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The Transformation Show presents Tamra Oviatt's Special Offer

"Your mentality is your reality."


  • Activate Your Sacred Geometry
  • Heal Yourself and Others
  • Immediately Increase Intuition
  • Increase Confidence
  • Release Money Blocks
  • Release Disease Conciousness

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Package A

  • Lord Metatron
  • Moses Code
  • Christ Consciousness
  • Fruit of Life
  • Avebury/Stoneheng
  • Addictions Redirection
  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  • Are you a Hypochondriac
  • Blood and Lymph Systems
  • Book of the Dead Activation
  • Brain in Balance
  • Breathe Peace
  • Cancer Free Activation
  • Cell Snap
  • Defragmentation and Laser Focus
  • Diabetes Activation
  • Digestive System
  • Disconnect from Allergies
  • Disconnect From Disease Consciousness
  • Disconnect from Suicidal Thoughts

Item 1: Lord Metatron

This activation brings the sacred geometric codes for the tetrahedron into your DNA. This information from the 6th Plane will activate your 12 strands of DNA and accelerate their evolution to the new, crystalline form. It will increase your awareness of and communication with the higher realms. It will also enable you to navigate Earth’s changes with greater ease and allow you to be in sync with Gaia’s evolution from a 3rd dimensional planet.

Item 2: Moses Code

Recharges your cells, in effect making you younger, and giving you more energy and clarity of thought.

Item 3: Christ Consciousness

Reconnect the two heart chakras, freeing you of judgment and enabling you to love yourself while activating the Flower of Life.

Item 4: Fruit of Life

This opens and connects your 13 chakras, so they can release emotions and beliefs that cause blockages in energy flow. These stagnant energies can cause physical pain and illness, as well as affect your ability to manifest. Chakras are portals that send and receive information. They are also the entrance for life-force energy. When this energy flows freely throughout your being , you an be in your true power. This activation lights up your Fruit of Life in your Sacred Geometry.

Item 5: Avebury/Stonehenge

Increases your healing and psychic abilities, enabling you to easily communicate with your higher self, your guides and angels, and the Creator. This also increases your clairvoyance and clairaudience, making it possible to comprehend more fully what is taking place in healing sessions.

Item 6: Addictions Redirection

Addictions arise from feeling a lack of love. This activation restores the instinct and energy to self-nurture. It also targets the emotions that cause suffering and helps to heal our perception of experience that caused those emotions. This will help you release anything you may be using as a substitute for love and nurturing.

Item 7: Alzheimer’s and Dementia

This activation is about rejuvenating of the brain cells by clearing out the reasons why they are not regenerating. This is about the emotions, feelings and thoughts that cause this regeneration.

Item 8: Are you a Hypochondriac

This activation is designed to help you release the energy of your fears so you can begin to live a healthy and happy life.

Item 9: Blood and Lymph Systems

This activation is designed to reinforce your blood and lymph system at the emotional and tribal level while unplugging you from the social consciousness at the same time.

Item 10: Book of the Dead Activation

The Book of the Dead activation is about our fear of dying and transitioning when death comes. This activation gives you guidance when you transition, so you have faith that you’re sage and you’re transitioning properly.

Item 11: Brain in Balance

This activation balances both the left and right brain, helping you to become more artistic and grounded at the same time, as well as being organized.

Item 12: Breathe Peace

An activation brought in by Quan Yin. This activation clears your lungs of sorrow and grief clearing it from the collective and from your genetics. Good for anyone with asthma or lung related diseases.

Item 13: Cancer Free Activation

This activation is also a deactivation from the cancer collective.  It will shift the thoughts, feelings and emotions that trigger and promote cancer.

Item 14: Cell Snap

This activation balances both the left and right brain, helping you to become more artistic and grounded at the same time, as well as being organized.

Item 15: Defragmentation and Laser Focus

Amazing Activation for people who feel scattered and unfocused.  This Activation pulls in all those fragmented pieces of yourself and basically organizes everything and gives you such clarity that you feel Laser Focused.

Item 16: Diabetes Activation

Would you like to release yourself of diabetes? And live back in the sweetness of life–knowing life is wonderful, knowing it’s safe to enjoy yourself?

Item 17: Digestive System

This activation clears unhealthy beliefs that settle in our guts allowing us to return to balance with a healthy assimilation of life, thoughts and emotions.

Item 18: Disconnect from Allergies

This deactivation clears any beliefs you have around allergies and the need to experience them.  It clears any fears of subconscious beliefs around pets, plants or other triggers.

Item 19: Disconnect From Disease Consciousness

Disconnect from the collective and genetic consciousness, clearing out core beliefs in illness and your association with being ill.

Item 20: Disconnect from Suicidal Thoughts

Disconnect from the energies that promote suicidal thoughts, whether from past lives or current life trauma.


Package A
**Your Savings : 61%**
Total Package Value 
From The Transformation Show
Special Offer

Package B

  • All of Package A
  • Respect, Trust and Loyalty
  • Confidence/Self-Esteem
  • Being Extraordinary
  • Caste System Money
  • Collective Wounds Release
  • Competition and Lack
  • Creative Gene Extraordinaire
  • Death and Taxes Activation
  • Debtor Prison
  • Discipline and Structure
  • Disconnect from Slave Mentality
  • Genie in a Bottle
  • Get in the Vortex of Creation of Abundance
  • Giving And Receiving
  • Glass Ceiling
  • Healers and Money
  • Disconnect from Allergies
  • Millionaire Collective Consciousness
  • Money And Time
  • Money Gene
  • Money Is Dirty And Rich People Suck
  • Poverty Perception
  • Release from Government Assistance
  • Struggle to Survive Activation

Item 21: Respect, Trust and Loyalty

This activation is about respect, trust and loyalty you give yourself and others as well as what is given to you. If you don’t feel that you are getting the respect, trust and loyalty you feel you deserve this will clear the resentment or negative energy around this bringing you balance.

Item 22: Confidence/Self-Esteem

Manage the power of your mind to produce physical well-being, performance, confidence, and self-esteem. The potential for change and growth is as limitless of your imagination.

Item 23: Being Extraordinary

Clears you from the need to fit in and the self-judgement around being different allowing you to embrace and embody your uniqueness.

Item 24: Caste System Money

This activation releases you from genetic cultural, religious beliefs of being too good or not good enough. It aligns you to be a citizen of the universe without judging yourself or others. It allows you to align with your peers and feel good about yourself, no matter how you grew up.

Item 25: Collective Wounds Release

This activation releases you from the wounds of the collective whole. Others cast their spiritual and emotional injuries upon the community to share – but this only drags us all down. Once freed, we can uplift each other.

Item 26: Competition and Lack

This deactivation disconnects you from competition, lack and limitation giving you the knowing that you can have anything you desire and that there is plenty for all.

Item 27: Creative Gene Extraordinaire

This supercharges your manifesting ability by disconnecting you from the third-dimensional grid system of fear and suffering, and plugging you into the fifth-dimensional system of unconditional love and abundance. When your creative power is connected to the Christ Consciousness, you can manifest your desires with much greater potency and speed. You can also delete negative aspects of your life much more quickly. This activation will give you the knowledge that you are safe, that you are the creator of your life, and that you have the power to manifest money and other forms of abundance.

Item 28: Death and Taxes Activation

We disconnect from the collective conciseness, genetic and past life. Let’s not let a silly belief keep us from making good money. The more money you make the more write-offs you have and, yes, the more money you pay in taxes– but you have more money and the more money you make the less it bothers you to pay taxes. Think of it as helping your country, the roads, the schools, it all a good thing to pay more in taxes. Because that means you make more money!!

Item 29: Debtor Prison

This activation releases you from the collective and religious consciousness of being in debt. It also releases you from any trauma or belief systems of imprisonment for your debt or family debt.

Item 30: Discipline and Structure

Master discipline and structure by releasing disorder in this activation, empowering you to build the mindset needed to accomplish great things in your life.

Item 31: Disconnect from Slave Mentality

We disconnect from the collective conciseness, genetic and past life. Let’s not let a silly belief keep us from making good money. The more money you make the more write-offs you have and, yes, the more money you pay in taxes– but you have more money and the more money you make the less it bothers you to pay taxes. Think of it as helping your country, the roads, the schools, it all a good thing to pay more in taxes. Because that means you make more money!!

Item 32: Genie in a Bottle

This activation will clear the belief that there is only so much good to go around It removes this belief and the associated beliefs so we can welcome in all the good life has on offer as if we had our own Genie in a bottle to make our dreams come true.

Item 33: Get in the Vortex of Creation of Abundance

This activation will clear the belief and the associated beliefs that there is only so much good to go around, so we can welcome in all the good life has on offer as if we had our own Genie in a bottle to make our dreams come true.

Item 34: Giving And Receiving

This activation is about having a healthy energetic balance with others. It is also about allowing our own gifts to come in, and to do so without need for sacrifice.

Item 35: Glass Ceiling

This activation enables us to recognize instances where we are setting a subconscious barriers for ourselves – a point that for some reason we don’t feel safe to move beyond. This activation makes it easy to identify and remove these self-imposed limits, and stand up in our light.

Item 36: Healers and Money

Healers feel as thought they must be impoverished to succeed in their field. This isn’t true! All healers may enjoy great prosperity and wealth, which uplifts all those around us through empowerment of our dreams.

Item 37: Millionaire Collective Consciousness

This activation plugs you into the vibration of the collective consciousness of being a millionaire. It instills the mindset and beliefs about money shared by the most affluent and prosperous members of society.

Item 38: Money And Time

This activation releases you from the sense that you don’t have the time to do the work you perceive necessary to achieve prosperity and gain wealth. You can gain a great deal with less effort than you think!

Item 39: Money Gene

Healers feel as thought they must be impoverished to succeed in their field. This isn’t true! All healers may enjoy great prosperity and wealth, which uplifts all those around us through empowerment of our dreams.

Item 40: Money Is Dirty And Rich People Suck

Some people believe that money causes problems in their relationships, therefore making it seem dirty. You can also create a belief that rich people are horrible because they are wealthy, but in reality you have created a lack in your life as a result. We are all born with the right to be wealthy.

Item 41: Poverty Perception

Item 42: Release from Government Assistance

Release from the need of government assistance to survive – Does all or most of your monthly income come for any form of government assistance? This activation is for those who feel they have to remain sick, disabled or unemployed to keep their benefits to survive. If you are afraid of moving forward or empowering yourself to improve your condition because of it, this activation is for you.

Item 43: Struggle to Survive Activation

In the collective wound, one must struggle to survive, and survival is a struggle. This activation is about gaining release from having to fight to survive, from having to be in that energy.


Package B
**Your Savings : 80%**
Total Package Value 
From The Transformation Show
Special Offer

Package C

  • All of Package A and B
  • 1:1 Private Session - 30 mins

Package C
**Your Savings : 76%**
Total Package Value 
From The Transformation Show
Special Offer


 “Hi Tamra & Everyone,
I have recently become a Certified Sacred Activations Practitioner and I wanted to share with you one of my experiences with this work. Working with my daughter`s seizure the other day, even after the seizure she sometimes has continuing dizziness and headaches and I do healings on her and it takes sometimes 10 mins sometimes more than an hour for her to fully recover.This time I felt an urge to do activations on her and soon afterward she was feeling well. I am so thankful for this work and to Tamra Oviatt for introducing it to me.It is fast, effective and does wonders.I believe there is yet to experience more miracle healings with diseases which we once would have thought incurable through Sacred Activations. I would recommend everyone to be activated or even better become a practitioner. Your life is bound to change in the most amazing ways…” 

-Hümeyra Gürel Tumay
Sacred Activations Practitioner 

“On May 22 I asked my guides to send me a way to completely heal and breakthrough so my Divine Blueprint could fully be activated…I opened my browser and without clicking anything Tamra’s Sacred Activations website loaded…and Vincent’s video testimonial was playing…it was magical…that was on a Wednesday… she was giving Raising the Feminine Energy Class…as she did each activation I could actually feel the changes happening within me…I began to feel better immediately… all symptoms of all the ailments I have had for years have receded over the last month …one by one as if being erased in the most pleasant of ways…in the Love and Light of Grace…that what comes through…Grace…I have now been doing the Activations with Tamra for one month…on her weekly Hangouts…my clients have mentioned that it seems that my sessions have gotten stronger and my reading have more clarity than ever before… as for my health…never better…Tamra is the Healer’s Healer…With Much Love and in Great Respect…Blessings” 

-Stephanie Elaine Golden-Falcon
Proprietor of Hèron Bleu Alchemy Shoppe

“Started my spiritual journey in 2014 after being laid off at 64 yrs. Tamra’s activations got thru that period till I retired. I experienced lots of releases: sobbed river of tears that were stuck in all parts of my body as well as letting go of anger, fear, etc. But the biggest win was remembering who I AM, a reconnection with God and my Guardian Angels, and remembering what a fantastic and happy childhood I had.”


“Tamra’s method of sacred activations is one of the most powerful single modalities I have come across, particularly for the rapid transformation of one’s life, she is a powerhouse of a healer with tremendous heart, and I highly recommend this work.” 

-Hanson Tse
founder of humble exploration

“I would like to give a personal testimonial of Tamra Oviatt and her Sacred Activations. It is true it has changed my life and they are very powerful, however- I can not tell you the difference in both webinars/hangouts versus the private sessions. They to me are incredible. The one on one interaction where you are able to discuss your own personal issues and struggles compared to having others listening or perhaps possible distractions or just the fact that the sessions are custom made to what Spirit sees fit, or what you may need to conquer. I have had the opportunity to have several personal sessions with Tamra and in comparison, the healing has been awe inspiring. I think in my opinion even more powerful and the shifting seemed easier and more graceful. My private clients have seen such a dramatic change in not only my appearance, my vocabulary, my radiation and my inner light. My reading space, is off the charts. I had 7 clients in one day at a local store I read at and literally had every single person in tears of pure emotion and just because of the love and light I was channeling. I love the hangouts, but the one on ones…. Hands down…. LIFE CHANGING!!!!! Do yourself a favor, book a session or a block of sessions as I have and will continue to do. Because you’d be amazed at how many veils become lifted and how much more effortless life becomes. The work she does has changed me so much, but I know there’s more work to be done. Thank you Tamra. I LOVE and HONOR YOU!”

-Viviana Duncan 

“I wanted to focus on removing the blocks that were keeping me from being more financially successful. I was a little skeptical but with Tamra’s guidance, within a week I was offered a new job and made new sales in my current job. In addition, I was given insight into what I needed to make me happier in general.” 


“Since I received the Sacred Geometry downloads this is what has happened. I have been struggling for a year to get my new business launched. Lot’s of busy work that didn’t pay much kept showing up and because it was there and in front of me I kept jumping on that. Now my goal is to let go of what is not serving me and move into a place of expanded awareness and instead of, boy that would be nice if I could do that, I will be doing it. Instead of seeing all of the obstacles I can let that expanded part of me lead the way.”


The energy is too subtle to me that is difficult to identify the changes, I'm still trying them out. However, I have to say that I saw Archangel Metatron in his activation, and I opened my eyes, and close them again and he was still there. At my beds foot. I didn't know who he was bur remember seen that face in an angel deck. Right after the activation I looked in my decks, and found him. Thank you for all the work you do. 


“In December 2010 I had Open-Heart surgery. I was in hospital for 3 months and it has been a slow process getting back to a fairly good standard of health. My husband and I purchased the big package of about 29 Activations in April of this year. We started doing them straight away at rather a frantic pace. There was some initial reactions but not any longer than a couple of days. We did them solidly from April until July. Had a break of 3 weeks and are back into them again. Just recently I had an appointment with the heart surgeon who informed me the cells had apparently been renewing. We give the Activations the credit for this—-my health has improved remarkably since April. I also have diabetes type 2 and am doing the Lord Metatron, Moses Code, Fruit of Life and Organ Rejuvination and feel there are good signs showing there also. Would like a separate activation for Diabetes if possible.”

-Bernie Polglase

“Tamra is an amazing, loving, talented theta healer and instructor. She is thoughtful, considerate, and kind, getting to the root of the problem is one of her many gifts. The limiting beliefs that I held were cleared in a matter of seconds, not days, weeks, and/or beyond. I will always be grateful and honored to have met such wonderful soul.”


“I have been very aware of my ‘spiritual roots’ since I was very young and came upon the Sacred Activations about 6 months ago. I know that the energy that is brought forth with the Sacred Activations is how ‘new humanity’ is evolving. I have studied Theta Healing, Reiki, and Light Body modalities and have found value in each, but currently with the Sacred Activations I find that when I have gotten stuck in my life the Activations get me to breathe fresh air again and renew my life with more enthusiasm and joy than I had been experiencing. I am a technical manager and sometimes find that I get stuck in the mental world. The Activations allow me to bring forth my inner nature in my professional workplace and personal life more easily which allows me to see from a higher perspective. From what I gather it also ripples out to my workplace colleagues as well. I truly enjoy doing these Activations on a regular basis. I also appreciate the journey that Tamra has taken and shared with those of us participating in the webinars. Truly exciting work.”

-Janet Newman

“I had a consult with Tamra and she was able to quickly do a reading on me and discover a hormonal imbalance which was causing me a lot of stress and anxiety. She then was able to remotely rebalance my system and I have to say what an amazing shift I felt in the hours following our session. I just felt so calm and peaceful and very relaxed. I hadn’t felt that good for quite a while. I would recommend everyone give this a try!”


“I am so thankful for these wonderful activations. They have become an important part of my life, and I feel much more balanced at at ease in a lot of challenging situations. I like listening to Tamras voice very much, as she is full of love, humour and compassion. So, thank you for your inspiring work and I am looking forward to many wonderful activations to come! Love and blessings to you!”

-Lars Frieske

I’ve found sacred activations to be so transformational.
I’ve bought the sacred activations golden seals package, standing in my own power activation, allergy deactivation, digestion activation, activating my Gifts activation, and I have my eye on many more.
Now I am the type of person that likes trying lots of different things to try to ease my presence in life.
I’ve never really stuck to things in the past, I would listen to meditations with the beta and alpha frequencies, lots of mediation’s that were to help me with specific ailments, which were really useful but it felt like I had to constantly do them to find the relief, it would almost be if I hadn’t done them I would be feeling anxious and would soon return to my preprogrammed ways.
Sacred activations isn’t like that it truly gets to the core, cuts through your limiting sub conscious beliefs, I can literally feel the energetic shifts happening within me, and my gosh they can be rather major!! And there’s no chance of going back to my preprogrammed ways because that program has well and truly shifted.
I just feel so blessed to have found my way to knowing about this beautiful work, I no longer feel stuck in my life- I feel like I’m more in control of my life I still have a little way to go, but I have so much focus and clarity on how to clear this now (with the absolute help of sacred activations) I hope to be a practitioner in this modality one day- I really want to spread the word- of how sacred activations can greatly positively impact your life and take you to higher and higher heights, shedding the skin of your old ways and beliefs.
I’m just so in love with how free these activations can make people.
Thank you so much Tamra you beautiful being!! Xxxx 


“I must say that Sacred Activations has changed my life dramatically. At first, I didn’t feel too much difference, but after a while they started to kick in. I had emotional problems and some trauma in the past. After the activations, my mind is much more clear and I feel much more optimistic about life. Most of the negative thoughts I had before have simply vanished. Thank you Tamra for this beautiful gift you offer.” 

-Doga Ozveren 

“I have done the sacred geometry downloads with Tamra, I did the first set & second what I can say is how amazing it has been, so many beliefs, feelings , past life problem that are affecting me have come up and continue to come up. I have continued to work with Tamra on releasing these and I couldn’t be happier. I am going through the motions of everything coming up but getting through it. I am feeling calmer, healthier, happier and so many more great things! I highly recommend these downloads and continuing to work on releasing the beliefs that come up ! Tamra is god given she is so amazing and has helped me do much and continues to. It never fails that speaking with her creates a ever securing calmness a sense of well being and as she works with you that you will feel things being released and energy and love flooding you! These downloads are amazing and so is Tamra! Thank you for all you do, you are an angel”


Since my connection with Tamra in Feb 2015 my life has dramatically changed I have had massive shifts in consciousness and as a direct result of Sacred Activations my life started to really change recently we did and activation on a webinar recently release from government assistance and in 2 days my prosperity increased amazingly and i am off all support and my finances continue to increase dramatically.


“Since receiving Activations from Tamra, my husband, Dr. Richard Sag MD, and I have seen miraculous changes in our lives and the lives of our children.” 

-Dr. Joanne Sag

"I experience Tamra as a great example to healers of being authentic. She is generous with her free activations to heal the world. You can tell she truly wants to make a difference with her offerings and she does."


"I have heard Tamra on a few shows and read her story and was very intrigued so I listened to a webinar. I felt the activation very strongly in my body. She has a real gift and is so giving. She is a blessing."


 "I’ve felt profound energetic shifts when using some of the activations over the last few years, which have contributed to the accelerated healing I’ve been experiencing. Thank you Tamra for sharing these with the world."


"I have been a follower for quite a while now. Sacred Activations really do work and now, I am an Advanced Practitioner. I have been through a rough marriage and I am now finally free of the pain. We have already separated since last Christmas and I am moving on and handling it well. I am now living more peacefully with my children. I listen to the Prosperity Consciousness set of activations every night. I have doubled my income since. I have also evolved spiritually and have gained a better understanding and belief of my abilities. I have learned so much from Tamra and from my Sacred Activations teacher here in the Philippines, Maria Teresa Garcia. Thank you so, so much."


"Belief systems seems to be a huge influence in my life. I absolutely love the activations that work on clearing and changing belief systems that operate in the sub conscious mind. I have been working with your activations for several months now and am noticing that I am not triggered as I once was. I am more centered, balanced and at peace no matter what occurs in my life. Thank you so much."


"I’ve been working with SA since 2012 and my financial life has totally transformed! Which was my initial goal. My business, retirement and savings have healed, transformed and are completely abundant! Now I’m working with activations again hoping to transform and heal my physical health."


"The sacred activations have helped me shift and grow hugely as both a psychic and a healer and have raised my vibration and cleared beliefs meaning that I am happier, healthier and more at ease with life. I can follow and be guided by my intuition and source far more than ever which leads to amazing synchronicity and incredible opportunities. Thank you Tamra."

"Hello everyone!I started doing Tamra's activations in 2013 and my whole life and attitude towards life has been totally changed since then.I used to have anger and resentment towards people and life in general, due to childhood and family issues so I wanted to change my life and be calm. Tamra's activations are unique because you shift your energy by just listening to them!I did all of Tamra's activations and the shift was performed in all areas of my life.Even my friends do not recognize me anymore as I have become calm, confident about myself, and also I started attracting happiness, joy and inner peace.Tamra is a wonderful, humble, and gracious person and really cares about people.Thank you Tamra for sharing your light and gifts...Blessings."


"I am really grateful for meeting Tamra and for doing Sacred Activations as I have experienced huge shifts in all areas of my life. In 2013 I started doing SA and my life started to continuously be improved in all areas! I met my husband who is also a spiritual person, I quit my job and pursue my spiritual path, I truly realized that I create my own experiences, and my manifestation and psychic abilities were rapidly increased.I have done Sacred Activations practitioner, Master and Mastering the Masters course and I also did private sessions with Tamra.Tamra is as I call her "a super healer".She is extremely intuitive and she immediately finds the root belief of the problem, and for that reason the energy shifts after the session are immediate. With Tamra's activations anyone can do energy work because you just relax and listen to the activations. Tamra is a wonderful, kind and magical person.Tamra I really feel blessed for meeting you!Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts with everyone and each of us!"


Exclusive Free Gift for The Transformation Show Listeners

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Free Gift 2: Lord Metatron Activation

The Lord Metatron Activation enables you to move through the present period of Earth changes with ease and grace. This activation accelerates the evolution of your DNA to the new crystalline levels associated with Gaia’s evolution from the 3rd dimension to 5th dimension and beyond toward the 12th dimension.

Free Gift 3: Fruit of Life

The Fruit of Life balances and cleanses all of your chakras, bringing you into alignment with your spiritual purpose and grace.

Free Gift 4: Anger and Resentment Towards God

Anger and Resentment Towards God helps you isolate your internal beliefs regarding your relationship with God - allowing you to release your fears and angers, and reconnect to the divine to facilitate greater healing and growth. If you feel you may blame God for past lessons and challenges, this helps you to clear yourself, bringing greater light to your life.

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About Tamra Oviatt

Tamra Oviatt is a visionary leader in the human potential movement. Tamra is a sought after teacher, award winning author and speaker. As one of the most gifted and powerful healers of our time, Tamra is the founder of Sacred Activations which was given to her by God and is one of the most powerful and transformational energy work modalities available today. Tamra is an award winning author of three books, and the recipient of The 2016 International publishing people’s choice award in the category of spirituality.

Tamra received the first activation in 2012 from Archangel Metatron and since then over thousands have experienced Sacred Activations around the globe. Since the inception of Sacred Activations, Tamra has brought through over hundreds of powerful activations for every area of life that have been gifted to her from God Ascended Masters and Angels. Tamra has clients worldwide and has trained over 400 practitioners internationally has helped heal all around the world and spread the gifts Tamra has to offer.

Tamra identifies the collective subconscious of humanity, which she was taught runs 95% of the world. Tamra plugs into God energy which provides the needed information to shift people instantly and permanently. Many people have reported instantaneous healings from chronic and life threatening conditions as well as limiting patterns and belief systems. Tamra's changing the world by working in the subconscious of humanity and teaching others to do the same, shifting hundreds of thousands and even millions of people at a time.


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