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Have you made your Life very Serious as you work to get it right?

Are you focused on trying hard to fix your problems?

Are you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Is there a long list of things you need to achieve before you believe you can be Happy?

Are You wanting, hoping, trying to find your Purpose because you feel that will make you Happy?

Do you think that having Fun is a waste of time, or not important?

Is Joy just a far off dream, and you don’t know if you will ever get to feel it?


The truth is, that the harder you try,
the more serious you become,
the more effort you focus on your problems,
and want to achieve things in order to be Happy,
Then the more you will cause your energy field to contract,
around You, and around your problems, and you will find
yourself stuck and unhappy.

We are offering to help you to Lighten up, and embrace Joy and Fun in a Purposeful way, so you can Relax and Expand out of your problems rather than continue to try and effort your way through them.


  • Relax and let go of the idea that trying hard will fix your problems.
  • Align with the vibration of Joy as the natural expression of Love.
  • Enjoy the process of Transformation so that your Life can change for the better.
  • Release beliefs that having Fun is not a spiritual or purposeful activity.
  • Choose the vibration of Fun as a powerful tool of Expansion and Manifestation.
  • Expand out of your problems rather than effort to try and solve them.
  • Surrender the belief that you need a big, grand Purpose in order to be Worthy.




  • Allow your Purpose to simply be Being Your Authentic Self.
  • Trust that in Being Yourself everything You do will become Purposeful and Joyful.
  • Heal your Inner Child so you can experience innocent Fun and Laughter.
  • Embrace Ease and Fun with Money and allow it to Flow to You.
  • Claim your innate Worth, and quit needing to prove yourself.
  • Become Confident to show up as you feel too, Loving Life and having Fun.



  • Have Fun and be naturally Playful and Relaxed with Intimate experiences.
  • Use the expansive nature of Fun, Joy, and Laughter to Manifest Miracles.
  • Shrug off the burden and stress of deadlines and ageing and become Timeless.
  • Release the Weight of the World and Enjoy Freedom


You have literally Given Me My Life Back

"Matt, I don't know where I'd be without you and ManTarA, or honestly if I'd still be here. After many years of suffering and working with countless teachers and healers, it was only when I found you and took a leap of faith to invest in your program that my life began to turn around. The energy and guidance you gave me was so different -- so personal and effective -- that it provided exactly the "leg up" I needed to pull myself out of the dark spiral that had been consuming me and my body. How can I ever thank you enough for the dramatic change that has taken place since then and for the unfailing support you've given me every step of the way? You have literally given me my life back, and my love and gratitude are beyond measure!"

~ Kathryn

Immediately I felt a Lightness and Playfulness Emerging

"I am so grateful to have found Matt Andrews and ManTarA a little over a year ago. Immediately upon listening to just half of his interview I noticed profound shifts occurring in my consciousness followed by immediate tangible results. I bought his package and during the month long immersion a new job much more aligned with my true nature, valuing my authentic gifts, and reimbursing me much better, fell into my lap effortlessly. Matt's mentorship over the past year has continued to help me settle into a life that is ever more authentic to my true nature and purpose. I find working with Matt and ManTarA akin to working with a really good solvent, that gets into the deepest nooks and tightest bunches of stuck energy, dissolving them with relative ease and great effectiveness. I especially appreciate the simplicity of the process that I can do while going about my daily life. I find Matt and ManTarA very presently supportive, and the guidance incredibly accurate, clear, and helpful to make the shifts I desire. I've been blessed to be able to 'test drive' some of the MP3s from the newest upcoming package "Embracing Joy and Fun with Purpose". Immediately I felt a lightness and playfulness emerging. I am so excited to see what shifts occur for me with this next immersion. Thank you Matt and ManTarA!!"

~ Kristen Adams, MSPT, CST

My inner Life has Change dramatically from Dark to Light

"If you read no further, know this - I have never felt so support and cared for as I have with Matt and ManTarA. He is a gifted healer and a truly Heart centred, caring person.

I had been dealing with pain issues on the side of my heard, massive stomach digestive issues (my stomach would bloat out to make me look 7 months pregnant), 50 plus pounds gained in the last year, deep grief issues... and the list goes on and on. I have been working with healers for the last 20 plus year and doing energy work Reiki, SRT etc, I have also taken several energy healer courses from popular healers and nothing has changed for long.

Before my first session with Matt, just listening to the MP3 I was able to release a sadness, that was sometimes bordering on suicidal that would come up when anything hurt my feelings and was actually getting more intense as time went on ... gone, its gone. Since then I have been upset, and had my feelings hurt, but now I can deal with the situation with more confidence and peace.

With my stomach and digestive issues, let's just say I was miserable, my stomach felt like dead weight. During my first session with Matt and ManTarA I could feel, (I am very sensitive to energy), the energy moving through my stomach and it was like my first 3 chakras where coming alive again. Since then I have released weight, and my health is improving every day.

I first heard Matt speak during a tele-summit call, and the light language sounded familiar. I had my first session in mid to late April and I am writing this mid August. In that short time my inner life has change dramatically from dark to light, literally. The progress I have made with Matt and ManTarA in a few months has been extraordinary. I have had massive clearings, my digestion issues have gone from a 10 to a 3, weight is being released, my energy issues went from needing to take a nap every day, to getting through the work day feeling energized.

I could go on and on about how much my life had changed and how much it continues to change. I now believe ... believe anything is possible. I feel the huge difference is that with Matt and ManTarA you are not just experiencing the energy clearings, Matt is also working with you as a life coach, and with the mental aspects, and this support in combination with the powerful energy work has brought real lasting changes. Thank You."

~ Thea

Well to start with, let’s be clear on what you are wanting to achieve in life.

Many of you will have a long list of goals, physical situations or experiences that you desire, but what is the reason behind those goals?

For just about everyone the driving force behind working towards or desiring to achieve goals is to become Happy. Most people believe they need to achieve a list of criteria before they can be happy, and thus set to working hard to achieve those things, maintaining an unhappy state until the list is complete.

Now that list of criteria will be different for everybody, but will most likely include things like good health, prosperity, satisfying relationships, security, etc. and most people will be quite specific with what they think they need in order to be happy. One inclusion on that list that many of you, more mature souls, will have is purpose. More and more people are feeling the need to have a bigger purpose here beyond just surviving and indulging in sensory pleasure. And while that is great, the issue is that many of you have postponed your Happiness until you find your purpose, and the truth is that you will much more naturally become purposeful as you allow yourself to be happy.

The problem is that working hard, with an absence of happiness, creates a big contraction in the person’s energy field, which makes it even harder to achieve anything. Also, when in this contracted energy, people are more likely to focus on their problems, and then try even harder to overcome them, and this creates an ever tightening cycle. What you focus on grows stronger, and focusing on problems is no way to achieve happiness. 

So rather than trying so hard to do everything “right” and fix all your problems, ManTarA would like to invite you to relax and focus on what you want to feel in your Beingness; Safe, Worthy, Confident, Joyous, Prosperous, Love, Purposeful. Trust that as you do so you basically expand out past your problems rather than “solve” them, so that you can be free to experience the vibrations that you have chosen to align with.

This package will give you the tools to help You embrace Joy and Fun as a method to Relax and Expand into a Purposeful, Happy Life.


Whatever problems you are currently experiencing;
No matter how serious your life has become;
We can help you to:



  • Breathe Deep
  • Lighten Up
  • Stop Trying so Hard
  • Relax and Release Stress
  • Take your Mind off your Problems
  • Trust that everything is working out for You
  • Laugh more often
  • Nourish and Support Yourself
  • Love Yourself
  • EnJoy Your Life
  • Find Purpose in Everything You Do
  • Bring a sense of Fun into your Relationships
  • Be Confident in your Own Skin
  • Feel Worthy to Receive
  • Relax some more and Be Happy

Facilitating Transformation in an Empowered way is the most Joyful experience for us. This is your invitation to invest in yourself and join with us we deliver this powerful program, Embracing Joy and Fun with Purpose. We would Love to serve You.

~ Jenny Ngo, RN, CNM

Many Breakthroughs that Helped Me be a Better Healer

“So much gratitude to Matt and ManTarA! My 1-1 session was so phenomenal; feel I can’t do justice with my words describing it. Matt was so loving, patience, kind, and sooo supportive. ManTarA Light language speaks to my Soul so profoundly that I “cried a river”, so much releasing & clearing, so many insights, immersed in infinite Love, and support from Above. What I also love about Matt and ManTarA, is that they lovingly help guide us back to our True Essence, who we REALLY are, and effortlessly abiding in the Heart space of allowance, peace, unconditional love, support, and trust where the concerns from our “list” are irrelevant. I also quickly had a lot of breakthroughs shortly after working with Matt & ManTarA that helped me become even a better healer, shining my Light even brighter, and feel empowered to make several more powerful healing MP3s for which before I was definitely not confident before since these MP3s topics were way out of my comfort zone. Also, before my 1-1 session, just after listening to 3 of Matt’s MP3 early in the day, that evening I spontaneously started to speak similar Light language. This never happened to me before and the experience was so healing, filled with overwhelming joy and gratitude.

~ Jenny Ngo, RN, CNM Dimensional Healing
~ Sandra St.Yves

Replaced Exhaustion with Light and Ease

“I want to thank Matt Andrews for such an amazing session. Many people forget that light workers are also prone to exhaustion and stress on occasion and it was such a blessing to be able to connect with Matt and his amazing Channel of Light who lifted my tiredness and replaced my being with light and ease and also answered many of my unspoken questions regarding the direction I am taking. There are no words to describe what the session is actually like! It has to be experienced to be believed. Matt and his Channel spoke in Light Language that reached into the deepest levels of my being and were spot on with the issues that I was holding on to. Thank you Matt. The changes continue to be felt. You are a blessing to this World.”

~ Sandra St.Yves Quantum-Transformations
~ Alee Reina Hoffman, AADP

I Can Celebrate My Life Again

“I am still finding my words for exactly what transpired with Matt and ManTarA yesterday in our session. And yet, either way, words will not give you the authentic understanding of working with them. This experience runs deep through the unconscious mind, the body and the energetic field. 

When I came to the session with Matt, I was struggling with feelings grief, guilt and shame. The joyous experience of enjoying the fruits of my labor in my career and relationships was coinciding with several of my friends and family members and just that much of our global community in general suffering immense heartache and tragedy. 

First, Matt as the human personality he is offered me such wise, loving and deep wisdom about what I was feeling while also giving me the space to express. He is such a kind, joyful and down-to-earth individual; exactly who you would want leading you in to what would come next! 

Then the channeling of ManTarA and the light language. It was an extremely rapid flow of sounds that was not necessarily familiar to my brain, but was immediately familiar to my heart and soul. I was overtaken with waves of joy and laughter and then settled into a space of tranquility as the language and the extremely powerful energy it brings forth it washed over me. And truly, by the end you will feel nearly “blown away” by the wall of sound, vibration and healing. 

All the best parts of receiving energy work was there for me in the experience; the warmth, the tingling, the feeling of a massive clearing of dense, stagnant or otherwise dis-empowering energy making it’s way out. Towards the end Matt and his Higher Self shared several messages in English and then immediately followed it up with more light language, and it just drove the whole learning home for me intellectually as well as energetically I felt an enormous change in my energetic field occur as my own confidence to shine my light with total compassion and love for myself and others vibrated out of my body and in to the atmosphere around me. There were many beautiful colors during this time as well as various images of ManTarA showing themselves to me as a beautiful tribal group performing sacred ancient ceremonies throughout the session. I also was given really beautiful confirmation about my own work as a healer that uplifted me and made me feel so very supported in my practice.
I look forward to the ways in which this session will keep transforming me. This is absolutely the type of work that continues processing long afterwards. Already I have felt a deep inner peace and acceptance harness itself in my body. I feel compassion and love for my community without trapping anyone else’s soul journey in my own energy or body. I can celebrate my life again while honoring the totality of the human experience happening on our planet right now. 

As a professional channel and healer myself with many dear friends and contacts in this “world” I have had the blessing to work with some of the very best sharing on the planet right now. Matt’s work was simply some of the most potent and profound I have experienced. Thank you, Matt! I am glad to know you and ManTarA!”

~ Alee Reina Hoffman, AADP Soul Channel and Akashic Records Teacher
~ Rev Tom Hudson PhD

Opened me up to a Higher Self Realisation and New Level of Compassion

“I participated in Matt’s ManTarA session of Channeled Angelic Light Language yesterday. WOW!!!! This is really a deep dynamic process of Higher Self realization. It took me away to places unknown to my conscious mind. The cleansing was so deep that the release made me nauseated. That doesn’t happen for me very often. So, afterwards, I spent 30 minutes in a Baking Soda and Epsom salts detox bath to get rid of the toxic waste that was released and felt so much better. I’d love to share more, but I think the process is still coming on. Thanks for opening me up to a deeper connection through my Higher Self and more wonderful and beautiful things to come. You truly are a blessing to all of us. I’m honored to be in your circle.

Hi Matt, I want to share with you additional transformation I’ve noticed that I can ascribe to my session with you. I’ve entered into a new level of compassionate awareness and understanding of my own inner child, which has reflected in experiencing more genuine compassion for others around me.Thank you Matt You ROCK my friend :-)”

~ Rev Tom Hudson PhD Birth Rite Technology
~ Simone Valentine,

I felt excited with an I Can Do Everything Feeling

My session with ManTarA was A-MAZ-ING!!! I had never experienced a Light Language session before; I was curious and open to all possibilities. I had been working on a new writing project where I kept finding myself stopped by a chattering brain that wanted to “figure it all out” first, interrupting my Flow. Immediately into my session with ManTarA, I felt soothing vibrating sensations around my throat and soft twitches in my right leg. I relaxed almost into a sleep state where I saw beautiful colors and pictures. When the session was over — I wanted it to last forever it felt so good — I felt excited with a “I can do everything!” feeling. Then two days afterward, when I went to sit down at my computer to resume my writing project, I played my session’s replay while wearing headphones, and the chattering brain quieted down so I could get in my zone. Thank you, Brother, ManTarA! What an enormous gift you bring to the planet!”

~ Simone Valentine, Los Angeles, CA
~ Robin Chellis,

New Levels of Awareness and Stronger Confidence

“I am so appreciative of the beautiful session I had with Matt and ManTarA. First off, Matt is so easy to talk to. His energy is kind, loving and peaceful. I was instantly at ease just being in his energy field. Then when he channeled ManTarA all I can say is holy wow! It was amazing. The energy was deep and profound. As a light worker, who also channels light language, and has worked with many powerful healers I have to say that this work is absolutely filled with light, love and healing. I was pleasantly immersed in a loving embrace of supportive energy. During my session I was deeply moved, and at the same time relaxed, as I was taken to new levels of awareness. Afterward I felt a higher level of confidence, as well as a higher level of mastery with my light language. The energy that was transmitted and the light language that was spoken is high frequency, one that opens up new and deeper channels of healing, awareness and support that was felt in every cell of my body.Thank you so much Matt and ManTarA! I am so grateful for your healing gifts.”

~ Robin Chellis, Light Code Healing
~ Grace Valador,

I feel renewed, and deeply seated into my soul

“Words cannot express the light language experience and healing that I received from ManTarA channeled by Matt! All of my past experiences that were a challenge for me floated into my consciousness and one by one floated up to the surface to be blessed and cleared. Experiences I had forgotten, but were clearly in my subconscious body and now ready to be released into the loving embrace of ManTarA. Matt excels at raising into consciousness that which needs to be released, and has a beautiful way at expanding your field of awareness and intention to the path that is now available to me. I feel renewed, and deeply seated into my soul. Namaste, Matt & ManTarA!”

~ Grace Valador, MoneyGRACE©
~ Ximena Velasquez

I was Shown the Limitless Possibilities Available to Me

“When I got an opportunity to get a session with Matt, my body jumped at it! I didn’t know what he did or how he did it. My body already knew we needed one!

At the beginning of the session when we were introducing ourselves and determining the goal/intention of the session my body had already started to buzz. It felt like champagne bubbles then when Matt started to speak in the light language, it was as if I came home. I started seeing how I can accomplish all my goals and objectives then I was shown more possibilities. It seemed to me that there must have been about four different groups of beings that came through in the session. Each time a group started to speak in the session, I’d see more and more…sometimes it was a very fast movie, other times I was experiencing what they were showing me. The day before I had been doing meditations in the 5th dimension…I was shown that I can easily just stay there. I was told to be who I truly be and brake out of my limiting shell and just fly and look at things from different angles to change perspective and find new solutions.

Matt must have spoken non-stop for about 45 minutes during which my body was vibrating higher and higher. He would speak English in certain places where I needed to open up more and allow. It was a very rewarding experience and so worth it! If you have the chance to experience it, try it…your being will thank you!!

Thank you Matt…with much love and gratitude,”

~ Ximena Velasquez
~ Aparna Vemuri

Great Spiritual Experience

“When I contacted Matt for a session my intention was to just to experience Higher Beings. When the Light Language started, I was like, wow, what is he talking about? Although Matt had warned me not to focus on sounds he makes, it took me several minutes to relax and surrender to the sounds and the energy that they created, but then I had great visions from spiritual beings like Lord Krishna, Jesus, Babaji, and few others. I completely started enjoying their presence and forgot about the sounds. Before I had this session, for the past month or so, I was not able to do my regular meditation that I have been doing for long time. After the session with ManTarA I am back to my daily meditation routine, which makes me feel so happy. Thank you so much Matt. I am glad that I had a session with you at the right time.”

~ Aparna Vemuri

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Package A
In this package you will receive:

  • 12 Powerful MP3s with English Information and Light Language versions

**Discount : 92%**
Total Package Value 
From The Transformation Show
Special Offer

Package A

Item 1:
Breathing into Expansive Joy
Value: $108

English Information MP3 6:24min

Light Language MP3 22:33min

Since the beginning of my relationship with ManTarA, utilising conscious breathing to facilitate transformation has always been emphasised probably just as much as channelling Light language to create the expansive space for that transformation to occur. And, of course, there is no hierarchy, the two processes work well together in collaboration to help you through the process as quickly and as gracefully as possible. 

This breathing process is very powerful and empowering because you can do it, anywhere, anytime, to any degree, to align yourself with what you are choosing to embody and experience, and in this Light Language session our intention is to invite you to use this breathing process to align with expansive Joy. 

Now Joy is a powerful vibration that is quite often misunderstood, and trivialised in our modern society. To us Joy is the expression of Love, or, if you like, the manifestation of Love. We have used the term Expansive Joy in the title of this session to really help you realise more of what Joy is. We are intending that this realisation will be far beyond just intellectual definitions, we are intending to help you have deeper energetic experiences of this vibration so that you can naturally reawaken the wisdom that you hold regarding this potent vibration that is Joy.

This foundational MP3 will help you to:

  • Relax and Expand into the experience of Joy
  • Habitually Breathe deeper to nourish your whole Being
  • Release the vibrations that oppose and limit Joy from your field
  • Start to attract Joyful situations into your Life
  • Become Joyful with everything you do and Be

Peeling off Unwanted Emotions in an Organized Intelligent Manner

"For me there is nothing more important now than clearing the fear and layers of negative emotions that humans seem to deal with daily. Matts work peels off these unwanted emotions in an organized intelligent manner. I feel blessed to have found his work and am enjoying it immensely. "

~ Kim Caldwell, creator of The Archangelology Series and More

The MP3 has Removed Tons of Stress/Fears from Me

"That is the most amazing thing I've ever felt. It's hard to verbalise but that is sooo big - feels like it's removed tons of stress/fears from me, and that must have been much bigger than I realised. I feel tingly and lighter. Matt/ManTarA makes my heart dance with joy and I can feel the appreciation of being.

I'm breathing better - Energy! Oxygen!

While listening to the recordings I was tearing up, crying, feeling depressed, angry and upset. My body/feet and head buzzing. I felt terrible unbearable pain in different parts of my body - like terrible kidney pain going down my leg while releasing and dissolving tons of blockages and traumas - I'm in my 60’s. I know my fear addiction and money problems are clearing once and for all.

I wish I had met Matt,ManTarA before wasting lots of money on other healing programs that only scratched the surface of my traumas/blockages etc....

Matt/ManTarA is the best teacher and guide I/you could ask for 🙂 !!!!"

~ Teresa, UK

Item 2:
Return to Childlike Innocent Fun
Value: $108

English Information MP3 3:05min

Light Language MP3 20:11min

So, we all have an inner child, and that child aspect of us is usually wounded, carrying various layers of emotional trauma, painful memories, insecurities, doubts, self worth issues, all created at various times during our childhood years. All the ways we did not feel, or perceive that we were, safe, accepted, acknowledged, loved. And many of your wounds have been carried through successive lives, reinforcing themselves through different hard childhood experienced that were basically the result of the discordant energies that were created in the lives before, In this ever tightening spiral.

Now of course inner child wounds can, and do, affect all aspects of your ability to function as a healthy and complete adult. In this Light Language session, we are intending to release the discordance, and limitations, and really bring healing to the childhood wounds that have robbed you of your innocence, and that most affect your ability to allow Joy and the experience of fun into your Life.

We will be working with the vibrations Forgiveness and Unconditional Love, to help release you from of all the judgments around the difficult, or traumatic, situations you may have experienced in childhood, so that the effects of those experiences can be released from your energetic fields and emotional healing can occur, so that you can become free to embody childlike innocence and fun

This MP3 will help you to:

  • Heal you Inner Child
  • Release emotional trauma and metal belief systems
  • Utilise Forgiveness and Compassion to Release Judgements
  • Embrace Childlike Innocence, Fun and Joy

I'm Realising that I'm Enjoying Life So Much More

"Fun is another word that has many interpretations, there have been many instances of what other people considered "fun" that just didn't resonate with me at all. The MP3s ‘Return to Childlike Innocent Fun’, and ‘Seen and Heard’ have been instrumental in my releasing both expectations (of myself) and all those serious "shoulds", and I'm realising that I'm enjoying life so much more.  

For example: I recently experienced the joy of an unexpected windfall and allowed myself the joy of spending it! 

Working with Matt is FUN!"

~ Patricia NZ

Such a Relief, as I can`t remember when I Last Felt Genuinely this Happy

"I have been working with Matt and ManTarA for over a year now, I have three of Matt`s packages and am also a member of his monthly support group. My life will never be the same again, thank goodness, and I want to carry on working with Matt and ManTarA for as long as I can.  

I have been listening to the Release the Weight of the World MP3s on a loop for most of the day and the waves are so calming that they are not intrusive no matter what I am doing. The first time I listened to Return to Childlike Innocent fun, I had a feeling of bubbles rising through my body, and I actually started to laugh. I really do feel more lighthearted and find myself smiling more and more. It is such a relief, as I can`t remember when I last felt genuinely happy. 

Matt is an amazing healer, and absolutely not the norm! He is only ever an email away and always comes replies with a helpful response. I can only say that if you feel drawn to ManTarA, then you would not be disappointed if you bought this package, but as Matt always says, you have to do "the work", which by the way is incredibly simple! 

On a final note, last week I was having coffee with some girlfriends, and they were marvelling at the changes in me, even that I hold myself differently, look younger and have an air of confidence - this after apologising for myself for most of my life. They do not know about the work I have been doing with ManTarA."

~ Lynn, UK

Item 3:
Relaxing into Your Authentic Purpose
Value: $108

English Information MP3 5:27min

Light Language MP3 20:00min

So, Purpose is one of those loaded words that carries so much charge for many of you. There is a strong belief system out there that you are here for a purpose, and so of course you natural feel that you want to fulfil your purpose, and it is also true that many of you have a deep yearning to be of services, but the desperation that is created when you believe you have to somehow find this important purpose that you have to achieve, creates such a tightness in your energy fields, and then nothing much can energetically change and you can end up feeling very stuck, frustrated, and desperate.

OK so we would like to offer you an alternative way of looking at this concept of purpose. What if you are just here to find purpose in everything you do? To act in a purposeful way basically means to choose how you respond to life from the intention to act in a way that aligns with who you are authentically, or in other words to respond from your Heart.

So as you release the contraction around needing to find the mythical, grandiose purpose, and just start following your Heart into purposeful actions you can just relax and then the resulting expansion in your energetic field allows bigger or more expansive purposeful actions or projects to become options for you to choose.

And so this thing called purpose that many people want to set in stone, as their life’s big mission to be worked towards and achieved, actually more often than not is an evolution that naturally unfolds as you just choose to follow your Heart, or follow you Joy, with the intention of being purposeful with everything you do. And yes quite often those purposeful steps are fun and reflect Joy, very rarely is following your Heart going to be serious and stressful, oh yes, you may choose to work hard, but when doing so with passion from Joy, there is no suffering in that hard work.

This MP3 will help you to:

  • Let go of the idea that there is a set purpose that you must achieve
  • Allow yourself to become purposeful with everything you do
  • Relax and enjoy your journey as purpose unfolds.
  • Allow yourself to have fun with purpose

Helped me Feel Empowered, Strong and Free to be MySelf

"Matt and ManTarA have helped me tremendously with facing my fears. With their guidance, I have an actual tool to work with versus letting my fears drown me. I've learned to surrender and work with the Divine directly instead of struggling and forcing to make something happen. They have helped me feel Empowered, Strong and Free to be myself."

Thank You,

~ S.S.

Item 4:
Being Light Hearted
Value: $108

English Information MP3 4:11min

Light Language MP3 20:22min

It’s a very common goal, for people like you, to want to be more connected to your Heart, many of you will have set intentions to operate, or choose, more often from your Heart, and also many of you want to align with the Light, to Be high vibratory, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Now the mistake most people make with these goals and desires is to try too hard to achieve them. Trying to intellectualise how to be more heart centred and aligned with the Light, trying to modify your behaviour to fit in with what you think being Heart centred and “of the Light” should be. Of course, that process involves self-judgement, and then punishment of some sort, negative self talk, etc. as you don’t measure up to what you think being Heart centred should be. It can become serious work, and trying hard to get it right, and more often than not failing, not measuring up, and therefore not being good enough, or worthy of joy, or deserving of prosperity for that matter, and well fun, that just gets labelled as just a distraction.

So this MP3 is carrying the intentions to facilitate a relaxed experience for you, of the Love radiating from your own Heart in a fun expansive way. Keeping it Light, letting go of the tendencies to make it serious. Letting go of what you believe a deeper Heart connection “should” be like based on your perceptions about what you have heard others may have experienced with their Heart

This MP3 will help you to:

  • Lighten up, and Relax, with Love
  • Release limitations to giving and receiving Love
  • Feel a more authentic connection with your own Heart
  • Radiate Love and Light in a fun expansive way from your Heart

MP3s are Easy to Work with and Very Empowering

"Working with Matt and ManTarA has been one of the best things I have ever chosen to do for myself. The MP3s are easy to work with and very empowering, allowing you to do the work that will enable you to become your authentic self and allow your Divine Light to shine out. For anyone who is truly seeking the path to Love and Light, I highly recommend investing in your self and working with Matt and ManTarA."

~ Gail

Item 5:
EnJoying the Money Game
Value: $108

English Information MP3 4:26min

Light Language MP3 22:22min

Money is a concept that carries an interesting mix of vibrations, contradictions in people’s energy fields abound when you start looking at their relationship with money. Most people want money, it represents success and status, it represents security, it represents freedom and happiness, Joy and fun. Yet many people have resistance in their subconscious, there is a wrongness to having money, a guilt, money can represent greed, and selfishness, money can represent temptation, corruption and misuse of power, money can represent laziness and stagnation. 

This push pull with money creates a lot of confusion, frustration and contraction in the energy fields, simultaneously wanting money, as it seems like the solution to much of your problems and suffering, and at the same time experiencing resistance to having it, which quite often manifests as sabotaging behaviours. To add to this dynamic there is then the issue of what you need to do to get the money. How much fun can you really have with the money that you earn through your hard work when you remember what you had to do to get that money? 

The idea that you only should get money if you sacrifice yourself in some way to earn it, is possibly at the root of much of your money troubles. So, lets clear that belief. Plenty of people out there in the world have an easy supply of money flowing to them so it is clearly not the way it has to be. 

The intentions of this MP3 is to create the space for you to allow all your limiting beliefs, and funky energies, around money, why you “want” it, what’s stopping you from having it, what you must do to earn it, whether you are worthy to hold it, or if it is safe to be seen with it, all that stuff, to be released. So that you can embrace the freedom to authentically EnJoy all aspects of the money 

This MP3 will help you to:

  • Clear Your limitations around Money
  • Release the desperation around needing Money
  • Clear all your Limiting beliefs around earning Money
  • Naturally EnJoy the process of earning and having Money

Reassurance that I Am Capable of Playing the Money Game

"I was quite looking forward to testing this one due to recent work events that have left me stressed. I felt relaxed after listening to this. I have the feeling of reassurance that I am quite capable in playing the money game and feel relaxed about the game. "

~ Christine NZ

Item 6:
Seen AND Heard, As Real as You Naturally Are
Value: $108

English Information MP3 4:19min

Light Language MP3 20:20min

In this MP3, we are intending to help you undo some of the child hood programing that has robbed you of the ability to have fun and be exuberant and Joyous. For many of us growing up fun and exuberance was only allowed in short bursts, usually when out of earshot of adults. And while it is probably not so common today, many of you will have been on the wrong end of the saying that “children should be seen and not heard”, amongst other very limiting expressions that encouraged children to grow up way faster than is mentally and emotionally healthy. 

Our societies send children as young as four off to school to start their training to be useful cogs in the consumer machine of society. And when they get home from school many children are faced with parents who are so stressed out from trying to either survive or succeed in this consumer society that they cannot tolerate children having fun anywhere near them. 

From our observations of our parents and our early experience of school, we soon learn that the world is a serious place, with serious consequences for not complying with the limiting rules, serious consequences for not succeeding, serious consequences for not being accepted or liked, or fitting in, a world that is competitive in nature and unforgiving of mistakes, a world of judgement and of punishment. We learnt that expressing our joy and having fun quite often upset people, (because it triggered them about the sacrifices they had chosen to make), even the people who we believed loved us, and we certainly felt that we should please those people. 

“Life is not supposed to be easy you know” was one I heard many times through my childhood, and it made sense at the time, because it certainly did not look easy from my observation of my parents and others. And as I struggled to fit in with the other kids it certainly did not feel easy from my own experience. 

“You will have to be quiet and play in your room, your father has had a hard day at work”, or “please don’t make so much noise my nerves are shot”. Then as I grew older it was “make sure you study hard so you can get a good job and earn enough money so you won’t have to struggle to survive”. And I am sure you all have your own versions of how your child hood enthusiasm for life and exuberant Joy and fun was diminished, and replaced with survival pressure and desperation. 

So with this MP3 we are intending to press delete on all of those beliefs, and all the ones that we are not even aware of, that are making fun and joyful expression wrong, or immature, so that we can more easily allow fun and Joy and expansive expression back into our lives and thus create the space for similar experiences to manifest. 

This MP3 will help you to:

  • Release your childhood programing about the wrongness of Fun and Exuberance
  • Relax and Enjoy childlike Fun without feeling Guilty
  • Release the indoctrinations about the seriousness of needing to follow the rules
  • Embrace an expansive attitude to authentic Fun and Joy

I've been Seeing and Feeling Amazing Results in My Life

"Dear Matt,
I have been enjoying working with the MP3's of Releasing the Weight of the World and I don't know if all the other work that I've done with you and ManTarA is coming to fruition or if it's this package, but I've been seeing and feeling amazing results in my life, lately. My authentic confidence level is soaring. Friends and colleagues are noticing. I'm getting calls from people wanting to work with me. Irecently embraced another level of trust and joy, allowing my authentic self to be seen fully on stage (and off). I'm relaxing around new and important life choices I have recently made (from the heart) and have been feeling very light and trusting around not yet knowing what the future will bring. I've been sleeping like a baby and even laughed out loud in my dreams and woke myself up! I absolutely love the waves, which I find so soothing and relaxing for even more depth of feeling. I'm soooo thankful for the possibility of growing and healing with you and ManTarA by my side. It's wonderful work. Exactly what I needed to learn to step into life more expansively and enjoy mySelf!Thank you, thank you, thank you! I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to go deep into joy and lightness. This work is very inspiring!"

~ Betty, France

Item 7:
Spiritual Transformation is Easy and Fun
Value: $108

English Information MP3 5:27min

Light Language MP3 21:11min

Why do you not believe that Spiritual Transformation is Easy and Fun? 

Well because you have had so many experiences in the past, either just yesterday or 16 lifetimes ago, that proves that your quest for spiritual transformation and growth is not easy or particularly fun. And it is true for most of us that it has not been, and many of you will be carry beliefs that it is not even supposed to be. 

So this is your invitation to let go of your past experience with the process of transformation and choose how you would like to experience that process now. 

So just to be clear, I don’t want to lead you up the garden path and set you up with expectations that will leave you disappointed, you will still need to go through the process of releasing your discordant stuff from your field and that for most people may feel a little uncomfortable, I don’t believe it has to be that way, but for many it will be. Now the thing to get is that discomfort does not need to be suffering, nor does it need to preclude easy and fun. 

Many people slow down and limit their transformation by trying to avoid the discomfort of their releases. The perception that discomfort is wrong and to be avoided is quite strong in our modern society and it creates an energetic contraction around the experience that not only makes the discomfort worse but it limits how easily and completely the release can proceed. 

So a big part of allowing the process to be easy and fun is letting go of the resistance towards the discomfort. What you resist will persist, as you let go of your resistance towards the discomfort it actually diminishes, I know that is the opposite to how you have been trained but it is my experience that is how it functions. And further more what I have observed is the more fun and lightness you can bring to your process the faster and the easier you can transform your energy fields and find the freedom and the Joy that is on the other side of releasing limitations from your life. 

Now of course there are also a range of beliefs that have been perpetuated through out our society, and specifically our religious organisations, that many of you have picked up over the last few thousand years that go along the lines that spiritual growth is supposed to be hard, and God, Source, Universe, will only reward you with progress or enlightenment or access to Heaven if you pass the Tests of suffering. The idea that suffering is the way you pay your karma or atone for your sins, has played a strong part in many of the accepted spiritual paths. Many of you at some point have actively prayed for more suffering in your life so that you might become closer to God. 

This MP3 will help you to:

  • Release of all of your various resistances to discomfort.
  • Release all of the beliefs, as well as the vows, oaths, promises and contracts that you have made through all time that limit your ability to choose Fun and Ease with your Transformation.
  • Let go of the idea that you need to suffer in order to grow.
  • Embrace Fun and Ease as part of your Transformational Process.

I can feel my Connection to Source Grow Stronger each Day

"Working with Matt Andrews and ManTarA has been the most rewarding, exciting, supportive, down to earth, fun and so transformational served with energetic waves of powerful insights you can relate to where ever you are on your awakening path. My experience with Matt's work has helped form the foundation I really needed to open up and grow over this last year. I have many MP3s which help support me in so many ways and listening to them immediately brings me the relief, calm, nurturing, or release I need in the moment. ManTarA’s continuous energetic support held by Matt's daily meditations of setting intentions of holding a space for everyone in his groups or doing his packages gives that extra boost of support we may need during the day. Knowing we are held in a space of love, joy and nurturing makes each release, and Aha moment flow in with more ease and grace. ManTarA’s work has given me more confidence and allowed my authentic Self to emerge more and given me the courage to open up to my divinity and also allowed more self respect which in turn has given me more time to commit to my path and I can feel my connection to source stronger each day. 

Matt walks his talk and is totally committed as a facilitator of transformation and a channel for ManTarA to guide you, support you, hold your hand as you move forward. If you are willing to put in the time, then you will be blown away by all the tools, advice, meditations, live streams and all the multitude of genuine ways Matt makes himself available to answer your questions or concerns that pops up. If you resonate with Matt and ManTarA’s work or if you are sitting on the fence, do yourself a favour and take the plunge and you will find a fun, down to earth, very respectful and considerate man who will tune in and find the words that will create the Aha moments so you are certain to find a trail of treasures just through listening and speaking with him. Matt and ManTarA a great team I am so honoured to have had this opportunity to be a part of, for when you work with this dynamic team you become part of the team, you are honoured and loved just as you are, it is like going through life with your hand held."

~ Anna

Item 8:
Confident to be Me, just as I Be
Value: $108

English Information MP3 4:04min

Light Language MP3 22:22min

Well a big part of being able to embrace Joy and Fun in a really authentic way in this world is to be happy with who you are, to be confident enough to show up and be seen as you feel to be in any moment, as light Hearted or as serious as you feel to be, as quirky, kooky, fun Loving, authentically Joyful, or childlike as you desire. 

Most people can’t do this, most people are too afraid of being judged and rejected if they just show up as their true self, so most people put a lot of effort into taking on roles and labels, wearing the costumes that they believe other people want them to be. Many people no longer even have access to who they are authentically anymore as they have invested so much into their disguise that they have lost themselves in it. 

Now even those who are portraying to the world that they are happy go lucky, laughing all the time, etc. are quite often not really feeling happy at their core or in their Heart. They are more worried about whether others around them are identifying with the “happy” image that they are portraying, than actually allowing themselves to really experience the fun. 

And of course there are many of you that are drawn to the spiritual path that feel compelled to take on an image that fits with that. And many of those personas make the spiritual path and life itself a very serious business, as things need to be done “right” in order for success. Many spiritual paths place fun and pleasure as a distraction at best and some paths go further to label them as temptation or worse. 

So this MP3 is intended to help you clear around all of that, so that you can more easily choose to align with your deep authentic confidence and allow yourself to feel safe enough to peel away your costumes and worthy enough to just be seen as you are, so that you can have fun and experience Joy within the purpose of just being yourself and sharing your Light. 

Aligning with your confidence to be visible, transparent and authentic in how you show up in the world is immensely freeing and deeply satisfying. The process is fundamentally Heart based, you cannot think your way into authenticity, it just bubbles out of you when you are confident to drop your costumes. And as you allow yourself to make this transformation you become a beacon and an invitation to others to do the same, and the blessings ripple out in an exponential way. 

This MP3 will help you to:

  • Release the need to show up as you think others want you to be.
  • Let go of the labels you are maintaining no matter how virtuous they are.
  • Align with your confidence and show up authentically as you feel to Be.
  • Have Fun, and experience Joy and Purpose in just Being Yourself.

Relaxed into Confidence and Facilitated a Well Received Work Training

"On ‘Confident to Be Me’, these topics touched my upbringing. Releasing some childhood discouragements such as being slapped if I were silly. Also, one has to "work hard" or not deserve, and you can't enjoy work, I realised that I have that mantra too, and that is why I have been in "crazy busy" environments. I'm busy and can keep up to prove I'm worthy. When I was a kid my mother would say "I work my fingers to the bones". and as a kid I would try to imagine that. Really getting on my mother's nerves, this reached some deep memories that I thought I've let go. It's ok to show up as I am. I've had so much worthiness and self judgmental ways classified as "shy" but not being recognized I so much wanted to join in, but it scared me to the bone, if someone were to say "die of embarrassment" that was me. As much as this has been a long journey to break lose that energy, this MP3 helped me break more lose, really crying through it. And positive results, I listened to this before doing a training class for colleagues, and I felt so relaxed, no jumpiness or talking too fast, and the training was well received, I even recorded the session and wasn't embarrassed hearing myself on the recording (a past issue I've had)."

~ Jeanne

Item 9:
Claiming my Innate Worth
Value: $108

English Information MP3 4:55min

Light Language MP3 20:02min

Well, I know this might sound obvious and too simple, but, if you don’t feel inherently worthy of experiencing Joy and having Fun, then no matter how hard you try it is unlikely that you will experience Joy and have Fun in your life. 

Now we better clarify that that this unworthiness that you may be carrying is quite often hidden quite deep in the subconscious. Many people are unaware that they are carrying this underlying vibration in their field, and are left very confused as to why they seem to not be capable of achieving what they want. 

One of the more obvious clues that self-worth is limited by something, is the tendency to want to please others. The desire for acceptance and acknowledgement is usually driven by the deep doubts or feelings that you are not good enough, and thus you look to counteract that with external approval from others. The painful fact is that the energy of low self Worth and doubt taints all your efforts to win that approval, and for many people no matter how hard they try to please others they experience rejection, which further reinforces their low Self Worth and the cycle tightens. Obviously that is not a recipe for Joy or Fun. 

Low Self Worth is very prevalent amongst Light Workers, as most of You have experienced heavy trauma and severe persecution throughout many of your recent past lives spanning the last few thousand years. And while those experiences were not “wrong” from the higher perspective (Soul wisdom was gained) they have left residues of emotional Trauma, and the beliefs systems in your field to justify that behaviour. If you are continually being punished sooner or later you, on the personality level, are going to believe that you are wrong and deserve the punishment. And so, as you came and stood for Light in times that were ruled by darkness this low self-worth indoctrination has been the outcome. 

So, the first thing is to recognise that this deep indoctrination may well be in your field, limiting your ability to enjoy your life. This awareness is very useful, because it helps you to release some of the desperation and wrongness you may be feeling about yourself right now. I know I beat myself up for many years for not being able to enJoy life, for not being able to feel truly grateful for this gift of life, (it’s very hard to be grateful for something that you don’t feel worthy of having). 

Remember that Joy and Fun is your birthright as a Divine Being of Light, and you do not need to prove yourself worthy or good enough to earn that experience. Joy is not handed out by God, Source, Universe as reward for those who have worked hard, or done the “right” thing, letting go of those belief systems will really serve you, and allow you to relax, let go of the idea that you have been judged or punished by a power outside of yourself. 

As always, the most graceful and efficient path forward is to focus on what you are choosing rather than what you are releasing. You are worthy and deserving of Joy and Fun, keep choosing it, and allow the discordance to release. 

This MP3 will help you to:

  • Identify and Accept that your Self Worth has been diminished due to past experiences and you are not inherently broken, or incapable of being happy.
  • Let go of the idea that your life is hard because you must have done the “wrong” thing in the past, and now you are being punished.
  • Embrace your innate worthiness and allow it to facilitate your transformation into Joy and Fun

A Huge Gain in Self Worth and Confidence

"Previously I had done a lot of inner work and healing work, and yet from working with Matt and ManTarA I have received remarkable results. My major breakthrough has been a huge gain in self worth and confidence, which was a major issue throughout my life. I came to the May immersion program with an open mind, and really wondering why I’m trying yet another healing journey. I had half given up that a good life is for me, very heartbroken that although I could access my intuition; I could not put things into action due to self-esteem and worth issues. Matt is an amazing facilitator of transformation, holding a loving space, and looking out for your best interest. A great hearted man. I love the combination of Empowerment with support and Matt’s wisdom, making the experience fun and effective. I have accessed greater trust in my intuition, focus and feel great and excited to be alive, experiencing all life offers. I also developed a deeper relationship with Spirit. I feel empowered.Life is All good. Thank you Matt and ManTarA."

~ Michelle, Sydney

Item 10:
Playful Intimacy
Value: $108

English Information MP3 3:48min

Light Language MP3 20:44min

For many humans intimacy is not something that they would normally regard as playful, or fun. For many intimacy is scary, due to memories of past intimate experiences that were painful. There is a level of vulnerability that naturally comes with intimacy, and by its very nature vulnerability can invite fear and doubt. There have also been various indoctrinated expectations about what intimate relationship should be like, and those expectations create pressure and seriousness as you try to compare yourself and your relationships to those expectations. 

Trying to do intimacy "right" and live up to unrealistic expectations makes it very hard to actually enjoy intimate experiences. Of course, "intimate experiences" covers a large range of activities, and there are naturally aspects of intimacy in many of your relationships. Whenever you allow yourself to share your heart, your deeper emotions, your fears, with another person or group it is intimate, and many people have trouble relaxing enough to make that experience naturally enjoyable. And then with acts of physical intimacy there is generally a larger range of complexes that interfere with your ability to relax into joy and express yourself authentically through the range of emotions and feelings that accompany the experience. 

To be able to relax in these intimate experiences it is necessary to have a level of authentic energetic confidence that comes from a foundation of feeling inherently safe and worthy. Of course, through many lifetimes of experience in intimate situations we have all had experiences that have undermined our ability to feel safe and to feel worthy. And while it is normal for humans to hang onto such disempowering experiences and feel like a victim of circumstance, and want to blame the other people involved, that really doesn't serve you. 

So, this Light Language session is intended to create space where you can energetically relax and allow transformation to occur in your field with the intention of releasing the painful, or traumatic, experiences from the past and the indoctrinated expectations, and beliefs, that you hold around the topic of intimacy. We will work with the vibration of forgiveness to release you from the energetic limitations that past painful experiences with intimacy have left you with. 

Our overall intention is to facilitate an experience that results in you being more able to relax and enjoy intimacy in all its different forms. Allowing an expansion in your field that invites fun and playfulness, and authentic communication and behaviour into your intimate relationships. 

This MP3 will help you to:

  • Release the painful, or traumatic, experiences from past intimate interactions.
  • Release indoctrinated expectations, and beliefs, that you hold around the topic of intimacy,
  • Be more able to relax and Enjoy Intimacy in all its different forms.
  • Invite fun and playfulness, with authentic communication and behaviour into your intimate relationships.

Helped my very Closed Wounded Heart and Wounded Sexual Self to Heal

"I was really overjoyed when the much awaited Fun & Joy with Purpose Package of Matt,ManTarA was released for testing. It really felt like such a Godsend. I love all the MP3s in the package. They all serve a very special purpose for different reasons. I was personally guided to play the "Release the Weight of the World" MP3s first. It helped me get to the root cause(s) of all my outer problems. The root cause was something from an ancient life. So instead of fighting the outer symptoms like I used to, I now have the clarity as to what I really must allow to happen in order for my outer problems to be resolved. It's really awesome that we now have the waves version to listen to as it's very conducive for playing on loop when sleeping.  

I then tried playing some of the other MP3s when I needed to lighten the heaviness in my heart and my energy field and I really felt much lighter and freer after that. Playing the "Return to Childlike Innocent Fun" and " Playful Intimacy" has really helped my very closed wounded heart and wounded sexual self to heal and open up gently and steadily. It has been deeply comforting and I am now resolving some very deep seated sexual issues that I had been carrying around for a long time. The releases have been at the core level and so I feel very much more confident and liberated now. My body has been opening up immensely after a long time and allowing energies to flow through more freely. I play the MP3s on loop the whole day on very low volume. I would find it difficult to get through the day without them. Matt's compassionate guidance and support during this time have been invaluable and I am in deep appreciation of his/ManTarA’s work and presence in my life. I personally find this package to be one of a kind."

~ Yogeswari, Singapore

Item 11:
Manifest a Miracle with Laughter
Value: $108

English Information MP3 4:11min

Light Language MP3 20:20min

So, how can laughter possibly manifest a miracle? 

Well the key is to remember that when you are desperate, when you are trying hard to solve any issue, or fix something, that the effort creates a contraction in your energetic field that limits energetic change, that limits the ability for the discordant energy from the past that has attracted the situation you are trying to rectify, from actually releasing so that you can be free of it and the resultant situation. Trying to change the external world by focusing on the problems simply does not work very well. 

Relaxation is the key to allowing the discordant energies from within your field to release. And Laughter is a great aid to relaxation. Laughter releases stress and breaks through that “trying hard” desperation. 

And just to be clear, that to us “laughter” is all high vibrational, joyful, fun, light hearted experiences, and is not limited to the physical act of laughing, although the physical act can definitely help break up heavy energy, and some people use the act itself as a therapy to do just that with the aim of allowing more high vibrations to be experienced. Choose to be natural with that, and do not make your version of “laughter” less than what you perceive others are capable of. Your authenticity is most important with everything you do, so let go of your judgements, and mental beliefs, and just go with the guidance from your own Heart. 

So this Light Language Session is intending to facilitate your relaxation into Joy, Fun and Laughter, so that the most benevolent outcomes can be experienced in your life, despite you not intellectually understanding how it is possible for them to manifest. We are intending to create a supportive space that is conducive to you expanding past your mental limitations, past what you believe is possible, past your desperation, past what you think has to happen in order for you to feel Joy and happiness in your Life. So that you can be free to choose how you would like to Be in any moment. And for many of you that that sounds like a miracle in itself. But for us that is not a miracle, it is just the natural law of the universe. 

This MP3 will help you to:

  • Release “trying hard” and desperation so that you can Relax and Laugh more often.
  • Trust, that as you Relax and Lighten up your Life will become Easier.
  • Bring more Joy and fun into normal moments in your daily life.
  • Using the expansive nature of Joy and Fun to invite magic and miracles to frequent your life experience.

Item 12:
Timeless Fun
Value: $108

English Information MP3 3:30min

Light Language MP3 21:33min

Well, most humans have a love-hate relationship with time. We all wish to spend our time doing things we enjoy, and yet there never seems to be enough time. Time constraints play a part in most of the stress that humans contended with on a daily basis. Most humans spend much of their time worrying about the past or concerned about the possible future, and have precious time left to enjoy the present moment. 

In our modern society, we are ruled by the clock, so much of our daily life has become routine, and while this routine relieves of the need to spend time thinking about what we will do next, it has also isolated us from our intuitive knowing. We eat at predetermined times, rather than when we feel hungry. We go to bed, and get up, at predetermined times rather than when we feel the natural urge to. We have set amounts of time for how long we expect things will take based on what we have experienced in the past and what other people have told us, and this of course influences how long it actually takes, rather than allowing divine timing to occur. 

And then when it comes to expectations and the passing of time, the most disturbing and painful example for many people is that of ageing. Ageing of course is a belief, and it is a belief that is individual to different people, based on what they have observed in their past. In communities where it is normal for people to stay healthy well into their 80s and 90s then that is expected and that is what usually occurs. And then in other communities where people show the effects of age-related ill-health at 40, 50, or 60 then that expectation is also usually experienced. And while it is true that many factors go into how the human biology deteriorates as time progresses such as diet, stress, exercise, etc. the fact is that the expectations that people hold play a large role in the process of ageing that is experienced by humans. And so, the demonization of time is in some ways nothing more than a conspiracy that keeps humans in a state of stress. 

In this light language session, our intention is to create an expansive space with the intention of loosening your contracted concepts and beliefs around the construct of time, all the ways you have fought with time and resisted the flow of time, and your limited beliefs around ageing. It is our intentions to help you relax past limitations and the discomfort that your current understanding of time has inflicted on you. We aim to release you from the burden of the clock, and deadlines, so that you can enjoy timeless fun and timeless good health. 

This MP3 will help you to:

  • Releasing the pressure of deadlines and time constraints and the burden of the clock.
  • Release your limiting beliefs around ageing, and physical degeneration.
  • Stay in the Present Moment, and Live a more Stress Free and Happy Life.
  • Embrace Timeless Fun, and Timeless good Health.

Relaxing into Authentic Intimacy with Joy, Fun and Purpose

Recorded group call 90min

Intimacy and sexuality is an area that many people struggle with, and certainly the concept of being able to Relax and have Fun in intimate situations is beyond what many can manage. We have been conditioned by society to be very concerned with doing intimacy “right”, trying to live up to very unrealistic expectations of romance, body image, and performance, that puts so much pressure on both parties that Relaxing into Authentic Joy and Pleasure is next to impossible. Furthermore, many of you are also dealing with religious or spiritual indoctrinations from the past, this life or before, about the sinful, or at least distraction from God, nature of sexual pleasure. So, allowing yourself to find the true spiritual purpose of intimate experience is not easy when you are dealing with the guilt created from these limiting beliefs and the contraction and the desperation of the performance pressure and unrealistic expectations.

So, we have set ourselves the quite task in this 90-min group call to unravel all of these discordant beliefs and limiting energies with the intentions to facilitate your freedom to truly allow yourself to relax in intimate situations so that you can maintain your authenticity, express yourself, communicate your desires, and experience Joy and Fun, and also embrace the deeper purpose of enjoying that intimate experience. We will create the conducive conditions for your transformation around this topic with both English dialogue and ManTarA’s unique powerful Light Language transmissions, working both with your conscious mind and well beyond it in the quantum field with your Higher Self.

Discount Code to ManTarA’s Retreat in Bali

Discover Yourself via the 5 Elements
29th April - 5th May 2018

Come on retreat with us and allow inspiration from an exploration of the 5 different elements to facilitate a deep dive discovery process of your own inherent true nature. Our overriding Intention for the week will be to facilitate a gentle release of any energy that is limiting your ability to truly Know and Be Yourself, so that you emerge from this experience with more Authentic Confidence, a greater sense of Freedom and Peace, a deeper degree of Self Love, and an overall higher level of Happiness.


We will use the theme of a different element (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space) each day to inspire our collaborative facilitation of your discovery process as you get to immerse yourself in the program of Guided Meditations, appropriate level Yoga practices, Light Language energy process’s, interactive discussions, mini workshops, conscious eating, and still plenty of personal time to enjoy swimming, sun basking, walks in nature and spa treatments. 

Join us for a week long journey of learning, transformation, inspiration and Joy. The beautiful and tranquil surroundings will also play a large part in your healing experience.

Delight in Bali's warmth, magic and tropical fruit as you nourish and nurture your mind and body. Everything will be taken care of for you. Sit back, relax and prepare to be pampered. Everyone is welcome. 

The Supplied Code will discount the price to $2200 NZD
(approx. $1580 USD depending on exchange rates)
$500 NZD of the full price

Exclusive Gift for The Transformation Show Community

Lighten Up and Embrace Fun - MP3

Value: $54

The vibration of Fun has not been given much significance on most spiritual paths in recent history, and many of you have adopted this very serious attitude, as you have tried to diligently practice being spiritual and fix yourselves or prove yourselves worthy. Now this seriousness and “trying hard” vibration leads to a contraction in your energy field that actually slows the process of transformation down significantly. So, with this Light Language MP3 we are intending to help you Lighten up, to relax, and invite the high vibration of Fun into your Life so that you can allow more expansion and freedom in your field and thus allow the process of releasing your density to occur more comfortably, gracefully, and quickly. We intend to help you release the negative connotations that the vibration of fun has been indoctrinated with, letting go of the idea that fun is a waste of time, a distraction, a childish pursuit to indulge in, so that you can let go of your guilt around having high vibrational fun and enjoying Laughter.

Package A

12 Powerful MP3s with English Information and Light Language versions

Total Package Value $1296
From Transformation Show Special Offer Only $99
***92% Saving


Package B
In this package you will receive:

  • 12 Powerful MP3s with English Information and Light Language versions
  • 8 Live Calls covering 4 modules
  • RTWW MP3 set
  • Up to 56 days of remote energy support and closed Face Book Group

4 Weekly Modules each will consist of two live calls.

A 90min Channelled Angelic Light Language call, to address the topic with both practical information to help your intellectual mind to evolve, and ManTarA’s Light Language to work beyond your mind with the underlying energetic causes behind the misbalance you are experiencing.

A 120min Q&A Call to provide additional support for all facilitated by working specifically with individuals to answer questions with both information and potent transformational energies from ManTarA via Light Language and Direct Intent.

Item 13:
Aligning with Joy
Value: $108

4 Weekly Modules each will consist of two live calls.

A 90min Channelled Angelic Light Language call, to address the topic with both practical information to help your intellectual mind to evolve, and ManTarA’s Light Language to work beyond your mind with the underlying energetic causes behind the misbalance you are experiencing.

A 120min Q&A Call to provide additional support for all facilitated by working specifically with individuals to answer questions with both information and potent transformational energies from ManTarA via Light Language and Direct Intent.

Item 14:
Choosing Fun
Value: $108

Live Light Language Call 90min Sunday 16th July 3.30pm Central US $108

Live Q&A Call 120min Thursday 20th July 3.30pm Central US $108

The concept of Fun is also quite misunderstood and even manipulated in many sections of our society. Fun has been made a commodity by those who rule our society, used as a reward for those who can afford it because they worked hard all week and have some money left after buying their survival. And for others, especially certain spiritual communities, Fun has been much maligned and labelled as a waste of time, or even a distraction from your relationship with God.

So, in this module we are intending to facilitate a release of all of that indoctrinated belief, and help you all to embrace Fun as an authentically expansive and transformative vibration. Assisting with an understanding, and an invitation, for fun to be used in your life in a very natural and simple way, in day to day life, to create the openings for your life to flow more smoothly and gracefully into more authentic expression of who you are.

My Tummy is nicely Flat again and my Energy is High and Strong

"I bought the package and I am very content with the results. After some time of just surrendering the “sound carpets” of ManTarA I simply fell in love with the energy waves and the contents of the different MP3s, which I found very wisely chosen from the subjects and great comments and introductions from Matt. Everything just fitted.

When I had the private session with Matt, I enjoyed his warmhearted and authentic enthusiasm and determination to help and turn things around for the best outcome. I could see a lot of energy moving and had hot spirals coming out of my hands.

ManTarA feels like good friends since then.

Once again I was thrilled by the group call. Listening to the replay I experienced once again a deep clearing, especially in my solar plexus area. Since then my tummy is nicely flat again and my energy throughout the day is astonishing high and strong!

Blessings to all of you for your work with a huge THANK YOU!"

Much love to you Matt,

~ Bianca from Germany

Item 15:
Being Purposeful
Value: $108

Live Light Language Call 90min Sunday 23rd July 3.30pm Central US $108

Live Q&A Call 120min Thursday 27th July 3.30pm Central US $108

Many people have a very disempowered relationship with what they consider purpose, in that they feel that purpose is what they need to get or find, like a divine mission, that will then bring them satisfaction and happiness. We see Purpose more as a state of being, rather than a plan to achieve something. As you relax around having to find, and then accomplish, your purpose, you naturally can become more purposeful with everything you do. You allow your purpose to simply BE your Authentic Self, and then you find that more and more of what you are drawn to do has purpose. 

So, again we have intentions to release many indoctrinated beliefs that are maintaining this disempowered relationship with purpose and keeping you from feeling satisfied, free, and happy. We are intending to bring a relaxation around finding your Purpose and an empowerment to live on Purpose.

Item 16:
Embracing Joy and Fun with Purpose
Value: $108

Live Light Language Call 90min Sunday 30th July 3.30pm Central US $108

Live Q&A Call 120min Thursday 3rd August 3.30pm Central US $108

In the final week of our immersive program, we are intending to bring it all together and consolidate the interaction between Joy, Fun, and Purpose as it pertains to helping you transform your Life from your inner most core out into the external world. Choosing Happiness and then experiencing Happy situations as they reflect back to you. Helping you to release the need to focus on fixing your problems but rather allow your life to expand out past those problems in an easy and graceful way, so that you can Embrace Joy and Fun with Purpose.

Item 17:
Release the Weight of the World
Value: $342

18 Loopable tracks 6min each MP3.

2 versions; either original Light Language,
or Layered behind an Ambient gentle wave soundtrack

This series of 6min, Channelled Angelic Light Language Sessions was created to give you the flexibility to customise a loop-able program for yourself with the overriding intention of releasing you from carrying the weight of the world.

There are 18 specific burdens that ManTarA has identified as being particularly limiting to you as a Being of Light, and we have recorded a 6min Light Language session for each one. So you can work with any number of these in combination or singularly making play lists and playing on repeat. You can play this and consciously listen sometimes and/or play it subconsciously into your space either on low volume or no volume, while you work, rest, or sleep. There is a version where the Light Language tracks have been layered beneath an ambient sound track of gentle waves lapping on the shore washing the burdens away.

Now although we are addressing each of the burdens that are listed, the way ManTarA works with your Higher Self is to enhance the vibrational opposite of what we are intending to release so that the process can flow in an empowered way, and the releases can easily complete.

  • 1

    Release Responsibility by Embracing Trust (in God, Source, Universe)

  • 2

    Release Burden by Embracing Freedom

  • 3

    Release the need for Acceptance by Embracing Self Worth

  • 4

    Release Fear by Embracing Inherent Safety

  • 5

    Release Doubt by Embracing Authentic Confidence

  • 6

    Release Stress by Embracing Relaxation

  • 7

    Release Struggle by Embracing Grace

  • 8

    Release Seriousness by Embracing Expansive Fun

  • 9

    Release Judgment by Embracing Self-Acceptance

  • 10

    Release Guilt and Shame by Embracing Self-Forgiveness

  • 11

    Release Sacrifice by Embracing Joyful Service

  • 12

    Release wanting Perfection by Embracing Satisfaction

  • 13

    Release Illusions & Delusion by Embracing Awareness and Clarity

  • 14

    Release Rigidity by Embracing Spontaneity and Flexibility

  • 15

    Release Lack mentality by Embracing Prosperity Consciousness

  • 16

    Release Impatience by Embracing Divine Timing

  • 17

    Release Expectations by Embracing Magic and Miracles

  • 18

    Release Limiting Roles and Titles by Embracing Authenticity

Item 18:
Remote Energy Support and A Closed Face Book Group
Value: $588

Up to 56 days of remote energy support from the moment you purchase till 8th August

We will work with the whole group as well as with You as an individual for at least half an hour every day for the four weeks that the live calls are on. Our intention will be to support you in releasing those discordant energies from your field that have been keeping you out of the experience of Divine Authentic Confidence, Self Worth and Love and the freedom on all levels that results from embodying that Divine state. We will be channelling, direct to you, beautiful compassionate energies that will help you feel safe and confident to allow this transformational process to proceed quickly and easily.

You will also have the support of the whole community at your disposal via the private Facebook group, and we have found that such support both physically being able to connect with other committed spiritual people and energetically just knowing they are there is so valuable in providing the confidence and support to allow huge changes in your energetic make up and thus in your external experience of life. We also give a lot of additional content via the FB Group in the form of live stream videos and answers to people's questions.

Package B

Total Package Value $3,090
From Transformation Show Special Offer Only $147
***95% Saving


Package C
In this package you will receive:

  • All of Package A & B Plus
  • A 60 min Private Session

Item 19:
60 min Private Session with ManTarA
Value: $297

This is an opportunity to have ManTarA address your personal issues or limitations and have specific energies brought forth to assist you in expanding into your greater potential and releasing the deep discordant energies from your field that have been attracting unpleasant situations into your life.

The format of this session will be tailored to suit your requirements. As well as working with the Light Language to facilitate expansion on the energetic front we also quite often support the work with coaching style practical steps to empower you in the process and help your intellectual mind to evolve and become more allowing of the process. Although we work in an intuitive way we do not do “readings” as such, we are much more interested in facilitating the energies required for you to become empowered enough to know for yourself. The session will be recorded.

Package C

Total Package Value $3,387
From Transformation Show Special Offer Only $197
***94% Saving



Direct Loving Advise

"I have had several of Matt’s healing sessions and have found them profoundly life changing. The pure angelic team that he channels have given me direct, loving advice that I have never experienced before with any other healer. Listening and taking action have helped to guide my life to a more positive, rewarding, and meaningful direction. It is very similar to having an honest conversation with yourself, but it is very difficult to get the same level of clarity on your own. Matt has a unique gift and delivers the healing sessions in such a grounded, practical, easy to understand way. He is a very trustworthy person with high levels of integrity and a very giving, generous heart. I am sure with his deep sincere desire to help many people; he will be very successful in his healing work. Wishing him all the very best."

~ Tanya Griffin, NZ

I am Happy and truly at Peace

Matt Andrews and ManTarA is the real deal. Anyone who is willing to work on them-selves and grow shouldn't think twice. They are a true blessing for everyone who has worked with them. Matt is always available for his clients and extremely caring. When I first started working with Matt and ManTarA last October/November I was a complete mess. I felt I was getting nowhere in my life, I was fed up and more than once wanted to end everything. Today 4/5 months down the line I can say I am Happy and truly at peace. Even if there are things that still need to sort itself out, I know I am on the right path. I keep hearing people say I am glowing and I look peaceful. I have also been losing weight without changing anything in my diet nor do I exercise. I owe who I have become to Matt and ManTarA. I am and will always truly be grateful to Matt and ManTarA.

Nishna Rambocus, Maruritius

A Clump from My Throat Disappeared

"I have worked on my fears lately and a lot was coming up to be released. In other words, I was feeling best on my sofa avoiding the issues. I was more than happy to use ManTarA’s “Release the Fear” recordings and find out if it could help me move further forward. I must confess, that the idea of consciously listening and working with those energies made me anxious. I listened to all 21 tracks in the background, while working on my computer. Half way trough I began breathing deeply and a clump from my throat disappeared. I have a long way to go when it comes to anxiety, but I believe that those recordings can certainly help me with ‘getting there’. Thank you."


$1000 Bonus

I listened to the recording last night and it was great, very powerful as you said it would be. I had quite an unsettled sleep but I could really feel the energy at work whilst sleeping. Anyway the recording was great and it feels awesome to have access to it whenever I like. An interesting thing happened today also, I got a text from my boss to come to his office and speak to him. I was shitting myself going in there, thinking I was getting sacked or reprimanded, and he gives me a $1000 bonus, so awesome I had to email you and tell you. I'm still chuckling to myself about it. These recordings work fast.

Mitch, Tauranga NZ, Reawaken Your Brilliance

Empowered to know that I have the Answers

I first saw ManTarA’s videos on YouTube and while I didn’t understand light language and most often fell asleep listening, I always felt better afterwards. After some live group calls, I felt really moved to work with ManTarA. What I appreciate most is that a session is part coaching and part energy healing. This benefits me because after ManTarA’s energies have supported me, I also have tools to keep releasing discordant energies and raising my vibration. 

When I first approached ManTarA, two things that were said to me really stood out: 1. That my higher self always knows what is best and 2. They couldn’t guarantee that working with them would create what I was seeking. I knew I was working with someone honest who reminded me that even working with ManTarA I ultimately had all the answers. 

I look forward to my continued journey with Matt and ManTarA.

Julie Coraccio, Reawaken Your Brilliance

Like chocolate you will want a second helping

I booked to have a 1 on 1 session with Matt and ManTarA, I wasn’t sure what to expect, as this was my first experience. I found Matt so lovely and down to earth to talk to, and oh my goodness the healing session was so powerful, it’s actually the most powerful healing I have experienced. I know we all experience what we need to in our own way, so I will leave the surprise for you to have your own experience. Like chocolate you will want a second helping 

Lorraine, NZ

Profound Release

From the moment I booked my appointment with ManTarA, I could feel a gentle vibration within my physical body begin to emerge.

Our casual yet intentional conversation at the beginning of the session joyfully felt as though Matt was my long time best friend holding authentic sacred space for my confused heart while he lovingly reflected back to me what was to be clearly accomplished as we moved forward together.

During the second phase as ManTarA was beautifully speaking the familiar language of light, I could sense an angelic energy of warm gold and soft pink gently flowing in and throughout my expanding heart and solar plexus. It then gracefully continued radiating from my physical body out into my mental, emotional and etheric bodies. As Matt gently returned sharing his insights, my higher self knew that a deep profound releasing had taken place and that more healing would be unfolding.

I am deeply grateful to Matt for facilitating this unique and divine life empowering experience.

Thank you...Thank you...Thank you ManTarA

Colleen, Wake Forest, North Carolina

Re-Awakened My Ability to Communicate with Spirit

I had my session with Matt a little over a week ago. I had been having a great day by the time of our appointment. When Matt and I were talking, I immediately felt the light beings, ManTarA, he works with scanning my body and seemed like they were cleaning and aligning some of my chakras. We started the session and it was a wonderful experience that zero'd in on my issues that I wasn't completely aware of and included an internal visual beautiful picture of a full bloom yellow rose with a pink rose color on the edges of each petal that has stayed with me and soothes me when I bring it back up. Immediately after our session, an ability I used to have was reawakened. I used to be able to hear externally my main spirit guide and lost that years ago, but this time I could internally hear and have a discussion with my higher team. It has not been as strong as right after our session, but comes and goes with very interesting perspectives. I have felt a strong connection to these light beings (ManTarA) and still do; they are so sincere and have such a gentle energy and determined to help me get to where I need to be. My higher team has said they are still around and they enjoy working with these light beings as I have a very stubborn mind. My solar plexus chakra blew wide open this past week and my heart chakra opens but is in cautious mode, I am still working on that and have been having constant tingling in my spine and feeling the love internally and externally since our session. I have also noticed that ManTarA’s energy enhanced any energy work that has already been done on me. I highly recommend working with Matt and ManTarA, I have noticed significant changes in me both internally and around me externally from my session and the MP3s that I continue to listen to and I am so grateful for having this opportunity to work with them. All their energy including Matt’s has been an awesome experience.

Cathy, USA

I KNEW, that my state of consciousness had altered and in a few seconds all the pains subsided!!!

I just wanted to give a shout out for ManTarA and Matt.

Much of what I read about on ManTarA's sales page resonated with me.

Here is what happened soon after I bought his package. From Saturday afternoon onward, I had a bad headache, my two eyeballs were aching badly (probably due to the coffee I had in the morning). By evening I also had a really bad pain in the back of my neck. I know my intervertebral discs are thinning out, and sleeping on a bad pillow triggered this new bout of pain. And I was feeling nauseous too! I thought I'd ride it out, that it would all go away in time.

Fast forward to 4am Sunday morning, I am awakened to all of the above pains and the nausea. I am also feeling anxiety now. Thoughts of me being in perpetual pain over the neck issue had me in a state of panic.

Then I remembered Matt's mantra, "I Breathe in my Divine Essence, and breathe out negativity". But I resisted. A small voice went, are you kidding me? You are not expected to be able to do that given the level of your anxiety. That no one, not even ManTarA, expects someone in this much distress to be able to breathe to any mantra, however simple. And honestly, I just didn't feel up to it. I remember feeling like I was drowning, somehow.

But another voice reasoned that you have to be 'in the space of feeling your pain to fully heal from it'. Which meant I had to do the breathing mantra NOW, despite my reluctance to do so. I know I felt I couldn't do it, but I ventured to try anyway.

Well, I did it. I'm sure I did not do it very well. I did the best I could to breathe in my Divine Essence and breathe out negativity. And I envisioned the solar plexus radiating out in a bright yellow ball that filled me with each in-breath. And negative energies being released with each out-breath.

Something surreal then happened. I felt, no, I KNEW, that my state of consciousness had altered and in a few seconds all the pains subsided!!! I quickly did an inventory check to see if the pains had really subsided. They had. I was so happy, and somehow resistant still, and quickly turned to my side to surrender into sleep. The pains all came back!!! I was surprised.

I guessed that I had not allowed enough time for the healing and so straightened myself to lie on my back again, and did the breathing mantras again. Again, the altered state of consciousness was what I first felt, and then the pains disappeared. This time for good. And I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke later this morning and knew the crisis of yesterday was over.But I am aware that my neck needs some more work. But I acknowledge that if my neck was at level 9 of pain yesterday, it is down to about 2 today. I feel so much gratitude that when we take the first tentative steps, the ManTarA team rush in to help and work their magic! I know I only breathed in and out a few times before the miracles happened. TWICE!!!

I am aware that that was quite a miracle that I experienced. I wasn't going to share this story of mine this early. But I reasoned that someone out there who is sitting on the fence may need to hear this. True healing happens when we are ready to do the work, which in this case is breathing in and out with presence, and listening to some mp3s and group calls and remote energy sessions, of course. Couldn't get any easier than this. I absolutely love the thought that I am so supported by a large group of angelic beings whose only purpose is to help me (and everyone else, of course) in every way they can.

And Matt and ManTarA THANK YOU!

PS _ I was just listening to Matt's replay of the remote healing session, and I think this line of his bears quoting. ''We are not so much interested in helping you heal from your issues. Rather, we want to help you transform to the person who (eventually) has no issues.'' That is what I was looking for - TRANSFORMATION, and the healing that inevitably comes with the transformation.

Marsha, Malasia

Renewed Sense of Being Alive

It's now 2 weeks to the day since my car crash. I say MY car crash because it has been an important pivotal moment. I was cruising along in life perhaps always waiting for that pivotal moment in whatever form it would take!

To be introduced to ManTara's Angelic Light Language has supported THAT moment, launching me easily into my next phase in life.

I have a renewed sense of Being Alive, of safely leaving the past behind (those layers that kept resurfacing), and of Being more present in every moment.

The Angelic Light Language is so pure. It easily and gracefully allows transformation. I am very grateful indeed for this work from ManTarA.

Kathryn M, Northland, NZ

Released Many Blockages

It is rare that I strongly praise a light language program. However, the ManTarA Light Language Transformational Program is an exception due to its exceptionality. This is a program that is very practical and user friendly for all levels of spiritual development. After initially hearing the ManTarA recordings, I experienced and saw the release of many blockages within me. I could see, even after the first session, that there was a significant change within me. After a period of time, I stopped listening to the recordings, and noticed a difference in my energy. I felt blocked! Reuniting with the recordings cleared me immediately. It was a dramatic contrast that reminded me of the effectiveness of the program plus the importance of using the program for maintenance. I AM experiencing abundance, health, lack of fear, and beautiful relationships after using the program. Thank you ManTarA.

Luz Victoria Aragon, USA

Powerful Space for Transformation

Matt, thank you so much for another life changing session, you always invite and hold such a safe and powerful space for transformation. It's hard to put words to such transcendent experiences but I'm always left with a sense of luminous expansion and deep connectedness. Your years of disciplined meditation practice really shine through, I'm able to relax and let go, knowing that you're a grounded and focused instrument for these high vibrational energies. It's always a pleasure to experience someone being so clearly in alignment with their purpose; your love, authenticity and generosity is deeply felt. Thank you for being open to doing what you do. I am so grateful for every release, every activation and recalibration, and for all the wisdom, insight, guidance and connection I've received through your collaborative light work with ManTarA.

Samiha, Kapiti Coast, NZ

Helps me understand the energy work

I must tell you, that I find the explanation in the English introductions about what those MP3's make in the energy field, really helps me to understand the energy work and it makes me see it as an intense, unexpected/surprising, powerful and specific work. They help me understand some links I did not think of, between energy and physical body. And it made me think of things in my life I did not think were important or related. Just the introductions have helped me so much, and the energies in the Light Language are indescribable.

Thank you and blessings to you for this fantastic work!


Let your Heart Open

As ManTarA’s gentle hypnotic light language pours into your ears useless ‘leftovers’ from your life/lives get cleared out and true magic occurs…..! It does! Just listen…..and let your heart open….. I so enjoy the brilliant flow of the sessions in this collection – building on one another each with a separate introduction, that ‘tasting a la carte’ did not even occur to me before I had gone through the whole package once.

Christie, Denmark

Stuck Patterns, Judgments & Limitations are Breaking up and Floating Away

I listened to the group call you sent me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I look forward to replaying it. I appreciate how you talk about choice, acceptance, release & allowance. Safety, worthiness & confidence...I experience such love, Self-love as I type those words.

I heard about you from another healer who I've known for close to 17 years. What you spoke about resonates, deepens & expands the transformative work & play with her!!

My experience of the Light Language is peaceful and a releasing. It is like stuck patterns, judgments & limitations are breaking up and floating away.

Thank you again and I look forward to the next time."

With love,

Hallie, Maine

My Tummy is nicely Flat again and my Energy is High and Strong

I bought the package and I am very content with the results. After some time of just surrendering the “sound carpets” of ManTarA I simply fell in love with the energy waves and the contents of the different MP3s, which I found very wisely chosen from the subjects and great comments and introductions from Matt. Everything just fitted.

When I had the private session with Matt, I enjoyed his warmhearted and authentic enthusiasm and determination to help and turn things around for the best outcome. I could see a lot of energy moving and had hot spirals coming out of my hands.

ManTarA feels like good friends since then.

Once again I was thrilled by the group call. Listening to the replay I experienced once again a deep clearing, especially in my solar plexus area. Since then my tummy is nicely flat again and my energy throughout the day is astonishing high and strong!

Blessings to all of you for your work with a huge THANK YOU!

Bianca from Germany

I Have Experienced Real Miracles in My Life from ManTarA’s Work

I have found that Matt has a great ability to tune in with the human being he has in front of him. He is a fantastic listener and combines patience, understanding, wisdom and love to promptly find the underlying issue to be addressed from the stories and helps you to put everything into perspective. In a private session you are never judged, you feel immensely understood, loved and supported. Although Matt never speaks of himself as being a psychic, what I experience on his private sessions is that he shares some precious premonitions. He says what will unfold and so it happens, I experienced real miracles in my life. I could never have found better guidance because it comes together with inner transformation. Pearls of wisdom flow through from ManTarA and it is all recorded so you can listen back to it many times. The guidance is built on a strong foundation. You are putting brick upon brick. Or, even better said, using the words Matt spoke in one of my sessions: “We are removing one by one the energetic layers that don´t allow your soul to express fully. You are surely able of doing it on your own. The question is: how long will it take?” ManTarA speeds up the whole process in an unimaginable way!

In the group sessions we are all educated, very naturally helped to adjust our truth to a broader, or a more profound one. In fact we have in our society extraordinary beliefs we never question and in order to grow we have to identify them and let go of them.

ManTarA is there for a New World. Matt is a pioneer and goes much further, much deeper than we are used to. ManTarA does transform who listens to, and who breathes with the Light Language.

The new package is more specific; it goes even deeper into the addressed subject. The whole program is packed with precious information, and transformational energies. I don´t know any program or any healer that helps you transform as consistently as Matt/ManTarA. I sometimes question myself if the world is ready to receive this wonderful being and his teachings, since many people seem to be attracted very often for what appeals to their intellect, to complicated explanations, or classifications and scientifically proven statements. With all its simplicity I feel ManTarA is constantly piercing several layers of old beliefs, old patterns, bringing truth to light, revealing the path.

I am very much aware that it is a luxury to have a private session with Matt, the time will come when he will only work with groups, having no more time for individual sessions. Matt/ManTarA are a real blessing in this world.

I´m a healer who ManTarA helped get back on track after very difficult times, like a phoenix being born from the ashes. I must say words are not sufficient to thank Matt/ManTarA, no words adequately express my immense gratitude!

Mafalda, Portugal

Building a Strong Love Relationship with Myself

Hi Matt,
Many, many, heartfelt thanks for the light language package!! Since the first time I listened to one of your sessions the vibrations felt pure and high and, in and through the heart. Your Light Language Package it has been (and it will continue to be) an amazing aid to build a strong-lasting love relationship with myself and to keep releasing and brightening up. My heart feels wide open right now and from it flows all my gratitude to you my friend. Whoever will be drawn to work with your sessions is blessed, and will be a blessing. Heart's smiles and kisses!

Bruno B, Italy

The MP3s Exceeded my Expectations

I had scheduled a personal retreat for this past week and was guided to listen to you on FHTJ and quickly purchased your package. I have been listening morning and nightly to the MP3s and they have exceeded my expectations. It has been a time of wonderful transformation, peace, and joy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Very Powerful Cleansing Energy

Hi Matt, thanks so much for coming out! And for your youtube session there on the front page of your website. I didn't know what was happening but in the split second before my mind could get in there I felt the energy and decided to go with it. Very powerful cleansing energy. Thank you!

Kate D, Byron Bay, Australia

Awareness of the Beautiful Flow of Life Now

Hi ManTarA,
The recordings have now become part of my daily life and I notice the difference when I miss a day or two. I have an awareness of the beautiful flow of life now and I have had some magical days watching things unfold. I feel more abundant and feel that I have more choice and exciting things to choose from in the future, I came to you for a reasonably specific issue and yet the recordings have been so much more and opened me up to the possibility of anything showing up, from overseas trips and travelling to building a new amazing house on some magical land with a waterfall! All of these things are available, and I can fully feel and see these things now, where as prior to the recordings and the session, there were just blocks and walls everywhere I looked. So thank you for your guidance and support, the work you do is amazing and I look forward to my next session.

Mitch, Tauranga, NZ

I was amazed at how quickly the stress and trauma I was feeling melted

I was involved in a horrendous car accident while traveling very far from my home. Fortunately, no one was hurt and only my car was damaged, but I was horrified because it was totally my fault. Mechanically there was no damage, so I continued on my way to where my son lives, but I was shaking and in shock. When I got to the place I was staying, I began to listen to Matt's recordings right away. I repeatedly played Release Emotional Trauma and Release Physical Pain. I was rather sore from being jerked around even though I was not injured and I was certainly in need of trauma release. I was amazed at how quickly the stress and trauma I was feeling melted and the soreness never developed into any discomfort. The recordings helped me to release the intensity of what I was feeling and allowed me to look at the situation from a higher perspective. I was able to visit with my family for the next few days and remain calm and peaceful without worrying about the accident or the extensive damage to the car.


Spontaneously started speaking Light Language

I have just had one 30min session with Matt and ManTarA, It felt amazing, very peaceful, but profound shifts were happening. After the session I went to the beach and sat down to allow the energies to integrate, after 10 min I spontaneously burst out with Light Language myself, it felt so Joyous, I am so happy. What a fantastic gift, Thank You.

Rosie, Bay of Plenty, NZ

Fear, Self Doubt, and the Need to Control are Gone

I have been playing Release Your Fear for a few days now. When I first put on the MP3, I almost immediately felt a very uncomfortable feeling under my ribcage. Then maybe 30 minutes later, I had such a sore throat on my left side; I thought I was coming down with some type of flu. By the evening, the severity had dissipated, though I could still feel a thickness in my throat when I swallowed. By the next morning the feeling had gone and has not returned. I believe I released some major issues in that time.

Without going into my life story, I have always had an underlying fear that seemed follow me wherever I went. Especially a fear of what others think about me and my perspectives, and a fear of what may happen to my loved ones with the choices they make.

I have been running the MP3 on loop. I am really choosing to let go of my fear. In the time since, many things have been coming up to test me in this area. Now, after 4 days of listening, I have noticed I do not care too much anymore what others think, nor am I fearful of what may happen in my future to either me, or the ones I love. I am not feeling the need to constantly control the outcome of my situation anymore. I'm not saying it hasn't crossed my mind. I'm saying it has, and I know I don't need to, and I don’t choose to. This is a huge life changing improvement for me. Thank You so much.

Andrea, Melbourne Australia

This Sweet Lover Chose to Move in with Me

As a Pisces and empath, I tend to dream in the abstract world to escape the dense energies I feel, and I had took on, a lot of weight.

Working with ManTarA's transmissions allowed me to bring more of my own Light into my body and ground myself more, so that I could be stronger facing those energies, and concretely move forward on my projects. I came back to naturally move my body and tend to the garden. My hunger has gently reduced because I'm more centred. This also resulted in being more focused about how I spend money and I found the courage to make new steps toward opening my healing business.

Matt Andrews' private support is always empowering, he helps me tap into my strength and inner knowing to find my own answers.

I had been single for 14 years, with only a few short stories, and had met a new guy. Since being infused with ManTarA's energies, this sweet lover decided to move in with me!

While meditating I used to be assaulted with anxiety and dreadful thought, and thanks to the softness of the angelic support I have been able to finally stick to a meditative practice.

To ease my complex mind, there is nothing like the Light Language ManTarA is transmitting, while a profound transformation is happening.

The committed community that Matt has gathered allows the group sessions to shake and remove very deep layers in our field.

I am immensely grateful for Matt's help on this journey - his crystalline laugh in itself brings lightness into a very powerful process.

Sylvie, France

Supporting My Transformation at a Deep Level

Thank you Matt for ManTarA. I must say that I find the recorded sessions an accessible and profound resource that has supported my transformation at a deep level. I enjoy the language and the simplicity.

Mark R, Ireland

I am now making concrete steps towards Manifesting My Dreams

The past is something that has always been haunting me, whether it is incidents from my childhood that I seem to re-live in different ways throughout my adult life or weird memories of what happened many lifetimes ago that triggers fear and doubt and paralyse me from acting on my dreams. I have been aware of this influence but that has not helped me get over it, and the more I have tried the more frustrated I have become.

All that changed 3 weeks ago when I started listening to this MP3, I have been quite diligent with it especially now that I am experiencing the results. The session puts me in a deep state, quite dreamy, and in that state I see these past experiences, now the cool thing is I feel the energies created by the past experience leaving, just like Matt explains, I feel the emotion come up that was associated with the experience and I just choose to breathe it out. It works. I feel so free and liberated, I am not the victim of the past anymore, and I am now making concrete steps towards manifesting my dreams, nothing is in my way. I am so grateful for this tool.

Tanya G, NZ

Miraculous improvement in Digestion and Hydration

I have been listening to 3 new recordings from ManTarA and am having almost miraculous results. Many years ago I began to not be able to digest anything that grew in the ground. My body was not processing water properly either which meant that the water I was drinking did not get into the cells. With both of these things happening, I was also not able to keep my weight stable. It felt like my body was drowning internally but dehydrated at the same time and I was always hungry but was not getting the nutrients from my food.
I started listening to the recordings for Optimum Hydration, Strong Digestion, and Shed Your Armour (extra weight). The next morning, I immediately noticed an improvement in how well my last night's supper was digested and how much more water was being eliminated. Throughout the day, my body felt lighter and I felt more centred in my body. My body is processing food and water better and I can tell that I am more hydrated just from looking at my skin. Another thing I have noticed is that I have actually been sleeping and not having to get up to go to the bathroom several times. I have listened to the recordings a few times so far and find that they are helping me to heal problems that I have been living with and dealing with for years and years. I am looking forward to much more improvement as I listen to the recording again and again. Also, Matt's explanation of energetic digestion was so clear and profound that I have begun to really pay attention to that in my life and find it very helpful.

I can't thank you enough for the miracle that you have made possible for me.


I Am Already Seeing Results

Oh Matt this MP3 has changed my life, my whole focus with money has changed, I have let go of the need to get money to prove myself, something that has been with me for a long time. I am starting to allow myself to actually feel successful as I am right now, it is so empowering. My eyes have opened to so many other possibilities for my business; instead of beating my head against a wall trying so hard to make the traditional approach work I am starting to allow myself the freedom to work in a way that is far more in alignment with who I am. And I am already seeing results, two new exciting clients have just appeared in the last week, it was so easy, there was no need for a sales pitch from me, I didn’t have to sell my soul. Thank you so much Matt and ManTarA, so grateful beyond words.

Tara, Wellington

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About Matt

Matt comes from a very intellectual, left brained, training as a professional mechanical engineer. However he now finds himself as a conduit for the powerful transformational energies that flow through from spirit. Matt works primarily with a collective of angelic light beings known to him as ManTarA, using Light Language to create an energetic space in the quantum that invites clients to expand out of their limitations, release their discordant energies, and to connect with their higher aspects of Self.

While Matt’s amazingly powerful work with ManTarA is a relatively new phase in this life, it is not an overnight transformation. Through his dedicated and disciplined practice of traditional yoga and meditation over the last 20 years he has purified his energy system, strengthened his awareness and raised his vibrational frequency, which allowed him to reconnect to his higher Self and ManTarA. However he is still a down to earth, well-grounded guy that enjoys a good laugh, and his progressive transformation has unfolded while living, working and raising a family in our modern society.


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