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The Transformation Show presents 

Ancestral StoryClearing - Healing Poverty Stories for Greater Abundance and Prosperity

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US & Europe: 18th June 2019 at 5PM EDT | 4PM CDT | 3PM MDT | 2PM PDT | 10PM GMT
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Is This You

This Ancestral StoryClearing Package is for you if you want to live more in alignment with your Soul's Purpose and release the family Karma that makes you feel blocked and trapped. If you feel like you are experiencing lack and desire a flow of abundance in every area of your life.  You have had some success in your life, but you know you have more to give to the world, but for some unknown reason, you feel blocked, uninspired or not sure what to do. You have enrolled in self-study programs and read books, but you really want to talk to someone who understands you and can help you shift. You know that connecting to a source of wisdom and guidance that isn't associated with the opinions and judgments of others is valuable and essential. You are ready to not only heal the family Karmic Stories for yourself but your lineage too. In this program, we will focus on releasing the Karmic Stories that are creating a lack of abundance and poverty in your life and lineage.  We will clear Karmic Stories of Poverty, Shame,  and Violence so that you can experience greater abundance, unbelievable opportunities, more satisfying relationships, greater prosperity and more love.

If you are ready to clear the blocks that have plagued your family for multiple generations, this would be a great time to start because the cost of this package will only be available at this price on the Transformation Show.


The Special Offer price INCLUDES OUR 20$ LESS

which applies to all who buy the package during the LIVE Call
and for upto 24 hours after the call, until the timer hits zero!


Package A

In this package you will receive:

  • June - Poverty
  • July - Shame
  • August - Violence

Free Gift

Forgiveness Meditation and Relationship Healing – MP3

This chakra clearing meditation will assist you with clearing painful stories from past relationships.  It will help you begin the healing process to welcome more love and peace into your life.

Special VIP invitation to my Clearing Poverty

Creating Prosperity: Learning how to connect with your Ancestors for Wisdom and Guidance: July 15 at Noon PDT/3 PM EDT. A replay recording will be available
This special session is designed to help those who have been selected by the Ancestors to heal the family trauma and wounds to more easily connect with their Ancestors.

Three Spiritual Practices Ebook to help you connect with your Ancestors for Wisdom and Guidance

Abundance Audio Meditation

Increasing Abundance and Prosperity with help from your Spirit Guides

Guided Meditation


The Total Value of Package A is $347

On The Transformation Show only,

This SPECIAL OFFER is available for only





The Special Offer price INCLUDES OUR 20$ LESS

which applies to all who buy the package during the LIVE Call
and for upto 24 hours after the call, until the timer hits zero!



“Before working with Dr. Monique, I was angry, sad, and heartbroken after my boyfriend betrayed me. She helped me clear betrayal from my ancestral lineage.  The pain was released, and I was able to attract my true soulmate. I have a relationship that I could never have imagined!  Thank you, Dr. Monique, you are a gift!”  

Kim C, California

“Dr. Monique's Ancestral StoryClearing sessions have changed my life.  Poverty, money struggles and financial disasters have always been part of my family. She told me about one of my Ancestors who earned millions but lost it all.  She also connected with a grandmother who was disowned by her wealthy family and lived a life of poverty.  We were able to heal poverty stories these Ancestors experienced. I have tried for years to stop what has often felt like a curse on my family and me.  After working with Dr. Monique, I was offered a new job and promotion that included a salary increase.  My son won a scholarship to pay for 90% of his college tuition.  My husband found a job after searching for over eight months.  My family is thriving like never before.  Thank you, Dr. Monique.”

Karen Smith

“With this message, I would like to acknowledge Dr. Monique E Hunt for a wonderful healing session with me today. As a healer and intuitive soul myself, I can really appreciate many things that she does during her Ancestry Healing sessions. First, she is excellent at offering a very clear structure together with all the needed flexibility during the whole session according to how things develop.

She has a tremendous natural rapport with the Ancestors, and she can connect with them in a very profound and loving way. All the messages she shared resonated with me, my family and my life. The healing space she offers is filled with respect, empathy, and compassion.
You just need to make sure to remain open and to let this wonderful woman guide you throughout the session. It will be not only painless but a source of wisdom and inspiration for yourself.

I am really looking forward to our next session together in two weeks’ time. In the meantime, I will be reflecting on the objectives we set together during our first session. My ancestors and I feel grateful for your support and for helping us to connect deeply. Lots of love and respect for what you are sharing.”

Joy Bliss

“When you are a trusted leader, it is important to have those trusted advisors that you turn to, Monique is one of those trusted advisors.  I was experiencing some stuck energy and was having a hard time shifting it. I spent exactly an hour with Monique, and everything shifted.”

Jennifer Urezzio
Soul Language Founder

“Thank you so much, Monique, for allowing me to have access to this amazing information that comes from a loving heart like yours.  We need more people in tune with the Greatness of our Ancestors and their guidance to have a more balanced World.  Honoring our Mother Earth.  With great admiration,”


“Dr. Monique is wonderful to work with! She is supportive, encouraging and is good at helping me see things more clearly. Dr. Monique’s intuitive work helped me to heal a past hurt. I’ve recently attended her vision book workshop…it also included some intuitive work. Every time I look at my book, I feel safe and encouraged. Thank you!”

Tamala B.
Oakland, CA

“Hello Dr. Monique,  It was so healing to connect with you on Durva's show on Wednesday. I was the one who mentioned that I have bled my lifetime retirement savings and monies ... and you were able to connect me to my great aunt who was a strong woman who lost everything and rebuilt it back. I relate a lot to her although I don't know her personally. I see her in me.  I am so grateful for you to connect me to her. I am now in constant communication with her and asking for her help to use the lessons that she learnt instead of having to go through the experiences like she did.  You are so amazing.   I will continue to follow you and learn from your wisdom.  You are a great healer and humanity, and our ancestors need you. Gratitude!”

Love you, Chanda

“I had a secret that I lived with for many years.  When I met Dr. Monique, she made me feel very comfortable sharing with her that I was a survivor of sexual abuse by two family members and I was raped by a boy while in college.  She helped me see how the sexual assault and abuse issues experienced by my ancestors were impacting my ability to trust and connect with people.  She was able to help me forgive the three people who sexually assaulted me. We did several forgiveness ceremonies to connect with the ancestors who hurt me so that we could work with them to release the anger, pain, betrayal, abuse, and violence that was keeping me blocked and unhappy.  I was also able to understand why many of my relationships didn’t work out. Thank you, Dr. Monique, for helping me live the life that I always dreamed, free of the stress of my past.”

Chicago, ILL

About Tarek Bibi

Monique_HuntDr. MoNique Hunt

Dr. MoNique E. Hunt is a spiritual teacher and an Ancestral StoryClearing practitioner who uses the healing power of your life stories and your Ancestors’ guidance to help you create a clear path for living your Soul’s Purpose.  She is passionate about her work as a spiritual advisor and mentor to community, corporate, political and business leaders.

Using her gifts as an Ancestor Griot and third generation intuitive, Dr. MoNique specializes in Ancestor connection and communication.  As the founder of the International Ancestor Wisdom School, Dr. MoNique has guided hundreds of Ancestor training workshops, sacred ceremonies and talks around the world.

Dr. MoNique’s devotion to the Ancestors comes from her training with her Ancestors both in physical and spirit form, training with spiritual teachers from around the globe and two decades of implementing the teachings of Ancestor reverence in her life. She is an Amazon Kindle Bestselling author. She was a corporate trainer and training program developer.  She has a Bachelor's Degree in Construction Management Engineering and a Doctorate Degree in Metaphysical Counselling.

Dr. MoNique has been a volunteer presenter, workshop leader, and mistress of ceremonies for local community groups and she is a mentor to numbers of young people.

Dr. MoNique believes there is a spiritual solution to every life challenge and through sacred ceremonies, spiritual practices and a connection with your Divine Council of Ancestors, and Spirit Guides you can live happily.   She believes that the Ancestors are the roots of our success and that they form a divine partnership, giving us our wings to soar.

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