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You are magnificent! You have such a unique, beautiful soul. You're a gift to the world.
And YOU deserve the best!

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed daily!
If you are not living your life to the fullest, Who is going to?
What legacy are you going to leave behind?
Make a plan right now, let's set a goal.

See deep inside of yourself, those dreams, desires, wants, wishes and bring them up to the surface. Write them down. Then let's do this together as a team.


Imagine tomorrow waking up with "MY GOLDEN PROCESSES" Playing and illuminating your field. Building you up, aligning your brain for it's natural manifestation, and starting to feel so good there's no words to describe it. ALL YOU KNOW IS SOMETHING AMAZING IS HAPPENING! You're seeing results! You are testifying like countless others that have invested in Marlenea's programs.

"MY GOLDEN PROCESSES" is my entire personal collection of clearings, attunements, activations, subliminals and mantras. You are going to own your personal copy! All you have to do now is accept my offer and click the Buy Now Button. You have everything to gain by taking action today. My heart and soul are in each MP3. I want to see amazing results happen for you daily. Each time you listen, you gain new empowerment. Something happens to trigger your brain into it's natural state of consciousness. When this occurs the entire universe reacts! Miraculous transformation is the absolute result!

So What Is It Going To Be For You, My Dear Friend?

More Joy, Energy, Amazing Strength, Empowerment, Confidence, Faith, Freedom, Bliss, Feeling Really Good, Great Health, Receiving With More Ease, Finally Knowing That The Universe Has Your Back, Taking In More Money, Doing Exactly What You Love, Feeling Radiant, Motivated, Having A Great Relationship!

Yes! These are the very same Golden Processes that Marlenea uses, herself!  The very same processes that turned  her entire life around! And the very same processes, she has used on her clients whom had amazing results! 

Marlenea's Purpose is to help YOU achieve your maximum results possible with the smallest investment of time in the 4 Pillars of Ascension:

  1. Health
  2. Prosperity
  3. Spiritual
  4. Love

For that purpose, she presents you with her gifts and she invites you to immediately put them into good use… We hope that this special collection of all her Golden Processes  trigger your thoughts, emotions, abundant manifestations  of health, prosperity, love and spirituality, that  move you now in a special way, uniquely that is best for you!

There’s a famous proverb that goes ~ "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step"

We know that it’s your desire for results that brought you here… and Marlenea promises that if you put these audio tracks to good use, you will be rewarded far beyond your expectations.




Need Help? Write to: [email protected]

It's a collection of  Marlenea's powerful processes called "My Golden Processes" that will uplift your beautiful soul, balance your Chakras and manifest the life of your dreams.

Marlenea listen to these tracks daily, herself and has experienced spiritual and emotional breakthroughs like never before... Words can hardly described it - Gratitude, Joy, Laughter, Happiness, Warmth, Calm... She felt it all!  She live it all!

Marlenea's Golden meditation audio series is designed to enhance your meditation and spiritual awakening experience.
By enriching your mind with these powerful attunements, you can also improve your memory, experience inner calm and better sleep in no time...

There’s a famous proverb that goes ~ "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step"

I know that it’s your desire for results that brought you here… and I promise that if you put these audio tracks to good use, you will be rewarded far beyond your expectations.


"After working with Marlene, someone delivered a car into my front yard, totally FREE for my family. I thank God for leading me to her. Now we are able to get to work and have more money. It works! Magic and Miracles for sure"



"I am so estatic! I have been using your mp3's daily. The results are amazing. It's like someone turned on a money waterfall in my life. Everyday I am receiving money. I started my own business. I moved. All my old fears have vanished. I stepped out of my old stuck sabatoging mindset and into the real me. Whatever you did, I can not explain. All I know is it worked! And if worked for me it will work for anyone. Blessings for all you do !!"

- Idika 


"Its like someone turned on the lights. I didn't know how it would work, as simple as it is. I'm a single mom that was living in fear everyday. I happened upon a video and found Marlenea. I contacted her and was determined to see results. I used her 24k G.and my life drastically changed. My fear suddenly left. I got a great paying job and my bills are paid with money left over. I see the light now! "

- N. Moore, Brooklyn, NY


"My family and I were on the outs for years. I was about to be homeless. I contacted Marlenea. After a few sessions clearing family patterns, forgiveness work, and using her mp3's, my dad contacted me. He told me that he was giving me a home, totally free! THIS IS AMAZING! Everyone looking for the real deal, look no further! "

- Tammy

These are just a few of  the Amazing and Magical results people have experienced from using Marlenea's packages and having personal sessions with her.

Now it is your turn!

Marlenea has put together  "My Golden Processes" just for you. Below you will find My Most Powerful Collection of Mp3's! The very same ones I use daily herself. The same ones that her clients are using and achieving amazing results!

Choose Which Package is right for you. Or you can opt in to buy both together. The first package is for your overall Health. The second package is for your Wealth. Each sold separately so you can choose which one is right for you.

Package A


  • Track 1: Golden Auric Cleanse
  • Track 2: Golden Detoxification
  • Track 3: Golden Emotional Healing
  • Track 4: Golden Physical Healing
  • Track 5: Golden Higher Levels of Healing
  • Track 6: Golden DNA Recoding
  • Track 7: Golden Entity Eliminator
  • Track 8: My Golden Prayer For Healing

Track 1: Golden Auric Cleanse

My daily auric cleansing process. This will clear your entire energy body, mind, spirit and soul. Each time you listen your health vibration will raise to the next level. Peace will fill you. There will be no healing crisis.

Track 2: Golden Detoxification

Your body will be going through a high powered energy detoxification. I have created 2 Mp3's. The first one will be cleansing you from the elements and unseen toxins in the air. The second one is going to detox your body from the inside out. Using these regularly is the best solution to keep your body working at it's optimal level.

Track 3: Golden Emotional Healing

I invite you to come receive your much needed emotional healing now. I will be clearing your mind and body of all trauma and stress. Working with the I Am presence. Bringing in positive affirmations and setting you free!

Track 4: Golden Physical Healing

Join me at the beach as the waves of sound healing flow over you and through you, magically cleansing your auric field, energy field, light body, and physical being. Allow the sacred healing bowls, waves and music to amp up your vibration to speed up your healing on all levels.

Track 5: Golden Higher Levels of Healing

The Chill Zone. Lay down and totally relax and unwind. Listen to the Absolute Most Tranquil Angelic Music along with my voice gently utilizing the Power of Source and the energy of the Healing rays of the sun. You'll be receiving an energetic massage as we gently wash your entire being with High levels of healing frequencies.

Track 6: Golden DNA Recoding

CORRECTING THE DNA FREQUENCY. Utilizing the healing frequency of 528 hz healing with holophonic bells mixed in with low and high theta binaural beats. Wear headphones for optimal results! Holophonic, binaural theta wave meditation helps to facilitate the development of the 3rd eye, and the pineal gland. We're going to wake up your codons and all 64 DNA strands. THE INTENTION of Using this track will correct your DNA.

Track 7: Golden Entity Eliminator

Utilize this track to remove entities and attachments as much as you feel necessary. Sometimes without your knowledge or consent a dark force is attracted to you. An entity or demon is a dark low vibrational energy. THEY CAN WRECK HAVOC IN YOUR LIFE! If you are experiencing sudden aches and pains, sickness, disease, low energy, sudden cravings for alcohol or drugs, thoughts of hopelessness,anger, hatred, thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself or others-you can be sure you're dealing with demons. Fear not because help is here!

Track 8: My Golden Prayer For Healing

 You can sit back or pray along with me. I am fully engaged and empowered to call directly on Source, God and the healing Angel team. We are setting the intention for a total healing for you, a family member and your pets. We are stronger when we truly agree. This can be played anytime, anywhere, including hospitals and nursing homes.


The Total Value of Package A is $777

**Discount : 88%** OFF

On The Transformation Show only,

This SPECIAL OFFER is available for only


How do I begin? I have listened to several calls where Marlenea was on. I saved up the money and bought her package. After a few days, I began noticing people were acting differently towards me. I got a free lunch at work from a coworker. My boss was smiling at me which was a switch. My spouse wanted to talk and help around the house. My entire mood changed. I felt good about myself. I guess when my vibration changed it switched in other people too. What a change in my life! Buying her package was my greatest investment in myself.


Thank you for bringing the best of the best sharing God's given gifts for our well being and highest good! I have had such amazing experiences from the summit and each one brings something for my greatest needs at just the right time! God is so good! It is your sure connection with God that makes it all come together! Thank you.

Also I want to comment on the session with Marlenea last evening!

I had not planned to be on the conference as I have been spending lots of time providing care for my animal companion London (my old English sheepdog) lately. But it was a clearly Divine guidance directing me to pick up my phone and connect to the meeting only 10 minutes before the start of the call. Amazing as that is, then Marlenea shared with us that she had sent angelic scouts out a couple of hours before the meeting. Bless her and bless those scouts! Even my dog London gave the most amazing greeting as I arrived home before the call. So she was energized, thus I was energized and delivered to the summit! praise God!

The session with Marlenea was more than energizing! It was an encounter off the Divine Transcendence! The energy was joyful, blissful, clearing and cleansing. During the session I was seated in my living room with the front door open and light shining through the prism film on the windows on each side of the door as a rainbow of light shown arose the vaulted ceiling. It was amazing beautiful and clearly a depiction of the energy in the room surrounding me and London during the session! You must visit the replay whether you attended the meeting. Last night or not! I am so happy the angels lead the way for me to attend! Thank you Marlenea! Much love always of God, many blessings to you!

Debbie and London

I'd like to share my testimonial. I recently bought a package and session with you, Marlenea. I have to say, the results are incredible! I took action. I stopped complaining and moping around my home. I went out and applied for several new positions. My attitude had shifted now with a positive goal in mind. Within a few days, I received 3 job offers. This is the solution to the debt I had accumulated. I now see how Amazing you are. Thank you for doing the clearings and putting me back in my body. I am definitely back in my own power!


Package B

In this package you will receive:

Stop feeling disconnected from Divine Source Energy
Feel Motivated, excited and full of vibrant energy and clarity.
Feel Renewed, lighter and full of peace.
Be fully Connected to the Divine and to Universal Flow.
Experience the Joy that connects you to Wealth!

  • Track 1: Experience Wealth and Joy!
  • Track 2: Golden Money Mantra
  • Track 3: Let's Manifest It!
  • Track 4: 24k Gold Magnetized for Money
  • Track 5: 24k Gold Bank Account
  • Track 6: 24k Gold Vortex
  • Track 7: 24k Gold Magic Carpet Ride
  • Track 8: Golden Process Grounding to Money

Track 1: Experience Wealth and Joy!

Listen to this track daily. I am infusing you with powerful positive statements which will be embedded in your subconscious mind and your conscious mind. Incredible burst of joy will fill you now due to the real truth being told to you. Money will locate you easily and you will be an excellent receiver!

Track 2: Golden Money Mantra

This is my mantra for becoming a billionaire. I suggest you play this frequently. Daily is best to bring in the flow of more and more money. Set the intention to become the wealthiest version of you.

Track 3: Let's Manifest It!

My upbeat music track created to get you in the highest joyful vibration. 123 Manifest it song I created. How does it get better than this!

Track 4: 24k Gold Magnetized for Money

I am going to magnetize you for money. Money will flow toward you freely. Use this as often as needed to keep the magnets activated.

Track 5: 24k Gold Bank Account

Open up to allowing yourself to be rich beyond rich. Magnetizing you for a 24k Gold bank account. Subliminal messages encoding you for super wealth along with my guidance to entering into the vortex.

Track 6: 24k Gold Vortex

Manifest with rainbows! Journey into the 24k gold vortex. Sacred activation. Relax into the flow as I run the energy opening up the space around you. Angels will be repairing any tears in your auric field, energy field, and removing all dark energy.

Track 7: 24k Gold Magic Carpet Ride

GUIDED MEDITATION using my magical microphone which has a hypnotic effect. This should be used while laying down for best results. We will be going on a Magic Carpet ride together.

Track 8: Golden Process Grounding to Money

I will be guiding you through the most powerful Golden Process THAT YOU'VE EVER EXPERIENCED IN YOUR LIFE! This is My Golden Process that will ground you to Money, Wealth, and Success! Please do this in a sacred, quiet place where you won't be disturbed.


The Total Value of Package B is $777

**Discount : 88%** OFF

On The Transformation Show only,

This SPECIAL OFFER is available for only


OMG! Is all I can say. I finally succeeded in starting up my business!!! Marlenea, you are definitely for real. I do not know exactly what you cleared out of me that had me stuck and in fear of my future, but it caused me to take action. I now have a website and actual buyers for my art! I am looking forward to waking up everyday now! Wow! What a shift. Thank you 1 million times over!

Jules from London

My story has changed! I'd like to Thank you for assisting me with the drama and karma clearing you did for me during our recent session. I am a man that was always feeling less than everybody else. My family was very abusive and drank like fish. I was the oddball. I had a dream of being somebody. I was told you're no good, you'll never amount to nothing. And no matter what I did, those words kept haunting me. They stopped me from even believing in myself. Til the other day, all that changed! During our session, you did the Miraculous! Suddenly I am free! I feel absolutely incredible! I am smiling, singing, whistling. I am ready to jump into my today! This was the best session I've ever had! Incredible you are, Marlenea  Thank you,

Christopher  California

Hi Magical Malenea,

Let me be the 1st. to say this works! I bought your new package on Romance as a tester. I started using the tracks immediately. When I went out for my daily walk, people were staring at me, actually noticing me and saying Hi. A few really good looking guys took a second glance. I feel more confident. I am really looking forward to tomorrows walk. After I use the candle and the spray who knows what Romance will show up for me then. I'll keep you posted. I absolutely love you,


Package C

In this package you will receive:

  • All in Package A, B

The Total Value of Package C is $1550

**Discount : 87%** OFF
On The Transformation Show only,

This SPECIAL OFFER is available for only


Exclusive Free Gift for The Transformation Show Listeners

Emotional Healing Magical Marlenea.mp3

This is my gift to you. Use this track several times in a row to really get a deep emotional healing that is much needed at this time. I will be going into your subconscious mind, inner child, clearing trauma out of your body. Then I fill the voids with joy and peace. I will give you some "Now time affirmations" YOU CAN REPEAT WITH ME. Make sure to check out my Brand New Package! My Golden Process! You can choose My Total Health or My Golden Wealth Package. I also made it possible for you to own them both at a discount price!
May you live your life to it's fullest!

Magical Marlenea



Need Help? Write to: [email protected]


Hi Marlenea, I just wanted to share some great news. Ater I reached out to you about the hot water unit not working and an unusual bombardment of wood rot from what we know now is from old Damp... I found a flyer in the mailbox from an electrican offering Free checks on hot water systems!

Marlenea, it was like the Angels dropped him from heaven, and his name was Noel. He fixed the problem within minutes, the hot water fuse had the wrong strength fuse wire, it had 8 amp should have been 30amp fuse wire. He explained important things that the Installer had neglected to tell me. He gave me & my son many tips for saving on power too. Noel refused to be paid, as he'll be back next year to service the hot water tank. What a Blessing, I am still smiling about this from my heart xx

I found a bright shiny Gold newly minted $2 coin on the ground in front of me and when I got home I received an unexpected refund cheque for $235 in the mail from the Dept of Transport WOW!!

I bought a tree branch lopper on sale yesterday, used it once & it broke, sending the nut & bolt flying into the shrubs. So I returned it to the hardware store, they allowed me to upgrade to a stronger model, crediting me the difference saying its no problem

My beautiful wise owl has moved on, I miss him every day, but I'm grateful for the time he spent here. I remembered you saying the owl is wise! But i didn't actually know what wisdom he had given me? Then one day this week the clarity popped into my head.....the owl was on a tree branch right in front of the window......which really got my attention! It is storm season here very soon and many branches are very close to the house.

So I think I finally got one of the wise owls messages, "chop the tree branches, can't you see how close I am to your windows" lol

Marlenea, thank you for the blessing you are in my life. I play your encoded audios almost every day & I know they are shifting my energy, helping me to relax alot more, receive unusual favor, receive unexpected abundance, and being open to help arriving in the form of Noel!

- Diana x

I purchased this package right after New Year's and it has done wonders for me!!! I have received 50% off discounts left and right, and I even manifested a free cut and color at an upscale salon just a few weeks ago!! I was a redhead, now I'm a brunette, with GOLD highlights that just appeared when the stylist was blow drying it!! She didn't do any highlights with the color!! Coincidence??? No way...24k Gold Magic y'all!!!

Rochelle Lopez

I have to from my package manifest the gold shower Marlene; after you wrote me I manifested $1200 for the storage. Now I have online animated ads for: fitness trainers, realtors, plumbers and accountants. Setting it up to get clients like yesterday already. Prayers welcome welcome as breaking through glass ceilng. Hooray Save the Day Hooray Hooray !

Liz S.

"OMG! Is all I can say. I received a check for $10,000.00!  This was the magical result of clearing financial blocks and the session we had. I am now working on my next goal. I will be using your packages daily. They work for me! ESPECIALLY THE 24 K GOLD PACKAGE -It's absolutely Magical.  I love you, thank you!


"I would like to write a testimonial about my experience of working with Marlena Johnson. I have been working for years, trying to shift my money blocks for such a very long time. When I came across Marlena, she was a Special Guest Speaker on a manifesting course I was part of. Marlena guided us through her '24kt Gold Magic Money Miracles Meditation'This meditation alone was so fantastic!! I'm not a visual person & normally I find it challenging to follow along a Guided Meditation. However, Marlena's 24kt Gold Guided Meditation was profoundly different & I loved every minute of it. The guided journey was not only visually beautiful & Magical! It was so easy for me to follow along with, and it was incredibly powerful, based on the Energy Shifts that have occurred for me since!Immediately after this 24kt Gold Money Miracles Meditation with Marlena, I noticed some incredible signs, that something had SHIFTED ENERGETICALLY I opened my eyes after having them closed during the Money Miracles Process & noticed a very unusal colour coming into the room, so I pulled back the curtains & there was a brilliant rainbow with Golden streams of light behind it. (It had been a very grey cloudy overcast day, so the light was such a bright contrast.)I felt very strongly that this Rainbow & the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow, was a sign that Transformation of my money blocks had occurred. Not only did I experience this sign, but I felt that I had embodied Marlena's process. Despite still having very little money to speak of, I felt much lighter & started noticing lots of little things opening up for me! I may not have attracted my millions of dollars as yet, but I have indeed attracted some very unusual surprises. A complimentary coffee gifted to me (unexpectedly)

then when I was buying my daughters birthday gift I was given an (unexpected) 50% off the price tag. The next day as I was leaving our local supermarket, the cashier (unexpectedly) said 'oh congratulations diana, next time you shop here, you'll receive $20 off your total bill'.  Then the very next morning, I went to the atm to withdraw the last $20 cash I had left until payday and (unexpectedly) $80 mysteriously appeared ?? All of these are little signs of an energy shift, a transformation of my money blocks, and it has all happened since that one powerful 24kt Gold Guided Meditation with Marlena. I cannot wait to start using her beautiful MP3's.Marlena is clearly very Gifted, and what I really like about her, is as well as being quite Magical, she is also very down to earth, she offers practical tools & is incredibly generous with her gifts. If she can shift my Money Blocks, she can do the same with yours! I highly recommend Marlena & genuinely look forward to working with her one on one to shift more of my un-conscious blocks, as well as using her beautiful, powerful MP3's.In Heartfelt Appreciation"

- Diana (Australia) 

About Marlenea Johnson

Magical Marlenea, says it all! When she waves her 24k Gold Magic Money Wand and says, 1,2,3 Manifest It; Money and Miracles really do begin Manifesting! She's the real deal.

Self taught, Internationally known; Master Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Abundant Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Light worker, Intuitive Energy Healer, Home and land balancer, and a Clairvoyant Angel Channeler.

Magical Marlenea has assisted over 13,000 people worldwide. She meets them on the level they are at and elevates them at the speed they are ready to experience. The goal is to empower them to easily "Manifest their hearts desires and Thrive" living a life of infinite possibilities!

Dealing with years of abuse, severe depression and financial ups and downs, Marlenea knew that there was more to life and that she had to break free from the stress and fear money issues were causing her.

 Her healing journey began in her teens. Reaching out to God in urgent prayer, she was miraculously healed of depression. On several occasions, Angels have appeared bringing messages, sprinkling Golden stars upon her, and saving her life.

As a young woman, working as a nurses aide, she found herself speaking healing to stroke patients and seeing them start moving paralyzed limbs. When her niece was in a coma, for 30 days after getting hit by a car, she walked in the room and said, If you wake up now you can go to Mc Donald's. Her niece woke up, and was sent home a few days later.

People have shown up asking for assistance in every area of their lives. Marlenea prefers working with healing their finances. But she knows once the root causes are removed, layer by layer, Magical results occur. Not only do their finances improve but their health and relationships as well.  She is a multidimensional intuitive healer.  She says, "Bring it on!" For nothing is impossible to those that believe."

Given the Golden Key that unlocked her Magic Money Manifestations from GOD, Source, she now teaches others what she's learned. Using an array of energetic processes given to her by God,  Source, she has manifested free cars, a new home, thriving businesses, miraculous healings free gifts, jackpots, miracle money; just to name a few. Many of her clients have experienced the Magic results as well. Thousands of people can't be wrong!

She's been called "The Prosperity Princess." And Yes, she does wear a Golden crown. Come experience the Magic of 24 k Gold Activations and Financial Freedom for yourself.

The Golden Key must be activated in your life in order to see results. A reconnection with God Source and His life force energy flow must be established. Amazing results follow her and her clients.  She gives all the credit to God, Spirit and her Angelic Team. Afterall, her life was spared, she was healed, granted permission to visit Heaven,given the Golden Key to transform people's lives!

When you connect with Marlenea, you are connecting with an Earth Angel and your life will never be the same.


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