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Durva and Raquel Spencer will open up the phone lines and answer your questions.

Raquel is Catalyst for Expanding Consciousness. Accelerator for Spiritual Transformation. She’s on a mission to help you connect to your Higher Self and wisdom so you can be empowered to live the life you were born to live.

Why I do what I do...

My journey began over 30 years ago. I went into a 5 week unexplained coma. When I woke up, everything was the same, yet everything was different. Later I would come to understand what had transpired during those 5 weeks, but for years I felt lost, alone, longing for connection and trying to understand why I felt so different.

For 20 years I walked between the worlds. I obtained my BS degree in business and worked in the corporate world for fortune 100 companies, all the while having multi-dimensional experiences and awakenings that shook the very fabric of my reality. I tried to act like my life was normal. I often even wondered if I was crazy, at the same time knowing in the depths of my being that my multi-dimensional experiences were every bit as real as my 3D reality.

What is my soul’s mission you ask?

To help others who have a deep KNOWING they are here for a specific reason, but just can’t seem to make the strong connection to their own Higher Self and wisdom so they can figure out what their soul’s mission is. My entire focus is to help people wake up, reconnect to their own spiritual essence and remember the truth of who they are.

Tap Into Your Cosmic Self

Quantum BOPP Series

Quantum BOPP Video Series is all about connecting you to a deeper understanding of your role in the awakening of humanity.

Raquel gives explanations of how your Divine Vehicle is a vital KEY to the evolution of your consciousness. Each activation upgrades your body to interpret Light in new ways, expanding your awareness beyond your current levels of understanding.

Explore, expand and experience a new level of Light!

This 11 part video series expands your perceptions of the quantum and cosmic experience. Each activation working on a different energy upgrade. Building your connection to the cosmic energies of awakening, while upgrading your body to allow the integration of high frequency energy and concepts with ease and grace.

Package A

Quantum BOPP 1
The first series contains 6 video's

The Transformation Show Special Offer


Package B

Quantum BOPP 2
The second series contains 5 videos.

The Transformation Show Special Offer



Here’s what’s included in the package

Package A

Video 1 - Connecting to Gaia

This video begins the series with the all important aspect of grounding effectively to the crystalline core of Gaia. The necessity to ground in this way is paramount to your ability to hold high frequency energies in the reality. During this activation, we open up the Omega Chakra and the portal to ground in this reality. This also connects your energetic body to the "Ring of Fire" frequencies, which may spark personal memories of Mu and Lemuria lifetimes and knowledge. Bringing into your systems new connections to the dolphins and whales, who hold wisdom and information for our collective awakening.

Video 2 - Connecting to the Cosmic Realms

Opening up the portal into the Alpha chakra. This begins an opening to your cosmic connections to different star systems. Each of us have experiences and lifetimes in different star systems and timelines through the galaxy. When we can connect to the wisdom from those experiences, our ability to remember and awaken to our own truth and skills expands. This activation opens up new pathways to enhance your memories and knowledge.

Video 3 - Decalcifying the Pineal Gland

We begin to connect in with the Etheric Crystal Skulls. The 13 skulls are the living library of Light information holding the galactic wisdoms from the star systems. This upgrades the Alpha chakra with the crown to allow streams of new Light frequencies from these living libraries to activate. This will increase your ability to receive information when appropriate for your awakening and your role as a living embodiment of Light.

Video 4 - The Lower Chakra's

The activation will either replace or upgrade your current lower three chakras to continue the evolution of your own body systems. This activation will meet you in the now moment - at your currently level of upgrade to propel your bodies into the next expression. This is very physical in nature.

Video 5 - The Upper Chakra's

This continues the upgrade to your body and Divine Vehicle. There are also learnings about staying aligned and in Divine flow. Allowing the personality to align with Divine Will and moving into a life of ease and grace.

Video 6 - The Heart Chakra

This brings all the Light upgrades into alignment through the heart chakra. The heart is ALWAYS the central point for awakening and connection to the Divine.

Package A

Quantum BOPP 1
The first series contains 6 video's

The Transformation Show Special Offer $127


Package B

This 5 part video series is a beautiful immersion into quantum level upgrades to your Divine Vehicle of Light. Each video is approximately 25-30 minutes in duration and was filmed in sequence. Learn, upgrade and expand your consciousness!

Video 1 - Preparing for the Frequency of Self Love

Self love is a integral part of our awakening process. We've heard the saying time and time again - you have to love yourself first, before you can truly love others. But in our society and culture, self love is still not fully understood as a frequency of Light. Dive deeper into embodying this energy to enhance your ability to live authentically.

Video 2 - New Oscillations of the Divine Feminine Moving Up the Spectrum of Light

The attributes of the Divine Feminine are frequency codes of Light which enable our ability to live from new levels of compassion, cooperations, etc. When we embody these frequencies at deeper levels, we are able hold the space for ourselves and others to step into a new level of expression and light.

Video 3 - Rejuvenation of the Cellular Structure

This activation sparks the next level of cellular rejuvenation. If you notice, those who hold higher levels of light seem to look younger. I keep asking for more light technology to come forth to speed up our rejuvenation process. This is the first level of that technology... 🙂 

Video 4 - Expanding Your Heart for New Levels of Manifestation

This activation opens up yet another level of your heart chamber accessing a new sacred geometry or mechanism to assist with manifesting on the physical plane. With each new level or opening, your ability to manifest your Light advances. 

Video 5 - Upgrading the Human Operating System

This activation brings in a new interface for your human computer. It enhances the way in which your brain and nervous system interacts to allow your body to effectively and efficiently embody more light. This evolutionary process requires the continued upshifting of your human computer to bring you into deeper levels of connection to source, light intelligence and love. 

A special gift for The Transformation Show Community

Spiritual Spa - Activations of Light

Symbiotic Light Connections mp3:  This activation brings your physical and energetic bodies into a more relaxed and synchronized level of harmony with the cosmic Light which is flooding the planet. Working with water, within your body and the planet, the flow of wisdom is elevated.

Portals of the Divine Mother: This activation brought new mandala's of Light coming in from the Higher Frequency energy/aspects of the Divine Mother and Quan Yin connecting you to a new level of the quantum field of potentials and possibilities. This opens your heart to unprecedented levels of compassion, cooperation and love. Are you ready?

Each activation is unique and provides continued support for your expansion, spiritual growth and connection to the omni-presence that is YOU.

Package B

Quantum BOPP 2
The second series contains 5 videos.

The Transformation Show Special Offer $97



This video series just rocked my world. The upgrades, the energy - wow is all I can say. The expansion I feel is massive and it really helped me to gain a cosmic perspective of my life. In deep gratitude.

Cynthia M

Since I found your work, my life has begun to make sense. It's like all the pieces are starting to fit together. Thank you for providing such energy and passion to help humanity awaken

Maria D

Blow me out of the water! This series is taking me into frequencies of Light I've never experienced. The clarity I'm receiving, along with the physical upgrades - I feel the energy all over my body - is awesome. Thank you for doing what you do!

Kathy S

“Hi Raquel !!! I would like to say that since I have been working with you over a year now that my spiritual path has accelerated and I have been able to clear away all that I no longer need and also my old beliefs and patterns.
My guidance has become clearer and I have to say I am not the same person that I was before doing the transmissions of light. I am very grateful that I found you and I get exactly what my growth needs when I need it. I look forward to every single one and am excited for my amazing growth that has happened along with them. Thank you.”

Sharon R., USA

“Wow!  After experiencing Quantum BOPP2,  I’m feeling a physical change to my body.  I've been dealing with some physical ailments which are now gone. Thanks Raquel!  Your work has changed my Matrix!”

Becky C, USA

“What power and energy you have! Your Bopp’s pack a wallop. 🙂  I have been tremendously influenced by these daily sessions (Daily Co-creation Conversation) and send Gratitude from the deepest part of my heart ( in which I am spending a great deal more time )!

I am having daily "Department Staff" meetings, thanks to your guidance, just to check in with each and every beautiful member of the team to remind them of how wonderful and capable they are and how grateful I am that they are there. It is a joyful experience.  Sending Love and Gratitude!”

Nancy, J, USA

Raquel....this was for me the MOST powerful, intense and beautiful experience. I just want to express my deep gratitude for your generous sharing of your connection with Source to facilitate even deeper levels of MY connection and understanding of my power to create. It just kept getting wider and deeper and more intimate and beautiful and JOYFUL as the transmission progressed and several times I just laughed out loud with the joy !

Thank you from the bottom of of my heart.

Laurel R., USA

"I have been blessed with the many healing and massive shifts in my energy from Raquel's activations.  Her "daily infusion of light" and energy clearing technique has made a tremendous difference in my energy.  I am able to be of better service to myself and my clients.  I have cleared my fields and healed physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I am grateful everyday for her work.  She is a magnificent soul filled with beautiful vibrant Source Energy.  You have been a true light in my life.

Michelle T., USA

Your meditations are SUPER POWERFUL and they have shifted me in a life changing way !!! Can't live without them now.

Chip P., USA

I had such a Profound experience that I sat with it for 5 hours after...
It's beyond words...

My Gratitude & Appreciation of your work, your Guidance is beyond words...
Thank You, Thank You,
Thank You...

I have something to share after each and every experience with you, although I tend to not share as I feel I cannot do it Justice...Especially with Experiences to this Magnitude...

I am so Grateful to have found someone who talks my talk, someone who lets every cell in this Magnificent Physical Body  know I am coming home to my True Self...

Joan S., France

Package A

Quantum BOPP 1
The first series contains 6 video's

The Transformation Show Special Offer


Package B

Quantum BOPP 2
The second series contains 5 videos.

The Transformation Show Special Offer



About Raquel Spencer:

n accidental entrepreneur, Raquel Spencer has spent the last decade working with people around the globe, assisting thousands of participants to step into a new level of personal and spiritual clarity.

Her unique gifts and skills provide a fast and effective way to clear emotional, mental and physical blocks, which empowers her clients to experience a deeper spiritual connection and improved quality of life.

Her own life shifted profoundly after waking from a five-week unexplained coma, which marked the beginning of her own Spiritual Awakening.

A graduate from CSU, Sacramento, she holds a B.S. in Business Marketing and Management. Raquel spend 25 years working for Fortune-100 companies, such as Intel and Hewlett Packard, before following her true calling and path.



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