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Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.

- Carol Burnett

  • Have you found yourself in the situation where you have been striving hard to succeed in every area of your life, but success seems always elude you. No matter how hard you try, you always find yourself back to the same place where you started?
  • Do you find yourself working hard trying to generate enough money to buy your dream home or car, but just barely make ends meet every month?
  • Do you find it frustrating to lose weight and always gain it back?
  • Do you always want to build your own successful business, and you know you have all the knowledge and skills to succeed, but just could not know where to get started?
  • Do you find yourself lack of motivation, and always procrastinate on the important tasks that you know will make major contributions to your success and happiness?
  • Do you feel there is always a negative talk inside your head telling you what you cannot do and you don't deserve whatever you want in life, and you just cannot control it?
  • Do you find yourself always sabotage yourself just before your major breakthroughs?

If that sounds familiar to you, don't worry, you're not alone.  Most people find these true to themselves one way or another, that is because we always have this battle constantly going on between our conscious and subconscious mind. In fact, this is

The biggest obstacle that is preventing us from succeeding in whatever we want to pursuit in life

We consciously want one thing, but subconsciously want another. Our precious energy is wasted in this constant battle.

Then what is the solution?

The solution is to make your conscious mind and subconscious mind work together towards your desired goals or dreams.

Imagine... ...

What it feels like if you can make the subconscious part of your mind congruent with the conscious part of your mind, what that means is that you will be able to tap into the VAST power of your subconscious mind and make it a loyal alliance that supports you in whatever endeavor you're involved in.

When that happens, EVERYTHING CHANGES.

Your life will be filled with joy, happiness.

  • You can have the financial freedom and security to do whatever you want, when you want for yourself and your loved ones.
  • You can have a loving circle of friends you trust and a fulfilling relationship based on love, trust, respect and dignity.
  • You can find peace and stability in an ever changing world environment.
  • You will be able to pay off allM your debts, earn enough money to pay your bills and other expenses, have the lifestyle you enjoy, live in a nice home, travel anyplace you want not having to worry about money, help those less fortunate than yourself.
  • You can have your own profitable and successful business, be your own boss, work when and where you want.
  • You can make more money than you ever dreamed, be able to buy and do what you desire, and be free of money worries.
  • You will be able to get to the inner place where you love yourself deeply, completely, unconditionally, and always nurture yourself no matter what.
  • You will peel away the layers of self-hate, doubt, fear, shame, anger, and low self-worth that block you from truly tapping into, and staying tapped in to your true, real, core, wonderful amazing unique self.
  • You will be able to free of stresses, look and feel healthy and vigorous, and have more energy and strength.
  • You will have more time to spend with your loved ones, and more holidays, complete freedom.
  • You can live each day to the fullest capacity, see the beauty in all things.
  • You will attract to you the people and events necessary to make you succeed, and surround yourself with successful people and people who acknowledge you and respect you for your achievements.

All that requires is to

Make the subconscious part of your mind congruent with the conscious part of your mind

There has been technologies in the self help literature that have been trying to deal with this issue, such as subliminal, paramiminal, etc, but the effectiveness is somehow varies greatly from people to people.

The reason for that is most of these technologies are trying to bypass the conscious mind to directly influence the subconscious mind. They simply ignored the importance of the conscious mind.

That is probably the BIGGEST mistake of the self help industry.

The conscious mind is just as important as the subconscious mind, after all it is the conscious mind that's making the final  judgment on how and whether all these mental programming we are trying to use to influence our mind are going to be executed.

Let Morry introduce to you the world's first mind programming technology that works on both your conscious and subconscious mind together...

Morry Zelcovitch's Latest Breakthrough Triliminal Transformation System

Creator of a new proprietary technology/methodology which uses sound to evoke certain brainwave states and which helps the listener to experience truly beneficial results. TMM (The Morry Method) is a specially designed audio recording system that incorporates brainwave entrainment as well as other audio/neural technologies.

What it does is to guide you into and maintain certain natural brain frequencies, create new neural pathways and change patterns of perception and information transfer in the brain, thereby creating new ways of experiencing yourself and your world...

Since the first "The Morry Method" system made available to the world, tens of thousands of people have changed their lives using this brilliant technology.

Are you Ready to Transform Every Aspect Of Your Life?



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Package A

In this package you will receive:

The Triliminal Transformational System is designed to help you transform your life from inside out. It consists of 6 Sets of Triliminal recordings
(12 recordings in total) plus 3 bonus brainwave entertainment recordings.

  • Triliminal - Success I & II
  • Triliminal - Heart Desires I & II
  • Triliminal- Law of Attraction I & II
  • Triliminal - Manifestation I & II
  • Triliminal - Intention I & II
  • Triliminal - Healing Attitude I & II
  • Bonus #1: Creativity Booster
  • Bonus #2: The 4th Harmonic Schumann Resonance Recording
  • Bonus #3: Alpha Flight V2 (Extended Version)

What Is Triliminal Transformational System?

Due to our past conditioning, the good positive affirmations we are trying to use to program our mind do not sound true to us, or we don't *feel* they are true.

Our mind DONOT agree with the affirmations they hear.

So it is clear that the only solution is to make our affirmations agreeable to the minds. When this is done, it becomes so easy and enjoyable to upload your big dreams to your subconscious mind and let it work on them for you effortlessly. And don't be surprised that one day you find your biggest dreams become a reality.

You can literally program your mind with any BIG dreams and any BIG goals you ever had, provided that you give it the right suggestions or affirmations.

However, I can tell you that it's not easy. It is a science and an art to choose just the right words and suggestions that can be easily accepted by your minds, both consciously and subconsciously.

This is where the Quantum Triliminal comes in. The scientists have already known a lot about how our brain works, and how they respond to suggestions. By specifically designing affirmations that are more acceptable to the right or left brain, and presenting them accordingly, we can literally *multiply* the effectiveness of the suggestions.

What that means is that your right brain only hear those affirmations that it can easily accept, and your left brain only hear those affirmations that it can easily accept. They left and right brain have different preference. Our job is to present only the suggestions that they like and will accept.

To make the programming even more powerful, in the Quantum Triliminal recordings, you will hear a third set of affirmations that are not hemispherically specific, which means they are acceptable to both right and left brains.

All affirmations are picked by Morry himself personally, he spends hours upon hours doing researches just to pick the right words. you can rest assured that all are designed specifially for the maximum effectiveness.

As a bonus, you will also hear the background The Morry Method brainwave entrainment sound which not only make the programming more powerful, but also make your listening sessions more enjoyable.

Just think about it, every month you're going to form a new positive habitual thinking pattern on one important area of your life. Isn't that exciting? Before long, you will hardly recognize yourself, you will become a completely new personal, powerful and vibrant.


Morry. Hi! 30 days in so I am following up as promised. Out of the blue after Christmas I was offered housing in Sarasota am here. So many condos here now but I have a view across Sarasota Bay of the water the sunset. If it is to cold where you are please know I can have a visitor for 2 weeks so you have an open invitation. Modest digs but generous grateful spirit here! The Recordings have made a big impact in my life Svengali....powerful effective. No internet at the moment so getting in an additional session or two per day. Leave Sunday for final trip to finish move from Lake Hartwell in GA. So grateful for your help. Anxiety attack one day listened to Triliminal about 10 min in was better. Thanks Svengali!!!

FABULOUS! Yes...TY!!! Already am less stressed feel more optimistic. Will check back in as promised. So exciting to have hope see a difference. My sister in law told me Sat ‘ You’ve lost weight’. And, the Triliminals on Happiness, Healing Stress are a godsend. So deliciously effective. God bless you TY for the HOPE you offer Blessings abundance.

~ Sandra 

"I Got A Bonus Cheque Of $83..."

I am so excited, I came home today and I got a bonus cheque of $83 and three positive response to my service that I am advertising. I have only started listening to the Prosperity Quantum Triliminals yesterday. I did so for 3 or 4 different times during the day and today at work twice and I am seeing results already. Thanks again for your gift.

~ Roxanne Greenidge

Quantum Triliminals

  • Triliminal - Success I & II
  • Triliminal - Heart Desires I & II
  • Triliminal- Law of Attraction I & II
  • Triliminal - Manifestation I & II
  • Triliminal - Intention I & II
  • Triliminal - Healing Attitude I & II

As a member, you're going to get TWO quantum triliminals every single month. The quantum triliminals for every month are specifically designed to help you improve one particular area of your life, such as Health and Wellness, Relationships, Procrastination, Emotional Balance, etc

And you can even suggest your own topics that you want Morry to create. We listen to members' feedback very closely.

Basically what the Quantum Triliminals do is to program BOTH your conscious and subconscious mind with strong positive messages that are going to become part of your everyday thinking. This is a brand new technology originated by Morry. You cannot find it anywhere else.

It takes about 21 days to a month to form a habitual thinking pattern, therefore we only create Quantum Triliminal recordings for one particular topic each month.

You'll get two recordings on the same topic, there is a slight difference in these two recordings, on recording has all affirmations from left, right and center, and the other recording has affirmations from the center, a hypnosis and meditation from right and left.

You can choose to use any one of these two recordings on any particular day so that your mind won't get bored by listening to the same recording throughout the month.

That's important, because the more interested you're in the recordings, the more effective they are.

You're going to form a new positive habitual thinking pattern on one important area of your life. Isn't that exciting? Before long, you will hardly recognize yourself, you will become a completely new personal, powerful and vibrant.

BONUS #1 "Creativity Booster"

A 30-min "The Morry Method" Brainwave Entrainment Recording

It's very simple...ONE breakthrough creative idea can change your life, make you millions, and even change the world. The "Creativity Booster" audio is specifically designed to activate your creative right brain. This recording is based on pure Brainwave Entrainment sound tracks with different frequencies to induce different vibrations for the desired result.

You'll also receive a shorter 15-minute version of the recording for those times you need a "creativity boost" but don't have time for a full session.

BONUS #2 "The 4th Harmonic Schumann Resonance Recording"

There's a special "healing blanket" of energy that surrounds the earth. It's an electrical tension of energy that vibrates at extremely low frequencies called Schumann Resonance.

These electromagnetic waves are thought to enhance wellbeing in mysterious ways that may actually affect both brain health and the health of your body as well.

In fact some research indicates that when test subjects were deprived of these undulating energy waves, the result was emotional distress and migraine headaches. So it's very important you have access to Schumann Resonance for optimal health.

Bonus #3: Alpha Flight V2 (Extended Version)

Alpha Flight is one of the most famous "The Morry Method" recordings. The original 20mins version received tremendous positive feedback from users, and created unbelievable results. This is a 40mins extended version of the original Alpha Flight.

It can help you increase clarity, increase your sense of well-being, improve your memory etc.


The Total Value of Package A is $700

**Discount : 86%** OFF

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Exclusive Free Gift


Mind Sweep

“Mind Sweep” is an innovative recording which is designed to help clear the clutter that may be fogging your mind and making it difficult to think.

It uses a unique “stagger” brainwave frequency set that leads the brain to attempt to entrain. It attempts to entrain, but cannot due to the unique presentation of the frequencies.

This is done in order to naturally inspire or trick the mind to “clear out the clutter” as a natural precursor to aid in the perceived entrainment that is expected to follow.

The result is a 15 minute recording that can help you to clear your head at times when you need it most.


Morry, when I first started using your recordings in 2011, I was in the most painful work related tailspin ever. This past week was my 38th year anniversary of graduating nursing school in Billings Bozeman. But after you I talked where you taught me how to use them, I started regularly listening to your recordings, I had been laid off twice that year, which never happens to highly skilled RNs like me. I used your recordings constantly to get out of the feeling I was stuck, and found other work that led to some of the most rewarding work I've done. I'm a natural team builder as a lifelong psychiatric RN for the first 30 years of working, and so after using your Triliminals, I had the nerve to venture to a place I never expected, by starting 2 hospices, worked for a third one to get my skills/experience beefed up to start the one I originated in 2013 that I ran 3 years. I thank you Song in my heart all the time for the hand back up into the light when I was afraid I'd keep struggling to find another job. It's so rewarding. Now I'm doing psychiatric home health, which is going back to my roots, and do love the work. I'm listening to your prosperity one I downloaded free lately more recently, so I can retire soon!! BTW, I was born in Canada on a US Air Force base in St John's Newfoundland in 1956, but only lived there a year. Bcz of that, I have always been the "ET" in my Louisiana family, not born in my parents' hometowns down there. Pretty much grew up in Louisiana...but lived all over the US... Having my beginning up where it snows 20 ft or more at times somehow gave me a lifelong general sense of fearlessness that your recordings helped me redirect in 2011, that my Louisiana relatives seem to have missed out on!! Love Canada, been there multiple times to Montreal, Quebec and the BC area out west when I lived in Seattle, just not Toronto, where I thought is your home. Maybe one day we can meet face to face. Many thanks!!

~ Knoel 

You are incredible, Morry!! Thanks sooo much! BTW, I have been listening regularly (at night) to Prosperity 1 triliminal. What I discovered in just a few days since I started the triliminal, is that I did NOT believe in the transformation I have been working on! Since listening to Prosperity 1, my mood has changed! I notice I am more happy - from the "depth of my spirit" kind of happy! When I watch my Mind Movie videos, I feel my new self feeling more empowered to feel the feelings of wealth, and happiness that I am watching! Another tip I got from your instructional teleconference. You mentioned to visualize myself "through my eyes" when I think about my intention and goals. What a difference that has made! I now "feel" myself in the seat of my new car, and "hear" the crowd when I receive my million dollar jacket. I believe these new sensations have come about b/c of the triliminal brain entrainments. I now BELIEVE all my goals and intentions can become reality! I am sooo glad I tuned into your website and found your tools! I truly appreciate you, Morry! Marilyn Also... I am very pleased that my vibration is (finally!) raising b/c I believe I can (achieve my dreams)!It's such an incredible feeling that I have...it's hard to describe isn't it?! It's as if I've stepped back in time and rediscovered being amazed as when I was a child! I am truly blessed to have found you! Namaste!

~ Marilyn

I have grown in many ways as a result of your work (triliminals). I appreciate the new me emerging Thank you Christopher   More from Christopher… Hello Morry, I want to thank you for making these amazing recording available for me. I have been listening to Triliminal audios for 6 months. I consider these audios essential to my inner self-care. To make it easy for me, I created a list of the session titles by the folder they are located.  I source the list first and then open the folder that Triliminal is stored. This way I can access what I need when I need it. I check my list and read through the titles and instantly know what track to listen to. I know that as I listen, I will shift my mood. My subconscious is receiving positive messages and the encouraging statements get in. I notice that theses message also influence how I view and express my emotions. I am experiencing more emotional health and a much clearer mind. Positive energy is easier to hear then negative feedback for me.  These tapes are encouraging to the core. The win-win technology makes it possible for anyone to reach the next step in their personal development. The reprogramming of my inner subconscious mind is paying off in multiple ways. I am literally rewriting my story,  the story of what I think is being replaced bit by bit with a more accurate story of who I am.  the authentic me. I am achieving greater success because I believe in myself I am replacing the inner messages that have been scaring me, stopping me or robbing me of my focus and attention required to grow. Letting go of the self-talk messages that originally were intended to keep me safe, secure are being rescripted. I am realizing that my self-talk patterns are literally a reflection of the messages that are imprinted on it. if we are what we think why not imprint messages that encourage us, support us and invite us to embrace change. Our ability to take action is a delicate balance between being forced or inspired.  When I am forced to do something it often results in struggle or drama....argh. While inspired actions occur when I am feeling confident and the self-talk is inviting vs scolding.  I begin to respond to the actions that are natural and truly the next step for me. My success unfolds before me.

My definition of success is doing the next thing, "inspired action" is easy to attract,  ask yourself. What inspires me? What inspires you? and do more of that. Many of these Triliminals inspire me. As we are free my mind of the chatter I begin to choose.  Over time and with practice I am eliminating any thoughts that result in doubt or failure.  I am learning to transform fear and overwhelm and realizing not choosing is a choice. I am now committed to my growth instead of just being merely interested. Because of the leading edge technology used in the creation of these audios, "transformation" unfolds naturally and with much more ease than I expected. I have added listening to these audios weekly and often daily to my fitness goals, my organizing goals, and my personal growth goals, (literally any goal I make benefits from this technology).  It seems too good to true, but over time the results and the experiences that I am attracting are at the pace, I can handle and easily integrate into my new behaviors and actions. More of my interactions are positive.  I love the change and now realize this is only the beginning. I appreciate that I invested in these programs, It is turning out to be a wise investment in myself. I am worth it and I am thrilled with my new found energy, confidence and awarenesses.

My results are growing exponentially.  I am experiencing increased confidence,  I am not distracted by my past and am living more and more in the present moment. These audio have helped me to open the door to my imagination and the creative muscles I have.  I am now forward in my thinking and am excited about what I am going to create next. I know why I am here and am feeling supported to do the next thing, take the next step and to truly know when to jump and when to wait.  I no longer need to continue to look for more data before I will trust myself. I trust that I know what is the next step for me. I am taking these steps one step at a time and am excited that the results are bountiful. I am being more me!   It is really easy for me to be me! These audios are all about me being me first and letting go of any past impressions or identities that I thought I had to live up to. I am experiencing freedom on very deep levels. I have to do the work, but the results are encouraging and showing up everywhere I go. I am becoming more of a team player.  Showing up with confidence is fun. It is exciting to embrace opportunity vs continuing to run from away responsibilities or my own self-talk.  These programs reinforce that change is natural and can be achieved if I focus my attention, be the master over my self-talk and take inspired actions to maintain, build and be assured that I am safe, secure and surrounded by predictability.  Whatever I focus my attention on expands. With these Triliminals, I am imprinting positive messages that allow my potential to guide me and lead me forward, I understand that I am worthy, ready and the right person to play the part, to participate and increase my vibrancy. These are choices I am happy I make. As I added these audios to my daily routine the evidence began to speak for itself. The messages that are introduced directly to my subconscious mind begin to reflect back to my conscious mind and I begin to attract better and better feelings as a result of better and better thoughts. My self-talk is kinder,  more supportive and encouraging. The benefits of being healthy, happy and energized come with a renewed sense of I can do this! It seemed impossible before but little by little my inner world and my outer world are reaching harmony, alignment and a general sense of ease. I appreciate the technology, the neuroscience and the masterful way these leading-edge ideas are embedded into these recordings.  They work on several levels for me. I am only beginning to understand how tone and sound affect my brain health. I appreciate how they have been created to address any block, insecurity or belief system that I struggled with. I say struggled with on purpose I am thriving more and accepting my challenges and doing the work to create the life I deserve, want and can imagine.

I am a big big fan of Triliminals and encourage all of you to check in and ask is this for me?  if you get any twinge of excitement then yes this is the next thing. I believe in myself and the work that I do.  These Triliminals have become the secret sauce to my success. Enthusiastically Energized

~ Christopher Minneapolis, MN

Evening, Morry! I want to share my success with your program. I have only been using your programs since the first of the year. I am starting to manifest things I want in my life when I deliberately put my attention on what I want and feel the joy of the experience as I receive it! For example, I had a friend of mine message me to become part of her free coaching she is offering to help me increase leads in online business. Her offer was completely unsolicited...and out of the blue! Two days before her offer, I thought how nice it would be to have a leads coach! Now I have one!! And it's free!! WOW! Yesterday, I had two ladies refer to me as a "lightworker" when I assisted them with remedies for their pet concerns. I was very appreciative of their compliments as you can imagine! Lastly, I have noticed I am more spiritually alive, and have less mental intrusive thoughts. I feel as if I am entering my stream of life that Abraham-Hicks talks about... I am so grateful that I visited your website, Morry! Namaste! Marilyn And… Evening, Morry, Want to thank you for your wonderful programs! I have been faithfully using your triliminals every day since I received them last December. I am happy to report that I am experiencing many successes and having results show up in my life.

Here are three:
1) My manager told me last week that I was "on fire" getting customer sales on the floor. I thought how wonderful...and then realized, WOW! It is one of my motivational statements I have been repeating to myself: "Success is a state of mind; I am a success!"
2) I receive thanks from my co-workers for being at work with them. It is also one of my motivational statements: "People enjoy being around me."
3) I enjoy working rather than looking at work as "something I have to do"...again, one of my motivational statements,"I enjoy my work every day!" I have also recognized an aspect the Abundance Triliminal teaches:abundance is all around me! It's all things - not just something I feel is missing (lacking) in my life. It's around me, b/c I of who I am... a creator who experiences abundance!!

I used to think abundance was something to acquire...now I know I already have it!! Finally, I have used the Quantum Intention Accelerator for just two nights and I already feel the difference between my intention and my goals. My intention has grown! It's larger than just wealth/career/relationships, etc. My Soul-self is creating my life experience intention rather than my mind/body. My Self is now guiding my intention! My body/mind creates and achieves my goals. Together, we are in concert! Amazing! Allow me to describe what I feel: my Soul is the engine, and my mind/body the rest of the train cars. In the train cars are all the life experiences I want to have: wealth, excellent health, sharp mind, family and friends, success in my businesses, etc. Now that my Self is in charge, together we enjoy my life goals as they unfold to occur as my intention.

My Soul self is the master of the intention as I travel through life to achieve my goals. I'm finding a verbal translation of my happenings difficult... I trust this makes sense. Basically, I am not the same person I was a few days ago. I am the greatest expression of my Self aligning with my body experience to share these moments in time together! I can only imagine what my life will be like in the new few months as my Soul and I reconnect and discover these life-goal happenings together! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Morry for your programs. Namaste!

~ Marilyn



The Special Offer price INCLUDES OUR 20$ LESS

which applies to all who buy the package during the LIVE Call
and for upto 24 hours after the call, until the timer hits zero!


Need Help? Write to: [email protected]

Payment Plans Available at Checkout & you can write to
[email protected] to know more about the payment plan.

About Morry Zelcovitch

Creator of a new proprietary technology/methodology which uses sound to evoke certain brainwave states and which helps the listener to experience truly beneficial results.

TMM (The Morry Method) is a specially designed audio recording system that incorporates brainwave entrainment as well as other audio/neural technologies. Its goal is to help the listener increase their brain power (for example... concentration and enthusiasm while reducing stress and anxiety). It allows the listener to easily master their mind power and completely transform their life automatically, simply by listening and with no other effort required.

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