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Topic: Miraculous Manifestations with Marlenea!

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US & Europe: 12th June 2019 at 5PM EDT | 4PM CDT | 3PM MDT | 2PM PDT | 10PM GMT
Australia, New Zealand & Asia: 13th June 2019 at 7AM AEST | 9AM NZST | 2.30AM IST | 5AM SGT


Ask, Believe and Receive.  


  • I’m talking about real success and abundance here...
  • Enjoying financial freedom to pursue all your passions...
  • Being able to manifest the greatest relationship...
  • A healthy mind and body ready to conquer the world...
  • If you’ve always had a dream that needed fulfilling and you aren’t afraid to demand for success, then this IS DEFINITELY for you.
  • Why wait when you can create it?
  • What If RIGHT NOW...You Can Manifest Abundance And Prosperity?

If you said yes to any of these then this is the call for you. Come join us with Marlenea to Experience rapid results by expanding your soul by releasing the heavy chains of eons will unleash the power of your unique soul.


  • This will be Your Beginning to understanding how Miraculous Manifestations work. Plus having them rapidly occur for you now.
  • Empower your mind and Attract Real Power Breakthroughs Permanently.
  • Gain clarity and feel energized, motivated and goal orientated
  • Be able to create "NEW MONEY", and have more than enough to enjoy your life fully
  • Be free and unlimited and know it!
  • Everyday will be like a great adventure of exploration and excitement


I know you are here due to your heart's desire to Manifest something really amazing into your life. We all have dreams and goals that we're persuing but alot of times we aren't able to get there without someone's help and guidance. And it is perfectly ok. When you actually reach out and seek in prayer or meditation the Universe answers you. So if you are reading this right now, you should know that God Source placed this before your eyes today. And if you are struggling to find the solution you are definitely in the right place!

  • Are you are doing everything you know but nothings working?
  • Living paycheck to paycheck? And really deserve a raise!
  • Having trouble with relationships not able to trust easily?
  • Do you toss and turn all night trying to figure it out?
  • Are you constantly having negative thoughts?
  • Can you feel a dark heavy energy in ,on or around you?
  • Are you fighting an unconscious beast?

Or perhaps you find yourself at a crossroads stuck in confusion, fear or dread. Whatever you are experiencing right now led you here for your solution. And I am so happy to meet you where you're at and take you to the next level. Sometimes we just need a Cosmic push...



The Special Offer price INCLUDES OUR 20$ LESS

which applies to all who buy the package during the LIVE Call
and for upto 24 hours after the call, until the timer hits zero!


Package A

In this package you will receive:

TRACK 1: Questions & Answers

"The Goal is Manifesting" - Together we will journey deep within your Heart revealing your secret desires. I want you to answer the Questions honestly to really see the Greatest results.

TRACK 2: Deep Meditation Reconnecting The Hara Line

We will be going deep into a healing and reconnecting meditation of clearing and infusing your Hara line.

TRACK 3: Separate and Rejuvenate

Grab a notebook and pen to participate fully in this healing process. We'll be going very deep into your story." The negatives and the positives." Be totally energized and rejuvenated during and after this clearing and healing session.

TRACK 4: In the Vortex

30 Minute guided visualization and activation process where you will become one with the vortex of Miraculous Manifestations. This is where you begin your journey of learning to really being focused on what you'd love to manifest and seeing the actual manifestation materialize.

TRACK 5: The Energy of Money

Subliminal music track-Will reprogram your mind for success. Use headphones for best results.

TRACK 6: Bonus Gift Track "Stop and Smell the Roses"

I gently guide and relax you bringing your entire being into a peaceful place. Soak in the blissful energy as I do a clearing and balancing for you. We'll do a guided meditation "Stop and smell the roses" plus I'll be filling you and your home with perfect peace. You will absolutely love this!


The Total Value of Package A is $250

**Discount : 48%** OFF

On The Transformation Show only,

This SPECIAL OFFER is available for only



Package B

TRACK 1: Restoring The Energy So You Can Manifest!

Subliminal Healing Music Track 30 mins. To be used after stressful situations and to remove exhaustion.

TRACK 2: Poverty has Left the Building

Total clearing and healing session to remove poverty mindset and all negative beliefs, attachments and stories.

TRACK 3: My Perfect Place

Abandon the entire world with me in this guided meditation. I'll be bringing you into a natural state of peace. Where we can easily manifest our dreams.

TRACK 4: "Money is Addicted to Me!"

Daily Mantra-Affirmations and Activation. "You are going to want to speak these outloud daily."

TRACK 5: Miraculous Invocation

"I invoke the Power of the Holy Spirit"
Creator Source, Holy Angels, Guides, and Masters. Seeking infinite wisdom and direction for you. 'White candle" ceremony.

TRACK 6: Mastering Motivation

A training on being disciplined, focused, inspired, serious, awake, alert and taking constant positive actions.

TRACK 7: Jump Out of Your Comfort Zone

A training session that will be your game changer! Make sure to take notes. Most powerful teaching I've ever done. If you are lucky enough to have this in your hands treat it like pure gold.

TRACK 8: Subliminal Easily Manifest Abundance and Miracles

"Listen several times a day for maximum results"

TRACK 9-: Subliminal Allow for Rapid Change with Ease

TRACK 10: Subliminal Reset and Renew

A brand new Holosync soundtrack with Autofonix affirmations to instantly calm you down when you’re upset. Collect your emotions, reset your day, and set a new pattern for handling stressful situations in the future.

TRACK 11: Subliminal Receive Massive Cash and Opportunities Now!

Having a mindset of gratitude will make you happier, healthier, more satisfied, you'll attract abundance and magnetize better experiences. Listen before sleep for 4 weeks-90 days or more!


The Total Value of Package B is $510

**Discount : 71%** OFF

On The Transformation Show only,

This SPECIAL OFFER is available for only





The Special Offer price INCLUDES OUR 20$ LESS

which applies to all who buy the package during the LIVE Call
and for upto 24 hours after the call, until the timer hits zero!



Dear Marlenea,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You were able to do in 30 minutes what years of therapy could not! I am so grateful and no words can fully express that. This session was the best investment I ever made in my life!

Love you so much!


I'd like to say, the calls with you are like a breath of fresh air. You are light hearted, sincere, straight forward and quick to clear energy. Each time I tune in to a call, you are laughing and it lifts my spirits. So glad we found each other via /Angels and Your God team coming here to get me. I love that! Using your packages, I believe I have them all so far, has helped me through the dark nights of my past. I am seeing amazing results. I met someone in the coffee shop and we hit it off. We go on dates and nice long drives together. We share your mp3's along the way. O'IMUST SHARE THIS TOO, I got a raise at work! It's been 5 years! I know it is due to your energy gifts. Thank you and let me know when you have more packages to offer.  Joy to you


I'd like to share my testimonial. I recently bought a package and session with you, Marlenea. I have to say, the results are incredible! I took action. I stopped complaining and moping around my home. I went out and applied for several new positions. My attitude had shifted now with a positive goal in mind. Within a few days, I received 3 job offers. This is the solution to the debt I had accumulated. I now see how Amazing you are. Thank you for doing the clearings and putting me back in my body. I am definitely back in my own power!

- Mary

I  feel so good...

I did a lot of workshops training drugs yoga Activations Reiki meditation and so on  in my life... What I've experienced after being part of your telesummit 8/8/8  is amazing.

And it sure feels like it's not stopping like the old believes that are gone, are truly and for ever   gone. I feel so much joy and no holding back for things I want to do in my life now. I'm truly enjoying every single second of my day.

I feel amazing, and I am amazing and shining my light throughout the day to all living creatures I meet.

Nothing else has ever had such impact and taken away the beliefs and other stuff standing between me and my goals.
I guess the angels are with me all day long..

Thank you so much..

-Jeffrey Donze

Thank you for bringing the best of the best sharing God's given gifts for our well being and highest good! I have had such amazing experiences from the summit and each one brings something for my greatest needs at just the right time! God is so good! It is your sure connection with God that makes it all come together! Thank you.
Also I want to comment on the session with Marlenea last evening!
I had not planned to be on the conference as I have been spending lots of time providing care for my animal companion London (my old English sheepdog) lately. But it was a clearly Divine guidance directing me to pick up my phone and connect to the meeting only 10 minutes before the start of the call. Amazing as that is, then Marlenea shared with us that she had sent angelic scouts out a couple of hours before the meeting. Bless her and bless those scouts! Even my dog London gave the most amazing greeting as I arrived home before the call. So she was energized, thus I was energized and delivered to the summit! praise God!
The session with Marlenea was more than energizing! It was an encounter off the Divine Transcendence!
The energy was joyful, blissful, clearing and cleansing. During the session I was seated in my living room with the front door open and light shining through the prism film on the windows on each side of the door as a rainbow of light shown arose the vaulted ceiling. It was amazing beautiful and clearly a depiction of the energy in the room surrounding me and London during the session! You must visit the replay whether you attended the meeting. Last night or not! I am so happy the angels lead the way for me to attend! Thank you Marlenea! Much love always of God, many blessings to you!

- Debbie and London

How do I begin? I have listened to several calls where Marlenea was on. I saved up the money and bought her package. After a few days, I began noticing people were acting differently towards me. I got a free lunch at work from a coworker. My boss was smiling at me which was a switch. My spouse wanted to talk and help around the house. My entire mood changed. I felt good about myself. I guess when my vibration changed it switched in other people too. What a change in my life! Buying her package was my greatest investment in myself.

- Rita

OMG! Is all I can say. I finally succeeded in starting up my business!!! Marlenea, you are definitely for real. I do not know exactly what you cleared out of me that had me stuck and in fear of my future, but it caused me to take action. I now have a website and actual buyers for my art! I am looking forward to waking up everyday now! Wow! What a shift. Thank you 1 million times over!

- Jules from London

My story has changed! I'd like to Thank you for assisting me with the drama and karma clearing you did for me during our recent session. I am a man that was always feeling less than everybody else. My family was very abusive and drank like fish. I was the oddball. I had a dream of being somebody. I was told you're no good, you'll never amount to nothing. And no matter what I did, those words kept haunting me. They stopped me from even believing in myself. Til the other day, all that changed! During our session, you did the Miraculous! Suddenly I am free! I feel absolutely incredible! I am smiling, singing, whistling. I am ready to jump into my today! This was the best session I've ever had! Incredible you are, Marlenea  Thank you

- Christopher California

About Marlenea Johnson

Marlenea Johnson is best known for her Miraculous Manifestations. She speaks Miracles into existence.

When she waves her 24k Gold Magic Money Wand and says, 1,2,3 Manifest It; Money and miracles really do begin Manifesting! She’s the real deal. Self-taught, internationally known; Master Manifestor, Abundant Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Light worker, Intuitive Energy Healer, and a Clairvoyant Angel Channeler. Magical Marlenea has assisted over 15,000 people worldwide.

She meets them on the level they are at and elevates them at the speed they are ready to experience. The goal is to empower them to easily “manifest their hearts desires and thrive” living a life of infinite possibilities!

Dealing with years of abuse and financial ups and downs, Marlenea knew that she had to break free from the stress and fear money issues were causing her. Her healing journey began in her teens. Reaching out to God in urgent prayer, she was miraculously healed many times. On several occasions, Angels have appeared bringing messages, sprinkling Golden stars upon her, and saving her life. As a young woman, working as a nurses’ aide, she found herself speaking healing to stroke patients and seeing them start moving paralyzed limbs. When her niece was in a coma, for 30 days after getting hit by a car, she walked in the room and said, If you wake up now you can go to Mc Donald’s. Her niece woke up, and was sent home a few days later.

People have shown up asking for assistance in every area of their lives. Marlenea prefers working with healing their finances.  Once the root causes are removed, layer by layer, magical results occur. Not only do their finances improve but their health and relationships as well.

Given the Golden Key that unlocked her Magic Money Manifestations from Source, she now teaches others what she’s learned. Using an array of energetic processes given to her by Source, she has manifested free cars, a new home, thriving businesses, free gifts, jackpots, miracle money; just to name a few. Many of her clients have experienced the Magic results as well.

She’s been called “The Prosperity Princess.” And Yes, she does wear a Golden crown. Come experience the Magic of 24 k Gold Activations and Financial Freedom for yourself.


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