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Topic: Raise Your Consciousness and Grow Younger
with The Stargate Experience!


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

- Nikola Tesla

You are invited to discover what The Stargate Experience is all about...

This is an opportunity to feel the presence of your guides, to be immersed in a high-vibrational energy field... A field that is so tangible, so transformative, that you cannot avoid being touched by it.

Your heart opens - your vibration raises - your limitations have the potential of simply dissolving through this energy field.

The Stargate is an interdimensional doorway - a geometric structure that emits a powerful conscious energy, an energy that can move participants into a deep meditative space within moments.

This sacred geometric structure creates a high vibrational energy field which allows participants to actually feel the guides and the beings from the higher dimensions that are invited to join us.

As we are touched by the energy of the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realm, and many benevolent beings from around our universe, our vibration starts to resonate with theirs and incredible awakenings are possible - with ease and grace!

The multidimensional energies that are radiated touch each person at a very deep level.  Many people find themselves experiencing:

  • Spontaneous physical healing
  • Sudden clarity and major insights
  • Deep relaxation and stress evaporating
  • The dissolving of karmic influences and unresolved issues
  • Healing abilities being activated
  • Recalling past life experiences
  • Spontaneous activation of inner vision and psychic abilities


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Package A

The Stargate's Youthing Program

The Growing Young webinar program is designed to promote rejuvenation of the body on a cellular level. Specific meditations focus on energizing the telomeres, mitochondria, and stem cells. These energies assist in the reversal of aging, boost energy levels, and restore balance throughout the body.

  • Youthing 1 - "Growing Young"
  • Week 1: Telomeres
  • Week 2: Mitochondria
  • Week 3: Stem Cells
  • Week 4: Releasing Fears
  • Youthing 2 - "From Surviving to Thriving"
  • Week 1:Re-patterning Your Nervous System
  • Week 2:Freeing Your Mind & Emotions
  • Week 3:Transforming Your Relationships
  • Week 4:To Be Revealed By Alcazar!


This is a 4-week webinar where you'll receive powerful energy transmissions for revitalizing your body.
Each week focuses on a different aspect of rejuvenation

Youthing 1 - "Growing Young"

In this previously recorded program, you will receive:

  • Access to the video recordings of the four 2-hour webinars
  • Downloadable mp3 and zip audio files for every meditation
  • Access to the private Facebook group so that you can connect with people around the world!

Youthing 2 - "From Surviving to Thriving"

Week 1-Re-patterning Your Nervous System

  • Understand how your intention and attention actually change your neural networks
  • Your brain is not limited to your head... you have vast numbers of neurons in your heart and gut!
  • Dissolve your embodied neural patterns of stress, pain, and suffering and create space for patterns of health, joy, and love
  • Alcazar will guide an amazing energy meditation to rebalance and repattern your extended nervous system

Week 2-Freeing Your Mind & Emotions

  • Understand the major impact that your early life has on limiting your present day experience
  • Learn how you can use your mind to consciously recognize and unravel those unhealthy mental and emotional patterns
  • Start to KNOW your Superconsciousness - the real intelligence that is you, beyond the mind and evolve to the next level of being human!
  • This week's meditation will focus on understanding, loving, and freeing the mind and emotions

Week 3 - Transforming Your Relationships

  • Realize that your relationships impact your sense of self, and how family and society has created patterns of limiting conditioning
  • Improve existing relationships by trusting yourself to be natural and honoring the differences in others
  • Dissolve the fear of being seen so that you can be acknowledged as who you truly are
  • Alcazar will support you with a meditation to re-define the way you relate to yourself and others

Week 4 - To Be Revealed By Alcazar!

  • As in the Growing Young Series, Alcazar has not yet revealed the fourth week's topic... Last time it was a big surprise, but it brought in the underlying cause of all our patterning that create aging.

Receive New Stargate Meditations That Will
Assist You To Feel Full of Vitality

Loving Yourself As You Are Meditations

Before you can change, you need to love and appreciate yourself as you are.  This is difficult for many people because of unconscious belief systems.  Alcazar will guide us in recognizing these old programs and dissolving them, which leads naturally to self-love and appreciation.

Re-patterning Meditations

 Your brain-mind mechanism is staggeringly amazing!  It can re-program itself very quickly.  Alcazar will guide you on how to use your intention and attention, amplified by the Stargate energetics, to re-program your mind and emotions, your embodied brain and nervous system, and the nature of your relationships.


The Total Value of Package A is $254

**Discount : 62%** OFF

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What People Are Saying about "Youthing Program"

So excited to be listening to the meditations and connecting to the Stargate. My body is coming back to life again and my cells are doing the happy dance.

- Marita, Australia

The next morning after the first meditation I did feel clearly younger, by at least 20 years...

- Jonathan, France

...My life has changed, I have no pain anywhere, but only a great energy ...

- Dionisio, Italy

I have had a tendinitis on my left shoulder for months, couldn't move it up in the front nor to the side. After the 1st week, I started to able to move it up in the front with no pain. Today I can move it well up to the side too! No pain!

- Sandra, Mozambique

I just have to post the fact that I hurt my back real bad last Thursday and had been dealing with foot and knee pain for many months. I guess I have been reluctant to post the fact my foot, knee, and back feel great because I'm in awe of how quick the pain has vanished!

- David, California

The first Youthing Program has already given many changes in my life. More peace and balance. Aches and pain (most have gone.) Love and trust.

- Petra, The Netherlands

Thank you for turning my world upside down. As a woman of science I'm surrendered to this knowledge. Thank you, you are beautiful and amazing beings. No more unnatural fear.

- Inês, Portugal

I have been experiencing some dramatic changes in my life over the past few months. It would seem as if I am being reborn, rebuilt or recreated from the inside out.

- Colin

This program, all of these webinars and information we are receiving are phenomenal!

- Deborah

The meditations are slowly changing my life. I am more confident, have more energy, feeling more gratitude among other things. Thank you bring me more!

- Angela, Italy

Package B

In this package you will receive:

Going Deeper Into Youthing

  •  DAY 1 - Youthing on a cellular level
  • Meditation 1: Revisiting cellular youthing Meditation
  • Meditation 2: Replenishing your stem cells Meditation
  • Meditation 3: Energizing the water in your body
  • DAY 2 - Adventuring Into Quantum Realities
  • Meditation 1: Amplifying The Body's Biophotonic Light
  • Meditation 2: The Quantum Aspect Of Youthing

What Is The Youthing Program?

The youthing webinar program is designed to promote rejuvenation of the body on a cellular level.

The main focus is to work energetically with the innate intelligence of the body. Because when you honor your body and recognize that the consciousness is anchored in every single cell of your body, you can start to communicate with the body, with your organs, with your cells, mitochondria, telomeres, stem cells... And in this communication balance can be achieved, health can be achieved, invigorating the body can be achieved. That is youthfulness.

These energies assist in the reversal of aging, boosting energy levels, and restoring balance throughout the body.

In this 2-day online program you will receive:

  • Replay videos of each day
  • Mp3 audio downloads of the full webinars and each meditation
  • Lifetime access to this content

DAY 1 - Youthing on a cellular level

The focus of day one is working at a cellular level, energizing telomeres, mitochondria and stem cells. These energetic transmissions are designed to interact with every cell of your body.

Alcazar also stresses the importance of loving life and appreciating the many small gifts that happen every day, as these create a receptivity on the physical as well as the emotional body.

DAY 2 - Adventuring Into Quantum Realities

In day 2 we are moving beyond the boundary of the mind - into the unknown.

As we deepen our understanding of the Quantum field, realizations begin to occur. We can assist the youthing of our bodies with the understanding of this greater reality.

Leading-edge science is finally catching up with ancient spiritual knowledge, allowing a clear understanding for the layman of the physics of the Quantum realm. Alcazar takes this understanding a little further, into an experiential process!

Meditation 1
Amplifying The Body's Biophotonic Light

Meditation 2
The Quantum Aspect Of Youthing

Beloved Ones We Greet Thee, 'tis Alcazar

For many years we have been saying that what is occurring here on your Earth is on the leading-edge of creation, and that the Universe is watching.

There is great excitement now, because humanity’s awakening is in progress.  

And you who are drawn to this Stargate work are the way-showers.

And we wish to communicate with you on many levels:

What is occurring,

What is about to become,

And your role in self-transformation, which leads to the transformation of humanity, which leads to the transformation of the whole Universe.  Hard for the mind to accept perhaps, but it is the case.

We invite you to join us for another four week series to find out for yourself HOW your humanness operates…  HOW your superconsciousness connects to your humanness…  HOW, by combining this understanding, you can re-create your reality.

How, with this understanding, you can change your body, you can re-program your mind into freedom, you can change your societies.

Beloveds, it is time… It is happening now.

There is so much support on so many levels for humans’ evolution right now.

You are riding the wave of transformation.  Allow us to give you a boost energetically, a boost on a mental level so you can understand what is occurring, and a boost on a feeling/emotional level, so that there is so much joy in your heart, so much love in your beingness - that the minor irritations of your old conditioning no longer limit you.

Come join us, free the world, starting with yourself.


The Total Value of Package B is $500

**Discount : 71%** OFF

On The Transformation Show only,

This SPECIAL OFFER is available for only



Feeling a deep connection with self. My body is strong. I feel empowered, more awareness of where I am.  The Stargate work from Alcazar has truly shown me who I AM. Feeling grateful and Love from the Heart. Bring me more on understanding who and what I am. When the intellect understands, spiritual awareness can become a normal part of life. Thank you Alcazar. Thank you Prageet . Thank you Julianne.

  - Micheline, Canada

I'm so happy for this teaching, and I feel a great sense of not just being in my body but a being of more energy outside of the body too. It's quite wonderful. I've felt so much more "ease and grace", ability to get back on the horse when I've fallen off in life. I'm very grateful.

- Maria

I am noticing a deep relief and ability to rest into myself more after today's meditation... I am integrating now and humbled and heartened by the experience of compassion for myself. Thank you all for sharing in this journey.

- Jani, California

The youthing 2 meditation​ was amazing for me.

- Micheline, Canada

Exclusive Free Gift

Free Meditation -Discover The Stargate Energies

"This is not just more information for your mind, this is The Stargate Experience.

Within moments, you will be able to taste higher dimensional energies, feel higher dimensional beings coming to you, and start the process of re-activating your dormant, multi-dimensional DNA.

You will leave this experience more relaxed, uplifted, and amazed. You have just felt the presence of benevolent beings – Angels, Ascended Masters, and some of the benevolent civilizations from around our Universe. Your DNA is now vibrating at a higher level, and you can feel it."



Choose Your Payment Plan Options for Each Package Below

2 Payment Plan for Package B!
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"…It was just beautiful. I feel different. Indescribable. It feels transforming. I am loving working with you Prageet and Julieanne." 

-Mary C.

“It was an amazing experience! I came just for my curiosity and discovered an amazing encounter with wonderful beings in flesh and in spirit. I miss it already. Love to all.”

-Liat, Israel

“How grateful I am for the call of the universe ... A call which was loud enough for me to hear, to make the journey from Amsterdam to Mt Shasta. My life has changed in all ways, everything seems to have been lifted, my perception of all things has shifted. My senses are clearer and my vastness is a fact, not a hope or a future goal. The secret is to be aware, and it happens…”

-Simone, The Netherlands

"Every time I listen to my Stargate recordings, I feel like I'm hearing them for the first time. Because I am always changing and evolving, I continually learn something new, and my understanding goes a little deeper."

-Laurie, California

“I think the Stargate has shifted something as I am now at a higher vibration, I definitely am finding everyday things flowing VERY much more easily,and I am getting more business. Something that was causing problems in my life has now gone. Curiously, I have got my self confidence back!”

-Jonathan, England

“Now home, my addictions seem to have fallen away. I have a lot to do and I’m not as easily distracted. My boundaries with other people seem better, my work has a different feeling as I am bringing this energy of the Stargate into my work, and the best of all, my son said he hadn't seen me ever so happy! I am aware of feeling both grounded and vast at the same time. My sense of humor and ease with people has improved!”

-Sydney, California

“Stargate has given me an expanded ability to change my state of being, unlike anything that I have utilized up to this point. There is an awareness that each moment is a new beginning and there is much, much more, just for the asking!”

-David, Nevada

“The deep peace and stillness is beyond anything I have previously known in this life. It all feels richly in slow motion. I am very blessed to be on this path with you all. Thank you Prageet, Julianne and Alcazar”.


 "The Stargate work is such a powerful push towards enlightenment that I can say: I have never encountered a spiritual work I would consider as equally deep before."

- Lars, Germany

"Each day the vibrations get stronger, I feel tingling in my whole body-even the toes and fingers. It is really vibrating and keeps me aware throughout the meditation, which was for me the hardest thing. Thank You!"

-Sandra S.

Hello all. Just wanted to share something about our powerful Stargate. The young boy of a friend has Leukemia and was struggling after his last chemo. His cells were very depleted. So i told the mother to put a Stargate pic at the front door and one at the head of his bed and one at the feet end.
This is what she just sent me:
“Since I put the pictures up his cells went up over 1500 in 2 days the doctors said it’s crazy how fast they did it before then they were going up 200 every 2 days “

- Sabs Deans

Leonie has left a new comment on "Growing Young":

I am noticing more energy in the body which is wonderful. I am also experiencing aches and pains in my wrists, arms, ankles, feet, legs and hips as well as my lower back. I am celebrating and thanking them for releasing. As my heart is opening more I am being shown the old beliefs , stories and emotions that have been stored there. I am feeling the sadness and releasing the tears. I sense that beyond these emotions is the love and joy that I truly am. I love you all for having the courage to take this journey. It is not always easy but definitely worthwhile and the support here and in the spirit realms is truly beautiful. Thankyou , I feel blessed to be part of this experience.

Many thanks for being who you are Since coming across the stargate work there has been a profound turn around in my health and energy.

-Espavo Vicki from Australia

Thank you! I have to say, I started out very sceptical, but once we experienced your workshop meditations, and especially after sitting inside the large Stargate, feeling the energy of it, we loved it. We’ve been doing the Stargate meditation ever since, and have found it very powerful. Our Stargate seems to call us to touch it all the time: we find ourselves holding it and kind of playing with it… as do others we share it with. We are very grateful to have experienced your workshop! With Blessings,

-Erin Dragonsong

OMG !  How blessed I am that God/Spirit has brought us together.  I am 84 years old and have experienced and learned much about what you are giving to humanity today.  So much truth and wisdom. Through the years I have been in the energetic healing field and have been so blessed.  

Lots of challenges and lots of wonderful experiences for my own healing and growth. God/Spirit always brings people and circumstances into my life when I am ready.  God/Spirit is always "in time, on time, every time". And here you are! I used a QXCI machine for a long period and it was good training on the Quantum level. This lasted until I was "told" to put down the "toy" and become the instrument.  Today most of my work is done on the etheric level.

I received my STARGATE on May 11th and had surgery on Monday the 14th, do not do drugs so I had quite a lot of pain on Monday night.  I put my stargate beside my bed and used some of my healing techniques on myself. Then went into a very peaceful, very restful sleep for 3 hours.  When I woke up, I had absolutely NO PAIN. Nor did the pain return. Only a little soreness remained. I know from my experience that the STARGATE works.

- Bobbie Tunnicliff

Testimonials for Awakening of Humanity

I am so grateful for this webinar. I was in a bad car accident, with brain trauma and have struggled to be able to meditate ever since the accident. With the Stargate meditations I am able to experience something truly amazing!!!

-Cindy Scott 

This Rainbow Bridge Fire Ceremony touched my whole being. There was a strong connection with everyone, actually it felt as if I would be there. Closed my eyes sometimes and felt the fire - Pele's Love -( it came up in my mind). Tears of gratitude - sort of coming home - Beyond words. Such a strong vibrational energy, I still feel it in my body and around. Feeling embraced, blessed and magnificent. Thank you so much for this experience. Thank you bring me more.

- Petra van den Toorn

I did the Stargate for the first time in May 2016 not knowing what to expect, my greatest abilities emerged so quickly i.e writing poetry. The writing's that came through me were very deep and I felt very connected to everyone around me and the world as a whole. I am now on the Stargate Journey and LOVING it. Thank you!

-Edna doherty Ireland

Such an amazing journey of consciousness. I love everything about the Stargate Experience!

- Robin Moyer

Thank you for the free New Year's webinar. It was my first time experiencing your webinar and it was very profound and blissful. Last night I would say I had an interesting bedtime slumber and awoke very refreshed after experiencing months of fatigue. I am definitely interested in participating in another Stargate meditation webinar!

-Chiara Beaumont

I would like to thank you for this Meditation. It was the most beautiful Meditation in my life. I was just crying and crying and i felt this amazing endless unconditional love.
I felt today unconditional Love and peace and harmony. I’m so thankful to you for sharing this Lightness with us.

-Marianna Menyhárt

This is a most amazing experience that taps into realms within yourself that are impossible to have imagined.


Enlightening beyond expectations. Feeling the best I've felt in months healthwise. Heightened awareness of my guardians and noticing little miracles occurring.


Hard to express in words the amazing feelings of love and connection I've felt during the meditations. Very grateful for the wisdom of Alcazar and all that's being shared here, the DNA activation and other many blessings.


There is so much energetically happening inside - a lot of spontaneous insights and seeing of my truth is arising.

The awareness of my body, my thoughts and myself.


My soul is drinking the love and wisdom from Alcazar and all the other luminous beings.


The energy is gentle and beautiful, moving me forward on my journey.


These are life altering experiences, a gift, Thank You Bring me more!


It is very powerful, I have not experienced this type of intensity when it comes to meditating before.


Some of the most powerful transformational work I have ever done.


I am amazed at the connection with my superconsciousness and how changes have occurred in my life to the extent that revelations about my place in this world have been revealed to me. I now know what I want to do and why.


About Pragreet Harris

Prageet – an English, internationally renowned channel – has for 25 years worked with his guide Alcazar and their creation, the Stargate. This is a conscious, sacred-geometrical structure that creates a powerful, multi-dimensional energy field – an energy that can take participants into a deep meditative state within moments.

Julieanne works with Prageet and has been part of the Stargate project since 2012. She discovered a strong connection with both the Stargate and Alcazar, whom she also channels. With the guidance of Alcazar, Julieanne has developed a new form of energetic self-healing known as The Essence of Life. Together Prageet and Julieanne travel the world sharing the Stargate work.

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