. At another time, I was on a call Marlenea was working with someone who needed their AC fixed and she spoke about having the temperature of home to be at comfortable 70 degrees. I am happy to report that the temperature of my home stayed at a comfortable 70 degrees all summer and I did not have to get my AC fixed. I had a cool home right until I had to put my heat on. I also had a private session with Marlenea and it helped to release a lot of the old hooks and energies from my past to clear the way for a more prosperous future. I loved the way she related to my past and made me feel so supported. I would highly recommend to buy a package and sessions with Marlenea. She is a powerful, powerhouse, magical healer with such a loving, supportive spirit. I just love her beautiful energy.
Thanks for sharing your gift. ”

- Deanna from D.C.

I feel so good…

I did a lot of workshops training drugs yoga Activations Reiki meditation and so on in my life… What I’ve experienced after being part of your telesummit 8/8/8 is amazing.

And it sure feels like it’s not stopping, like the old beliefs that are gone, are truly forever gone. I feel so much joy and no holding back for things I want to do in my life now. I’m truly enjoying every single second of my day.

I feel amazing, and I am amazing and shining my light throughout the day to all living creatures I meet. Nothing else has ever had such impact and taken away the beliefs and other stuff standing between me and my goals.
I guess the angels are with me all day long..

Thank you so much..

- Jeffrey Donze

I purchased this package right after New Year's and it has done wonders for me!!! I have received 50% off discounts left and right, and I even manifested a free cut and color at an upscale salon just a few weeks ago!! I was a redhead, now I'm a brunette, with GOLD highlights that just appeared when the stylist was blow drying it!! She didn't do any highlights with the color!! Coincidence??? No way...24k Gold Magic y'all!!! 😇🤣

- Rochelle Lopez

I have to from my package manifest the gold shower Marlene; after you wrote me I manifested $1200 for the storage. Now I have online animated ads for: fitness trainers, realtors, plumbers and accountants.  Setting it up to get clients like yesterday already.  Prayers welcome welcome as breaking through glass ceilng.  Hooray    Save the Day  Hooray Hooray !

- Liz S.

OMG! Is all I can say. I finally succeeded in starting up my business!!! Marlenea, you are definitely for real. I do not know exactly what you cleared out of me that had me stuck and in fear of my future, but it caused me to take action. I now have a website and actual buyers for my art! I am looking forward to waking up everyday now! Wow! What a shift. Thank you 1 million times over!

- Jules from London

I would like to write a testimonial about my experience of working with Marlena Johnson.   I have been working for years, trying to shift my money blocks for such a very long time.  When I came across Marlena, she was a Special Guest Speaker on a manifesting course I was part of.  Marlena guided us through her '24kt Gold Magic Money Miracles Meditation'This meditation alone was so fantastic!!  I'm not a visual person & normally I find it challenging to follow along a Guided Meditation.  However, Marlena's  24kt Gold Guided Meditation was profoundly different & I loved every minute of it.  The guided journey was not only visually beautiful & Magical!  It was so easy for me to follow along with, and it was incredibly powerful, based on the Energy Shifts that have occurred for me since!Immediately after this 24kt Gold Money Miracles Meditation with Marlena, I noticed some incredible signs, that something had SHIFTED ENERGETICALLY   I opened my eyes after having them closed during the Money Miracles Process & noticed a very unusal colour coming into the room, so I pulled back the curtains & there was a brilliant rainbow with Golden streams of light behind it.  (It had been a very grey cloudy overcast day, so the light was such a bright contrast.)I felt very strongly that this Rainbow & the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow, was a sign that Transformation of my money blocks had occurred.  Not only did I experience this sign, but I felt that I had embodied Marlena's process.  Despite still having very little money to speak of, I felt much lighter & started noticing lots of little things opening up for me!  I may not have attracted my millions of dollars as yet, but I have indeed attracted some very unusual surprises. A complimentary coffee gifted to me (unexpectedly) then when I was buying my daughters birthday gift I was given an (unexpected) 50% off the price tag.  The next day as I was leaving our local supermarket, the cashier (unexpectedly) said 'oh congratulations diana, next time you shop here, you'll receive $20 off your total bill'.  Then the very next morning, I went to the atm to withdraw the last $20 cash I had left until payday and (unexpectedly) $80 mysteriously appeared   ??    All of these are little signs of an energy shift, a transformation of my money blocks, and it has all happened since that one powerful 24kt Gold Guided Meditation with Marlena.  I cannot wait to start using her beautiful MP3's.Marlena is clearly very Gifted, and what I really like about her, is as well as being quite Magical, she is also very down to earth, she offers practical tools & is incredibly generous with her gifts.  If she can shift my Money Blocks, she can do the same with yours! I highly recommend Marlena & genuinely look forward to working with her one on one to shift more of my un-conscious blocks, as well as using her beautiful, powerful MP3's.
In Heartfelt Appreciation

- Diana (Australia)

About Marlenea Johnson

Magical Marlenea, says it all! When she waves her 24k Gold Magic Money Wand and says, 1,2,3 Manifest It; Money and miracles really do begin Manifesting! She's the real deal.

Self taught, Internationally known; Master Manifestor, Abundant Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Light worker, Intuitive Energy Healer, and a Clairvoyant Angel Channeler.

Magical Marlenea has assisted over 12,000 people worldwide. She meets them on the level they are at and elevates them at the speed they are ready to experience. The goal is to empower them to easily "manifest their hearts desires and thrive" living a life of infinite possibilities!

Dealing with years of abuse and financial ups and downs, Marlenea knew that she had to break free from the stress and fear money issues were causing her. Her healing journey began in her teens. Reaching out to God in urgent prayer, she was miraculously healed many times. On several occasions, Angels have appeared bringing messages, sprinkling Golden stars upon her, and saving her life.

Given the Golden Key that unlocked her Magic Money Manifestations from Source, she now teaches others what she's learned. Using an array of energetic processes given to her by Source, she has manifested free cars, a new home, thriving businesses, free gifts, jackpots, miracle money; just to name a few. Many of her clients have experienced the Magic results as well. She's been called "The Prosperity Princess." And Yes, she does wear a Golden crown. Come experience the MYSTERY and Magic of 24 k Gold Activations and Financial Freedom for yourself.

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